We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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TT: For some reason, you're about to tell everyone to go to Barrow, Alaska.
TT: Something about 'Joel Calley'.
TT: And 'making this hapen'.
TT: *happen.
TT: I think Roxy's rubbing off on me...

mia found for and walked over to her "Hey love, what you doing?" she asked playfully

Four woke up from another nap on the ground outside. She sat up and yawned. She saw Mia and slowly got up and hugged her. "Hey there Sweetness! Just taking a nap."

Roland looks at Rose, "Hey, we're moving, huh? Going to... Barrow, Alaska? Oh well."

Doctor Com stays away from the group, as he is completely mad, and not in his regular way.

Jin walked back outside, with the Soul Gem and the Key of Solomon and went back to channeling Spirit into the device, causing the fire effect to activate revealing a blue flame.

"look STRIDER, your cool and all but what the? what dose any of that meen? aN and can i please use that pester thing to talk, i feel kind of silly talking out load" i ask

"so.... what do you wwant to do?" mia asked sitting next to her

I shrug. "I find them both sexually attractive, but that's not the point." I sit back in my chair. "The problem is, I can't keep having casual sex with people I consider potential patients. It's violates the rules of psychological medicine. For some time now...I've been considering...changing the relationship Four and I have...making it more official, though I'm not really sure what that means...I'm not sure if I should talk to Four about this, because I don't want to hurt Mia. My question for you is: Should I bring this up to Four?" I ask rapidly.

TT: Well, Barrow is a place. So is Alaska.
TT: Other than that, I don't know.
TT: You just start yelling all that stuff I said before.
TT: You... are going to kill Joel Calley. And that's where he is.
TT: Then you say to GC: "Were doing this man. Were making this happen."
TT: In person.
TT: So go do that.

OOC:Back everybody

I shrug, i didnt have much better to do. I MADE. THIS. HAPEN.(what he said)

Four hugged Mia and held her close. "Oh I don't know. This place is starting to get kinda boring, don't you think?"

Laguna was quiet for a moment. "I would say pitch this to Four and see how she handles it. If she goes for it, then give it some time to see how it turns out, and Mia's reaction. If not... well, I cant really help there."

OoC: Cant belive I'm giving out dating advice.

The two shrug as they exit the ship and see Jin walking along. A leg piece of Angel's mech pops off and floats towards Jin.

"...Alright. I'll talk to her as soon as I can." I stand and offer a hand to Laguna.

OOC: Basically, Conall just ran up to everyone like a crazy person, yelling that Joel is in Barrow Alaska, and they should go kill him.

OoC: Have to eat, Doctor COm and roland will follow the group.

Laguna shook Tanner's hand. "Good luck mate."

"Well iguess your right, what should we do" she asked hapily

"Yeah...thanks. Thanks very much." I say to Laguna before I walk out of the bridge.

"Well, Conall just said we should go to Alaska so we can put that goddamn dog down. That sounds like a good idea to me. I don't know how we're gonna get there though." Four said.

I walk outside and hear talk of Alaska. "What are we talking about?" I ask the group.

"Search me... why dont we have sex whilst we wait for the group to figure out that question" mia suggested

Jin looks at the piece of the mech while keeping the flame effect up with the Key of Solomon. "Just what is this?"

"Wait what the hell is Alska what climate and who the hell is Joel damn why don't I get explanitons"
"It will probally be fun Rincewind well mabye not the killing part"

Angel shrugs as an arm part pops off the mech and floats over to Jin.

Kenneth's mech takes out a blaster rifle and shield, fiddling with them.

Laguna walked off the bridge, and saw Tanner chatting. He wished the guy luck.

"Well that's the best idea you've had in a while." Four said to Mia with a giggle. She stood up and took Mia by the hand and walked to the ship.

Rose walked over to Tanner and said, "We need to get to Barrow, Alaska. You have any ideas?"

"Okay, now I just feel like something is messing with me..." Jin says looking at the strange pieces of metal.

Angel's body quickly dematerializes as the entire mech's body detaches itself and starts floating around Jin.

Kenneth gives a quick glance before firing a shot of the blaster in the air, it's crackling sound shocking the air a little

"Hn. Could be more powerful." he mumbles.

EMily and her sisters re-arrive in their solid states in Tanner's ship.

"...Well...unless Alaska is any closer to Rome in this world than it is in mine, no." I say to Rose. "And besides that, we would need to do some considerable preparing before hand. Cold weather gear should be our top priority I would think." I add after some thought.

Rincewind hears Rose talk about going to Alaska
"We could all go in Luggage I mean he has food is warm has every item in the universe in him doesn't have to sleep
"Has electricty water everything really"

Kenneth overhears the conversation with Tanner and others.

"If transport is what you want, the Hagane above is ready." Kenneth says.

"Did someone say Alaska? 'Cus we can get some of you there at 300,000 kilometers per second. You'd just have to hold on tight." EMily winked.

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