We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"Oh stop it you! I'm not even trying, just making sure Tanner's piano still works. I'd hate for something to have happened to it." Rose said to Roland.

"Well... I'd like to think that I'd live as long as a normal human, but.... I am a genetically modified human with 4 extra nucleotides in my DNA. So who knows how long I'll live."

Tophat shakes its head, and looks at Wacky.
"Anyway, you are in the ruins of Rome, possibly the worst place to be in."

"Well we dont have to leave now, do we Winona? i was hopeing we could stay and help" i say looking through my shades, i wonder if Strider is awake

OOC:Back everybody whats happened

"I'd have to go looking through ancient ruins and dangerous locals. That's not as easy as opening a book or anything. And even then, it's on my home world, which may not even exist as I know it in this universe."

I nod, "I know. That's why I'm terrified."

Roland looks at Rose, "Well, its bettter then I could do."

"If you really want to know, I could have a peek at your timeline. But anyway, why were you talking about time machines?" Charlie says to Winona.

"My advice is that you head for the hills as fast as you can, and watch out for zombies."

I shake my head, "I wish I could. I know what would happen if I did."

"Well, if you can survive my hot sauce then I'm sure you'll be able to go on dangerous archaeological expeditions." She rolled her eyes. "And I'm sure you'll probably get back. Someone in this group like Doctor Com, may be able to use his multiverse powers to try and lock on to your universe and transport you there. A diode may be a one way gate in electronics, but give it enough voltage it can break and the voltage can flow the other way. It is only a theory."

"Conall was wondering if he would be able to join me and my sisters when we come back to the era in my own timeline. Although I don't know how the multiverse would fix itself if that DID happen."

"I can try teaching you some things if you want. You'll never know how well you can do it until you try!" Rose said to Roland with above average enthusiasm.

"I'll leave you two kids to yourselves for now." Four said. She walked back into the armory because she needed to talk to Mia.

"Right. And you need a time machine. Makes sense." Charlie says. "And it can handle it. There's a timeline where I'm a professor at a university I blew up the day before I was offered the job."

"Well, we use our own time machine to transport us back to this era."

Jin laughs. "True, I didn't say I couldn't handle it. Even if I do have to deal with O-Part smugglers or government or Zenom Syndicate remnants. But there is another complication. As I understand it, no one can read a lot of the hieroglyphics. It's a mysterious and untranslated language."

Roland shrugs, "Alright."

OoC I'm back.

Eddie woke up and fell over.
"Gyah!" He yelled as he fell.
What happened...? ...Oh yeah, I fell asleep on the spot.
Never thought that was posible.
He dusted himself off and looked around.

After a while of being mute, John finally spoke.
I sense doubt.
What is it?
It aksed AEanna.

What is taking Satan so long to abosorb this world?
Hmph. Time to hurry this along...

Regulus made a portal to a difrent dimension and after a while, started pulling large quantities of metel pieces through it into the coliseum.

Random berk:
OOC: Hmm, it'd be good if Nailik was on now, I want to test this John character a litle, with Tophat's assistance.

OoC: You called? :D

"I suppose you better just learn how to fight then."

I shiver, "I hope not. I'd crap my pants if I did."

Just the same doubt as last night. I should try and speak with Tophat about it soon.

OOC: Tophat could help find out if John is genuinely agenda-free. I still wonder about it.

mia saw four enter and sat up on the bed hapily

Rose scooted over on the piano chair to make room for Roland. She pat the seat and smiled at Roland to imply he should sit next to her.

"Hey Sweetness. We need to talk about something." Four said as she walked into the armory and sat down on the bed.

"Regulus is up to something... He doesn't understand my wishes, but this could be entertaining... If he does, get in my way, I shall deal with him, personally."

Jin waves to Eddie. "Finally awake, I see."

"On this planet, there was a civilization called the ancient Egyptians. It's own hieroglyphs were untranslatable until a French army stormed in and uncovered a stone written in three different languages, including the hieroglyphs, called the Rosetta Stone. And with it, people were able to translate the scripture into english. Perhaps that could be a starting point." She shrugs.

EMily had been reading to herself all this time.
"Hey, Sara. It's almost lunch time."

"She is right. It's time for us to eat lunch. You should eat too. It's been good talking to you." She smiled.

The three sisters joined each other for some lunch in Tanner's ship.

OOC: Alright, I'm off to get a present for Mother's day. After their lunch, they'll be in the ethereal plane.

"What?~" she purred hapily

"Just run and hide then!"

Roland sits down next to Rose, "Alright, how do I do this?"

I sigh, "That would just make it so I'm more likely I'll die. God, I hate Ferdinand."

You still think that Tophat was responsible for Stockholm its destruction?

Eddie looked up at Jin.
"Good morninging, or afternoon or whatever it is.
It seemed I fell asleep while still standing.
Funny thing, that."

"Quit your angsting and start practising fighting! You will need it."

"Alright then!" I shout. I pick up a stick, and clumsily swipe at tophat.

"Conall's planning on going off with Winona to her home universe after this is all done. She said we're welcome to come along so we can be with him, or she can build us a time machine so we can visit him. What do you think we should do?" Four said.

"Just follow my lead!" Rose giggled. She placed her hands on the piano keys and played a very short, very simple song.

Tophat jumps back to avoid the swipe, then picks up a stick of its own.
"Keep yourself balanced!"

"Hmmm. Maybe some saved the deer from last night... I should ask Rose what she did with it. I could season it with that spice again, too." Jin mouth watered at the thought.

"Yeah, I've never seen that before, Eddie. Must take some talent."

Roland tires to play, and does this:

I stand up, and make a downword slice, dropping the stick on tophat's head, and landing on my face.

I really do not know. But I feel that I must find out. With everything else that has happened, I wish to at least be certain about some things.

OOC: Right, I made some additions to the Tropes page. I don't know many tropes, so I'll need to work on it a fair bit.

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