We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Jin thinks for a moment. "Well, we're all alive. That's something." He replies to Angel. He then turns hi attention to Lambda. "Oh, that's what you mean. But why would that person want you to follow us?"

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Kenneth nodded at Lambda. "Hn. I see... Bred to become true 'killing machines' eh? Well... about 9 years ago something completely tragic happened with one of the members of my group. I..i had a mental-breakdown from there, opting for a complete memory wipe, becoming a perfect Super Soldier...And took it out on the 'enemy' slaughtering 115 IS pilots, rogue or otherwise... But then... Well I got better." Kenneth motions to Angel.

"She helped out of it. And I got my memories back... It was painful, but now... I guess that's all part of finding one's humanity."

Angel floated over to Kenneth. "Dearest, I shall be heading back to Rome."

Kenneth leaned in and kissed her. "Safe travels."

Angel's mech boosted into the air, activating the Moonlight Butterfly ability and disappeared from the area... Only to reappear over the Space Marines in Rome, the Moonlight Butterfly ability still activated.

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Lambda looked at Kenneth. "I know someone like you. Fought, got injured, nursed back to health and given technology." Lambda smiled a little. "Amusing how that goes against all probabilty."

Kenneth smiled at Lambda. "Too many solo missions I had, I was supposed to die at least 12 different times... I don't mind beating the odds."


Angel continues to observe the Space Marines on the ground, wondering why they haven't noticed the Moonlight Butterfly Ability in the sky above.

"You must be extremly good at your profession."

Tophat walks a bit closer.
"Excuse me, but where the hell are we?"

"Or born lucky." chuckled Kenneth. "I'm sure you have your own share of stories... I'm willing to hear them."

He turns to Tophat. "Somewhere in Alaska... I dunno."

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"I may have a lot. But I'll just have to wait until I regain them before anyone can know." Lambda turned to Tophat. "Co-ordinates of current location unknown. However, we are near a city called Ambrosia."

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Seals on an Alaskan beach, quite sunny too. :)

@Gear: Ah well... I was hoping of bringing out more of what happened with the IS girls during my time gone, and where they are now...

Angel uses the Moonlight Butterfly ability and warps out of Rome, appearing near the group holding a baby seal

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@Slenn: We're on a beach in New England.

"Oh great. What are we doing here?"

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During Lambda's conversation, EMily and her sisters had woken up and got ready for the day in the ethereal plane.

They exited to see the bright sun shining down on the bright beach.

"Awwwww! Is that a baby seal?"
"Awwwww! Is that a baby seal?"

The Hagane slowly floats down from the skies as Kenneth walks over to Angel, playing with the baby seal.

"Ok seriously... Where did you get that?"

Angel looks innocently at Kenneth. "I found him on the beach nearby."

"Now put it back." Angel mumbles something as the baby seal is warped back to it's family.

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"Awww darn!"
"Awww darn!"

"Stop talking in unison like that, you're making me think you're about to do your EWa fusion again."

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"I named him Buddy!<3"

Kenneth looks at the Hagane. "I wonder how the girls are faring now...."

Tarkus set Caim on a patrol as well. He was still able to fight. He tried voxing the Litany again but got only warp interfierance. The Marines had noticed the Butterfly but dismissed it when it left. they'd seen stranger.

Angel thought for a minute, and floated back into the air, activating the Moonlight Butterfly again, appearing over the Space Marines...again.

The return of the Butterfly was now puzzling and the Marines aimed their Bolters in unison at the appearance, despite the distance between each Marine. "Orders Brother Sergeant?" Caim said in his low voice. Tarkus replied "Hold fire, Lets see what trickery this is."

The mech floated down towards the Marine, safe so the wings of the Butterfly don't touch them. The helmet retracted back, revealing her face.

"Honestly? That's how you meet newcomers? By pointing guns at them?" said Angel.

"Ever vigilant." Tarkus says lowering his Bolter, the other two Marines did the same. "That suit looks like a Tau battlesuit, XV22."

OOC: I take it the mech suits are bigger than the Marines?

@Ven: Only 9ft tall... I read multiple sources with Space Marines being from near 8ft tall to 10 ft tall... So im kinda confused.

Angel taps her mouth with her right index finger. "Hmmm...Tau...Tau... Hmmm, I vaguely remember from Time Diving... Young race, a bit hasty, right?"

"Hasty? Maybe. Naive and misguided definetly. Tarkus says. Lysandros and Caim walk over beside Tarkus.

OOC: Yeah thats mostly right. So about the same size. Just needed to know if the marine would have to look down or up.

Angel shrugs. "Could be worse, you could be dealing with those buggy creatures... From what I saw from Time Diving, they like eating any and everything... I forget the name."

Angel looks at the bolters. "Nice weapons by the way."

"Tyranids." Lysandros chimmed in. "Yes Tyranids, Bolter works a miracle on them." Tarkus looked at the two marines then at Angel. "Any reason you have come here other than idle chatter?"

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