We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"I-I don't know..." Joe stammers. Unsure of what the hell just happened, his brain still silent.

@slenn in concetion twas artie's doing. here im not sure

@Slenn: Artie sent it there.

@tribly is artie still near?

@Shadow: He's still near Ambrosia.

OOC: snip

OoC: Right. That looked cool, but a Virus bomb still sounds more appealing. xD
Also, what platform is that game for? It looks sweet.

OOC: Gear more painful...each one generally ends a world in a single shot with a matter of minutes. But the Virus bomb is likely a more gruesome end to a world.
Its Dawn of War 2: Retribution on the PC, the only game I play on the PC. Its an RTS game.
Heres some of the games signature sync-kills. Every game in the dawn of war series has them and they are what captures the brutality of 40k despite the RTS setting. In close combat instead of traditionally wailing on eachother they do a finishing move mortal combat style.

@nalik well its on steam
@tribly could artie somehow get to vegas

"I know we had a conflict with them. But I also wanted to see where they were going with their training of you. That conflict could've ended a whole lot better than it did. There were so many variables involved...Your paranoia, your mom's protection, my concern, their spirituality."

OoC: @Ven I meant whichever one is more gruesome and nightmarish and tortuerous and all that other stuff @Nailik likes.
Off topic: Speaking of nightmarish, just watched the trailer for Painwheel from Skullgirls, and... Jesus fucking H Christ on a pogo stick. I though Lambda had it hard.

"I just wish it didnt end that way,I wanted to continue the training... but know.. i just want to find Artie, when i do.. i dont know what ill do.. i just need answeres, then ill decide"

"Something to do with those soldiers?" Eddie asked Joe.
"You know them?"

OOC: Nail, answered in last post with edit.

"I-I don't know any of them... None of them looked familiar..." Joe was more concerned with his brain. "Brain? You alright in there?" Joe reach his hand for his brain.

"Stay away!" The brain slaps Joe's hand and his voice could be heard by Eddy because there was a direct connection between where the brain was and the real world.

"'Ey, brain-dude. Wat's up, man?
Why're you acting like this?"
Eddie asked Joe's brain.

OoC @Ven: Yes, I saw it. Was watching the video.
You got me interested in the 40K universe, I might give Space Marine a go some day.

"Conall, one good thing you'll learn from being a scientist is being patient. Don't be reckless and paranoid. I don't care if that's a part of your species. You're going to have to forget about those feelings if you want to become scientific. Conall, I'm going to have to be less reckless as well. The relationship has obscured my opinions on matters, including your own innocence. I hate to admit it but... you aren't innocent anymore. "

OOC: Chaos was made for you Nail XD. If you play Dawn of War: Dark Crusade as Chaos you'd probably be able to play Eliphas better than me.

OOC: Chaos was made for you Nail XD.

OoC: I know, right?

If you play Dawn of War: Dark Crusade as Chaos you'd probably be able to play Eliphas better than me.

Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it. :)

The brain stayed silent for a long time until finally. "I have high reason to believe the military want Joe dead." The brain said grimly.

OOC: Conall is in Vegas isn't he? Wonder how Slenn's character will take to a Librarian, the closest thing the Imperium has to a scientist besides Tech-Priests.
Nail, The commanders in Dark Crusade literally have trolling battles when you do a stronghold mission unless they're boring like Tau who have only one good retort in my opinion and that was "So says the slave to the free man." and thats not even that good tbh.

Eddie looked confused.
"Huh? Why would they want that?
Or rather why would they want Joe dead more so then the rest of us?"
Eddie asked Joe's brain.

OoC @Ven: So there's brutal action, mind-fuckery and trolling battles?
OMG! Must play! xD

OOC: I should always keep a tab open for the Lexicanum for Warhammer 40K whenever Ven shows up. XD

"They want me WHAT!?" Joe shouted.

There was another long pause. "I'm not sure why, but based on what Joe has witnessed and 'recorded' in his memory while I was gone... They've tried at the very least twice to kill him..." The brain answered. "I say recorded loosely because Joe is about as organized as... well... actually I can't think of anything right now as an analogy..."

OOC: @Silver, You there buddy?

Laguna walked over to Joe. "What's this about someone wanting to kill Joe?"

im back
"Yeah... i know... " i say to winona looking very ashamed and sad

"Hmmm. That's not really informative.
Still, if they've tried twice and failed, it must mean they suck at what they do.
And really, what hasn't tried to kill us? Pretty much everything imaginble. Except plants. I'm suprised we havn't seen murderous plants yet.
Anyway, just stick with the rest and nothing can go wrong."

Eddie said to Joe's brain, trying to reasure him.

Jonah approaches the girls after hearing their words and taking an interest. Since he was a Librarian it was he who had to document the most, more prominently than the Battle Brothers of the Chapter.

OOC: The terminology bogs many down. I have years of the table-top, Dawn of War series, the novels and the long awaited Space Marine to master, memorise and learn every detail of lore of all factions in the verse. Lexicanum is a great utility but I prefer the Codex books from the stores but they are pricy.

"Conall, I want to be nice to you but my heart tells me I can't at this moment. And I can't be as nice to myself about this relationship anymore. I've put myself in mortal danger and could have gotten killed. You should be ashamed Conall. But likewise, I should also be ashamed. Both of us can atone. So the next time you encounter or hear or receive telepathy from anything that sounds even the remotest like Artie or anything that wishes to tell you your destiny or your 'true powers'... tell me. Tell me and we'll work this out before jumping to something else. Do you understand."

OOC: I'm going to leave in a few minutes just to get out of the house.

"Winona has certainly grown up hasn't she?" Gwen whispered to Sara. Sara nodded back.

@ven is the DoW series still going? or did it stop at the 2nd game?

"O-Of corse, Winona, ill do that" I say to er
Cue @tribly...

Joe wasn't sure what was happening. He had known that there were dangerous people out there, but hadn't really given it much thought lately.

"I hope it's that simple Eddy." The brain replied. "I really do..."

Bang:Fear not Joe, for I BANG SHISHIGAMI will protect you from who ever hides in the DARKNESS!!!!

*Rachel looked over at Bang and sighed*

Rachel:Seriously, can you not say one sentence without shouting like a town cryier. its really quiet annoying

"Come on, Conall. I want to hear it straight. No hiccups in your speech. Do you understand?" She said sternly.

OOC: Example, Farseer Taldeer has mastered the ancient Eldar art of comebacks, shame that in the canon of the series the Blood Ravens win. Nothing against the Blood Ravens, they are my favourite Chapter but its just Taldeer verbally abuses Davian Thule to the extreme.

Silver, I hope so. I love those games.

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