We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Truly? That is not what I am sensing.
But, if you do not wish to talk albout this, that is fine by me.
A change of subject, then. The wood sculting, you are getting better at it, are you not?

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Roland smiles, and kisses Rose, "Alright, hon."
He walks up to the piano, and tries to practice. It sounds... meh.

"Keep at it Sweety! Rome wasn't destroyed in a day!" Rose called back to Roland.

I walk up to Rose, and look at her.
"Hello." I say.

Roland continues to try to learn.

Regulus had finished assembling the metal pieces into a strange-looking machine. It then placed the Soul Gem into a socket in the centre of the device before taking a few steps back and admiring its work.
Right... now for something to power the device...

Tophat sits down and observes the coliseum.
"Still a beautiful building."

Rose was feeling in the mood for a light snack so she tore off a piece of meat from the deer carcass before taking it back to the Roseland. She came back, happily taking bites from the chunk of meat. "Hi! I'm Rose! Nice to meet you!" Rose said to Wacky as she continued biting off mouthfuls of raw deer meat.

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AEanna nodded and took out the Thalmor helmet, studying it idly.
Yes, I do seem to be getting the hang of it. You say you sense that I am troubled. How is this possible if you do not understtand emotions yourself?

Caim was uneasy. By holding here they were putting these people at risk and in theory bringing Chaos to them. He shifted in his position slightly.

I stare at the meat and Rose eating it Raw.
"Hello, I know who you are. I- I sorta write what you wrote down."
I look at the meat, and shiver, thinking about how it would be if that was ME!

Jin removes the meat from his frying pan and seasons it with the spice from Sara. "I really do love this stuff," he says as he takes a bite, causing sweat to form on his brow almost instantly.

Satan was keeping an eye on Regulus's actions, but he became curious. "Perhaps I should talk to the Chaos marines..."

"And I kind of know who you are too!" Rose giggled to Wacky as she continued eating.
She looked over at Jin and thought, I should introduce him to Momma. I think they'd really like each other. Somehow managing to put emphasis on the words 'really' and 'like' in her own thoughts.

I have been traped in your mind for several days now. Enough time to learn about some emotions.
I have learned to recognize basic emotions, granted, I still do not understand them very well, but I get the basics.

I sigh, "Alright then."
Wow, do you think she'll try to seduce him? Honestly? Or am I just reading this wrong...

I see. Do you feel any of these emotions yourself, or simply recognise them?

This whole speaking to each other using our thoughts even though we can't read minds, but instead are able to know each others thoughts because we can read the thread is a little too meta and fourth wall threatening for me. Can we just talk normally? Rose 'asked' Wacky.
"To be honest I don't know why she hasn't already." Rose said.

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The sisters had finished their lunch and continued to a study session.
"Hey, Conall. Do you want to study with us?"

I merely recognise them.
Although... sometimes I get the feeling like there is something there. But this might be the memories I have of the time that I was still part of Regulus playing tricks on my mind. I cannot be certain.

Lysandros looked over at Caim. He was puzzled by his visible unease. "Brother Caim, you seem on edge." He asks. "Its nothing Lysandros, focus on the fight at hand." Lysandros looked at him then the Sergeant but remained silent on the matter when Tarkus didn't speak.

Crucian watched the Chaos Marines take up positions. He would make the Blood Ravens bleed.

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@Drak I thought Four was into Tanner. And Mia. Four is an odd character...

Roland pauses for a moment, and reads the thread. There is a pause for a few moments as he types this, Eh, not sure about that. I find it entertaining. But sure. Either way, your writing what I'm saying, I'm just posting it. Taking advantage of our abilities.
I remember the deer caracass, and looks at Four, "Well, I THINK he's stoic."

"Sure Winona" i reply

That is what worries me, I must admit. The idea that there is still something of Regulus in you, I mean. It was bad enough when he entered my mind periodically. The idea that you may develop into a similar monster, one that is rooted in my consciousness, is a troubling one.

@nalik or @tribly or @salt im up for trolin/joelin/ if you want

Rose continued happily gnawing on the chuck of deer meat while she watched Roland practice.

@Salty: Well The Cat People society have different, more open standards for relationships. So Four pretty much takes that as free reign to hit on anything that moves that she thinks is sexy. Doesn't mean she doesn't care about Mia and Tanner though.

I sits down, and stares at Rose, "Thats creepy, your eating it raw."

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Roland continues to practice. It sounds subpar.

@Shadow: Sure.

Joel reveals himself to Conall. "Aren't you curious as to why your parents want you in the future? In a separate universe. They're getting rid of you." he says.

OOC: Actually, who would like to kill Joel tonight?

The dark forms of Chaos Marines became visible now as they emerged from the rubble. Huge warriors clad in red. The Blood Ravens readied themselves. "The Emperor protects." Lysandros said. "Hone your zeal Brothers." Tarkus said to his squad. Caim nodded "I count a Chaos Marine squad, Word Bearers. Guess that means Eliphas was here." Caim said.

I think you are looking at this the wrong way. You see, contrary to what it claims, the fragment you know as Regulus is not the true being at all, merely another fragment of Regulus its mind. The fragment of course being anger and hate.
Regulus cannot be considdered a real being at all, at least not any more. Regulus is whatever emotion is the strongest at the time.
All the fragments share the memories of when Regulus its mind was still whole instead of the broken mish-mesh it is now.
What I am trying to say is, just because I also have those memories does not mean I am ro turn into the same hateful being you knows as Regulus.
John explains to AEanna.

@Trilby. o_O You serious?

"I'm a cat. Sometimes I like eating meat raw. And how is it any creepier than eating cooked meat?" Rose said to Wacky.

Four had managed to find Winona and the others. She waved to Winona and her sisters, trying to get their attention.

@Trilby: I'm down for offing Joel whenever. Just so long as one of my characters gets to do it. I'm not letting anyone else steal my title as 'Slayer of Joel'.

OoC: @Trilby Me! Me!

@Slenn: Deadly.
This time, it's sticking. Mostly. Joel can't actually die, spiritually.
@Drak: Oh, you're getting to do it. *evil grin*

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