We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"Hello there! How are you going?" EMily asked with a smile in return.

"Hello, my name is Sara. Sister to EMily and Winona." She bowed.

Random berk:
down here

OOC: Down where?

"Maybe that's why. You look, well... corpsey. And I think your eyes are getting slitted. You should be able to drink dolphin blood, but a city like this, it's gonna be hard to find someone to feed on. And when you do get someone it's probably gonna be more alcohol than blood."

"Kenneth and Angel told us back you Sara." said Laura, as stoic as usal.

"I'm guessing that you hear our concert yesterday, didn't you?" Charlotte asked, showing a hint of sadness.

OOC: @Saltyk Well, besides the unidentified shadow in the water that slightly freaked out the locals for a few minutes. What else actually happened? That AEanna saw, anyway.

OOC: @Trilby Oh, right, the city is at the surface isn't it? I was thinking that it was subaquatic all last night.

"Yeah, it felt like someone was in a futuristic movie maker, only with visions and rock music..... it was quite... bizarre to say the least."

OoC: @Random I was thinking AEanna saw something while walking through the city while the others slept.

OoC: Anyway I really gotta go. Let me know what happens.

"Corpsey?! Why, thank you Laguna. What a lovely comparison. At least I do not smell like a decomposing body. Right?" She asked, suddenly unsure.

OOC: @Saltyk Ah, right. Sorry, I was a little confused by that. I thought that it was supposed to be an actual event that AEanna would see and run back through the city to tell the others. It was meant to be a vision then?

"A future thankfully averted." mumbled Laura.

"It would've happened if the Vanguards didn't help us... They are truly altruistic. In their Universe, the Void corruption came with the Koltanium contamination, turning people into zealous warriors for 'the purity of mankind.' Vanguards and their Outer Nation Empire counterpart, the Wardens, are only partially tainted... They helped us defy the fate laid out for us."

"Woah, woah. Sorry, didn't mean that harshly. Just worried about you." Laguna gave the air a quick sniff. "And I dont smell anything except... vomit?" Laguna started to remember last night, namely the drinking game with Four. "Oh god, how much did I have last night?"

"An astonishing amount, frankly. I did not stay by the bar for long, and I have no idea how strong that spirit was, but you had drank at least four by the time I left, and were going strong." She giggled. "So much for being sensible, eh?"

"So let me get this straight. If these Vanguards were never there, what was it exactly that would have been let loose? There was mentioning of a Crucible program or something?" She said, tilting her head a little.

"Thought I could handle it." Laguna facepalmed. "Oh, I hope I didn't do anything too bad..."

"Nothing that I have heard of. At least, you do not seem to have done anything that would embarrass us in front of the city as a whole, or endanger the citizens. THat is more than could be said for some heavy drinkers that I knew."

"According to them, it during the final battle of their Rift War, when the Outer Nations Empire (ONE) was first formed from United Nations Confederacy (UNC). Vanguards were concept super soldiers, with only one deployed in that battle. The ONE had counter developed the Wardens against the Vanguards. It was supposed to be a cease-fire meeting at a neutral Koltanium refinery, until the main officers on both sides were suddenly killed mid-meeting. Both sides started firing at each, with a stray shot exploding the refinery. One a few ships on both sides escaped the refinery explosion."

Laura continued with the story.

"Although the ships escaped, they brought part of the Koltanium dust form to the nation-worlds, exposing the citizens. It was only a partial corruption, as people started developing powers based on nature, and other basic super powers. 75 years later, and we have the Vanguards we all met, three out of the hundred of thousands they have... Their final test was undergoing extreme Koltanium exposure around the galaxy, as they discovered themselves and the ultimate fate of their Universe... But then the Crusaders appeared..."

"Phew. I was worried that I'd started shooting at one point, but... I think I remember coming back here and saying something to Tanner and Four. Cant quite put my finger on it..." Laguna frowned. It was so frustrating to have the memory just out of his reach.

"And so... then what happened? What were the Crusaders?"

AEanna shrugged.
"I have not spoken to anyone since I returned. I do not know what you might have said. If Tanner drank as much as you and Four did, then I suspect it will not matter anyway." As she spoke she thought of the strange vision that had come to her on her walk back to the ship the previous night and grimaced. She wished she could forget that as easily as Laguna had forgotten his night.

"No, no, Tanner didn't come with us. I came back here, Tanner and some of the others were making something, Four came back with food. Think she was sobered up a lot, but still pretty tipsy. Tanner wanted to say something to her when she sobered up completley, and I... dammit, this is so annoying!" Laguna kicked the side of the ship, and was rewarded with a stubbed toe and a loud clang. He clamped his hands over his ears. "Ahh, too loud!"

"Fool. Come, sit down, before you hurt yourself." she said to Laguna, and led him to a bench by a wall not far from the ship.
"Now, perhaps if you think of the conversaion in general, it will come to you. Can you remember what was happening at the time? What were you and the others talking about before you said whatever it is you said?" She asked once they were there.

im here, and holy shit uts like a freakin reunion we got sniper charlotee and laura back.
@tribly what happened to me, i was still in the bed with muleis and the other 2

OOC: Did Rosh just disappear?

"The entire point creating the Vanguards and the Wardens were to guard against a threat like the Crusaders. Experimenting with the dust Koltanium corrupted a person's soul, turning them into cold-blooded killing machines, driven by the idea of 'purifying humanity'. The soldiers of the final battle didn't die, but they transformed into something more human, and something far from it. Driven by hatred for being left behind, and corruption from the Void from the Koltanium, they vowed revenge, binding their time. John, and Natalie had nearly finished their conditioning when Crusader forces started rampaging the galaxy, and they were the closest ones to the head of the forces."

"Koltanium in it's purest form is nigh-indestructible, the only thing to damage it would be another pure form Koltanium weapon. The metal was only used for anti-material rounds, ships and their super soldiers. All of the Crusaders had pure Koltanium thanks to their exposure. As you can guess it was a slaughter. John, Natalie and Vlad were capture, and later escaped... But Natalie was killed during their escape. When John and Vlad made it back, Vlad revealed that he was a sleeper agent for the Crusaders, that turned rogue and switched sides. That's why Vlad was relatively unfazed with their mental conditioning. John had a mental breakdown for a solid month, due to losing Natalie and from the condition. He eventually got better."

Pilus nuzzles Conall in his sleep. "Fuzzy..."

Laguna sat down. "I had come back, sat down for a bit... Four and the others came back from the resturant, still a little drunk... I had some leftovers, Tanner talked to Four and..." Laguna eye's widened as he remebered what had happened.

"What's up?" Four asked Tanner with a big grin on her face.
"...I should wait until you are sober." Tanner said to Four as he stepped away from her. Laguna looked over at Tanner.
"Oh, Tan, just shut up and tell her allready! You have any idea how anooooooooying it is when peoples do things like that? It'sh like on those tv shows and bad ships, it's just a cockteashe!"

"Oh crap! I jumped the gun, I..." Laguna put his head in his hands.

OOC: Well, I should get going. I'm on break, but I also want to finish up the gardening my dad had planned out for me. I also want to take a shower.

"I see...that was quite the story you've told." Before EMily could ask another question, they were pinged by Gwen.
"I'm sorry to cut this off at this point, but we're due for another routine log entry for our time travel analysis. Can you have us transported back to Tanner's ship?"

i feel something on my chest, i cautiously open my sleepy eyes and see im in a bed, there were three dolphins around me and my head hurt like.. somthing worse than hell, what did i do last nigh? . i then realised what i had just see and thought, i quickly sat up and looked around the room, eyes wide and ears pricked

"What? What are you talking about?" AEanna pressed him for information, intrigued and a little worried by his sudden distress.

"Couldn't we just realign the ethereal plane while we're in there?" She whispered to Sara.
"Are you forgetting how tedious it is to do such a thing? Because we hardly even know where this station is in euclidean space relative to where Tanner's ship is."

"I... no. I promised Tanner I would keep it under wraps. It may still be allright, and I'm not saying a word until I see if it's too late." There was a hint of desperation in Laguna's voice.

Pilus' head flops off Conall's chest. "Wh- Morning Conall." he smiles.

"Wha? what hapened last night... last i remember was seeing everything then pretty colours then a drink.." i say realy confused and a litle worried

"Well... alright, fine. I will not question you further. However, if the matter is this serious, then perhaps you had better speak with Tanner as soon as he wakes up." AEanna was alarmed by the strain in Laguna's voice, he almost seemed close to panic.
"If there is anything I can do to help though, you know you need only ask." she said, hoping that she would be able to help if it was needed.

@rosh mia would love to see sharlotte and laura if you want to do sonthing

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