We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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OOC: Jeez that was a large numbers of pages to read through. And dammit I just had to 'leave' when the story was getting good. Ah well. Where'd you guys leave Knife btw? I need to know where he is in order to 're-enter' the dimension. You didn't leave him in the Lourve, did you? Cause if you did I think he might be a bit crispy...

@Nile Everyone in the Louvre is now outside.

OOC: Dangit, I'm afraid that s**t's gonna go down before I get back online later this afternoon, and I won't be able to play along with. I have a 5 to 6 hour trip to Ames, IA.

OOC: I didn't mind missing it for now, still working on Varger's character before I interact with more people again.

OoC: Since most of the Characters are still asleep, Nocturne could come back at any moment, and pretty much send this to a screeching Halt. :)

OOC: I ............HATE Blighttown

@Ven Uh... wut?

@TrilbyWill Darksouls

@Shmeg: Ah, right. I haven't played that so...

OOC: Just so you know, I hope we get a "DAAAAARKNEESSSSS!" from Nocturne when he comes in to kill.

OOC:Just raging to blow of some steam, fuckin Blighttown...

OoC: Either that or "The Light is Faaaaaaaading!" Mwahahahaha. Also to clear up confusion, Nocturne has been Hitchhiking inside another person, unbeknownst to them. He decided against resurfacing with a munitions dump ouside Munich. Plus, waiting to strike is definitely his thing...

Laura wakes up, dazzled. What the hell happened last night...? Right, Char is dead...

Sighing, she gets and starts stretching......

Jack jabs Laura with they handle of his scythe. "Hey. Want to go find your friend?" he asks, smiling.

"No." she says in monotone

OOC: @Iam: There is no need to bring the plot to a screeching halt, also that means everyones characters die because they'll be held up from stopping Kesslers plans at the arc de triumph, that includes nocturne......don't do that

"I don't mean look around blindly. I mean talk to her." he explains. "That's if she's even dead."

"What's there to tell her? That I had her die, because of how incompetent I am?" Laura says coldly.

OoC: @Rakados236 It's all good. If i wanted to see everyone die, i'd probably have struck after the last assault. Quick. Clean. Virtually no survivors. Stuck inside eternal nightmares whilst it all ends. Bad guys should win at least once :p

"She might not see it that way." Jack sighs.

"Whatever...." Laura finishes her stretching and deploys her IS armor and starts randomly firing into the sky.

Nocturne, bored from all the hiding inside his carrier, decides to stretch as well, firing a Massive black shadow hand in front of him, Jack directly in its path. Nocturne laughs Darting after it, blades gleaming, readying Unspeakable Horror, eyes gleaming maliciously

Jack glances at Nocturne and then at Laura. "Suit yourself..." he says, then vanishes in a blast of smoke. The smoke forms into a portal, still open, in front of Laura.

"Hn." Laura walks away from the portal. With whatever images that have been assaulting her mind, the fine lines of friend and foe are starting to become blurred.

Nocturne Activates Paranoia, Blanketing the area in darkness, cutting off line of sight to everyone. He Throws another massive shadow hand at Laura, and then Re-activates paranoia, Guaranteed hit landing

OoC: While Paranoia is active, Nocturne can launch himself at a visible enemy champion, dealing physical damage.

http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Nocturne_the_Eternal_Nightmare, just in case it was forgotten

OOC: i'm REALLY tempted to throw a lot of horrible things at you for halting my plot.....

OoC: Don't play LoL, so wouldn't know anything about it....

Laura takes the hits, seemingly not caring anymore.....

Jack wanders around. "Uh... Charles... Chuck... Charmander? CHARLOTTE! YOUR FRIEND IS BEING REALLY EMO AND IT'S ANNOYING!" he yells at the crowd of dead people.

Nocturne stops, blades inches from Laura's throat. "Perhaps one shouldn't be so careless with one's host... " He growls low in his throat, eyes scanning the area. "Allow the darkness to consume you" He whispers, Unspeakable horror taking hold of his prey

OoC: I didn't halt anything.

and no one responds to jack.......

@Rak Charlotte isn't dead, eh?

OOC: @Iam: is that a mind effect would you be in her head right now?

@Rak Charlotte isn't dead, eh?

NOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPE!!!!!! i has plans for that one....

OoC: It plants even worse images in her head. Nocturne has no contact with the hallucinations, but he can control them, feed them so to speak.

Nocturne feeds her an image of Charlotte blaming Laura, condemning her for her weakness
"Feel the betrayal..."

Laura sighs, practically given up.

@Rak Charlotte isn't dead, eh?

OoC: Me and Rak planned this a long time ago......

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