We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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OOC: Sorry, sometimes I miss the bright green text.

She chuckled.
"No, Conall, you did not propose."

OoC: I'm gonna just lurk until something happens or someone wants to talk to Laguna or Lambda.

I will remain silent and observe. A distraction here may prove fatal.

Having finished all the necessary adjustments, Eddie slid away from the Rockcrusher and got up.
"Well, that took a while.
Hope I didn't screw up."
He muttered to himself as he double-checked the wiring.

OoC @Gear: I can do something with Lambda.

"Well follow me and I'll show you!" Rose said. She took EMily by the hand and led her to Eddie's Rockcrusher. "What do you think? Eddie built it! But he's having some trouble powering it." Rose turned to Eddie and said, "Hey Eddie! EMily's here to help us with that thing we talked about earlier!"

i sigh wiith relief, now for the final problem "I take it i gave you the emerald and diamond necklace them, my guess is i retained some reason and though they might get damadged at the 'event', also who's arty? aparently i yelled at this person"

"It's not really a higher plane of being. Everyone is connected to it, it's just only certain people can manipulate it. Conall just needs to connect. Understand how it all works. Not get freaked out by his powers and end up like Joel. He did have them dropped on him out of nowhere, by Joel no less. He should be fine after a few sessions. But, if you're ever near the ocean, get him to meditate in it." Muleis explains.
"Oh damn! Uh... ask Pilus about Artie. I have to go..." Muleis rushes off.
Pilus smiles at Conall.

Eddie heard Rose's voice and walked over to her.
"Sweet timing, I just finished the adjustments needed to make it run on electricity.
In fact, the timing is so spot on, its scary."
Eddie chuckled a bit at the last line.

OoC: @Nailik Well, I do need to develop her more, and this may give me a chance to foreshadow some stuff... Sure, why not?

Lambda floated out of the ship. She had been observing the city from a distance, scanning the buildings and inhabitants.

"Ok? pilus who's Artie? aparentl i yelled at him yesterday, " i repeat to him

"Ah, much like the unified field theories. Physicists think of something similar, in that everything plays a part in this cosmos. But I digress. Joel was certainly unforgiving and reckless, and I'm more than happy to support Conall in this endeavor." She smiles at the dolphins and Conall.

OOC: Relevant quote: "The desire to be connected with the cosmos reflects a profound reality; We are connected. Not in the trivial ways that astrology promises, but in the deepest ways."- Carl Sagan.

"Wow! Great job Eddie! You work fast! Rose said to Eddie enthusiastically. She turned to EMily and asked, "So, do you think you can help us get a whole lot of electrical power? Eddie told me it might take a lot to run this thing."

@slenn *sigh* bright green? how can you miss it?

"He's a mouse who showed up a while back. Melusine brought him here. They sort of got married... uh, yeah. They're going to run away from Darin, who is a crazy ass bastard." Pilus explains. "He's like you, only more powerful."
"Not 'everything plays a part'. Literally connected. You want us to show you?" Pophena says.

OoC: @Nailik You there?

"But why would i yell at someone like ths... WAIT! i remember the vision witha white mouse that told me to come here "..HE was from my vision! right after joel and matt diedi miss mat *sob*, im gona find him! then i dont know..." i say getting quite angry, how dare some pompas ass guy like that demand i go here and cause winona stress and worrie!
@tribly dose the power have angthing to do with anger? if so conall is pretty mad right now so you should do something,

@Shadow: Not really. Miranda can funnel energy she gets from negative emotions into Joel. The actual power comes from the spiritual awareness.

OoC: I'm heading off now, to tired to write well.

"Heh, thanks. I try." Eddie said to Rose before turning to EMily aswell.
"Yup. It will take a shitload of power to keep this thing opperational." He pitched in.

Meanwhile, Regulus managed to once again power up the device it build.
It began humming with energy as various parts began rotating and lights lit up.
It seems to be stable... for now.
Time to give it a little test run, if only to see how much it can do before powering down again.
But who to test it on, I wonder.... ah yes.

Regulus was contemplative for a while as it thought about who to test the device on. After some considderation, a vile grin appeared on Regulus' face.
Of course, the construct... she will be a fine guinea pig...

Regulus' voice echoed through Lambda's mind.
Greetings, construct.
Dost thou remember me?

OoC @Gear: Yes I am. Sorry for the late reply. :x

OOC: @Silver. It blends in sometimes with the white... Anyway.

"You missed my point. When I say that everything plays their part, by that I mean that all of the forces of nature that govern the universe work together, and each particle in the universe effects the presence of another. Everything is connected... from the tiniest subatomic particles, to the largest galaxies. The forces of nature act on everything even on the objects that are the farthest apart. It's quite alright, I don't need a demo." She gave a reassuring smile.

@tribly i thought so, anyway conall is pretty emotional (mad and sad) right now so you should probaly do something. also i sent you a pm a bit ago about a potenial plot

damn, double post.

Lambda heard a voice. She looked around, but no-one seemed to be talking to her, and there wasnt anything on her audio sensors. It must have been a private comn line. Scanning memory banks for vocal match... Hostile known as Regulus. How and why did you contact me?

"Ah, right. Anyway, you might find it relaxing. Plus, you could see Conall working hard." Pophena says.
She walks off and dives into the water. Pilus follows quickly.

"Well you two know more about this kind of stuff than I do, so I'll just get out of your way and let you discuss things!" Rose said to Eddie and EMily. She walked a short distance away towards and Rockcrusher and leaned against it. Then she took out her red notebook and started working on her song-writing again.

OOC: I'm off for a bit. Shouldn't be more than 10-15 minutes.

How? Via telepathy. Why? ...well, I wish to test something.
And I figired that thou being used as a test subject would not be an alien concept for thee.
Thou art used to being a test subject, art thou not?
Regulus replied to Lambda.

i followed and decided not to jump in for 2 reasons, one all i was wearing was a huge jackeet that would cause me to sink if it got wet and 2) was that all i wwas wearing was ahuge jacket around me and winona was here... i had forgoten about that i lookr realy emabeses
@tribly just an fyi im wearing the STRIDER shades

Request denied. Those expirements were damaging and carried out against my will, and any tests that a hostile wants to do will only be worse.

Winona chuckled. "Conall, I can hold on to your jacket. I'll close my eyes to respect your privacy. Kay?"

"Well, Eddie. I'm all ears."

The dolphins continue swimming underwater, then poke their heads above the service. "Sorry about rushing off like that. One downside to being a dolphin is we have to submerge every so often or die of dehydration." Pilus explains.
"Yeah Conall. Jump in! You too Winona!" Pophena yells.

Alas my dear, the decision is not for thee to make.
Such is the fate if a machine, it exsists only to serve. Though part biological thou may be, it makes no difrence.

I... I am not a tool. Not anymore. Now, cut off this contact link and leave me be.

"i dont mind you watching if you want i purely stoped put of respect" i say to her, befor i begin taking of my huge jacket that looks epic btw

"Okay, give me one second to get my suit." Winona said. And she went into the ethereal plane to get her suit. She quickly got dressed in her lime green one-piece and got back out to join them in the pool.

"I'll stick on the land and watch Winona."

"Just kill them all."

@tribly *shuder* was that aimed at conall

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