We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Rose sat and waited for a chunk of meat to cook. When one had been cooked to about medium well she took the spike and started eating the meat off of it. "Mmmm, very good!" She happily purred to herself as she ate.

Dionysius finally gets out of his armour, revealing a man in his fifties, wtih gray short hair and silver eyes. Though old, he seems fit, and is about 1.90 tall. He is clothed in a black bodysuit and has a pair of fairly big boots on.
"Right then, food!"
He walks over and takes a spike, holding it over the fire.

"Sure thing. It is interesting though, this phenomenon." She said with a smile. "But let's talk about something else. Like, what's your favorite thing to do in your spare time?" She sat down.

EMily looks over at Gwen. "I figured the dimension-thing would be appealing to her. That stuff was always in her studies."
"Yeah, well... it's good to have her finally meet someone that she can converse with." She smiled back at Gwen.

Laguna walked over to the fire, and saw the roasting meat. "Ah, dinner." He grabbed a spike, held it over the fire until the meat was done, and looked at the gray-haired man as he chewed. "New guy?"

When the meat had roasted sufficiently, Eddie began chowing down on it.
"Hmm. Nothing beats meat prepared the Brütal style."

"so, where are you from?" Eddie asked Dionysius.

Dionysius looked over at Laguna.
"Yes! The name's Dionysius, nice to meet you!"
He took a bite of the meat.
He then looked over at Eddie, and after swallowing, said:
"I am from the rich world of Septa Halcyon, but that was a long time ago."
OoC: Kinda like this:

"My favourite thing to do..?" Joe said, licking his icecream. "I like eating, actually I love eating, Jio would agree to that in a heartbeat. I'm like juggling too. I like playing with all my alternate versions of myself too, some of them are really smart, kind of like you and your sisters." Joe said as he continued to lick his icecream.

"Laguna." Laguna outstreched his free hand.

"Septa Halcyon? Heh. That sounds like a star or something." Eddie jokingly remarked.
"But what do you mean by 'that was a long time ago?"

*Bang bows to Dionysius*

Bang:Nice to meet you Dinoysius, My name is BANG SHISHIGAMI LEADER AND DEFENDER OF JUSTICE!

*Rachel looks over to Bang*

Rachel:Well you ever shut up? or do I have to hit you again?

*Rachel sits down and sips her tea*

"You like eating huh? I guess that's why you went straight to Winona's cookbook catalog on her holo-screen. I heard you like pasta as well... there's a lot of those dishes in that thing as well." She chuckled as she licked her ice cream. "I like to do amateur astronomy. Telescopes, looking at stars, planets, nebulae, galaxies. All sorts of stuff."

Dionysius shook Lagunas hand, then looked over at Eddie.
"I am old! And I stepped up to be a warrior thirty-five years ago, since then I have never set foot on my home planet."
He says with a tint of sadness, before taking another bite.

"Why? You're gonna go back someday, right?" Laguna looked over at Rachel. "Hey, bunny girl? Generally, people dont like being slapped. You dont exactly strike me as the social type, but you should know that, so dont do it."

"You havn't been to your home in thirty-five years?
What don't you ever take leave?"
Eddie asked Dionysius.

Meanwhile, Regulus stood on the ruins of a nearby casino. Looking at the group.
A day hath passed, yet they did do naught in the way of planning.
It is almost making this to easy.

*Rachel glanced over*

Rachel:First of all, my name is Rachel Alucard not 'bunny girl' and second I do not take orders from the likes of you, I shall do as I please

Nago:Yeah, how dare you speak to the princess like that!

*Rachel pouts as she puts sugar in her tea*

OoC: Oh yeah! That reminds me:

This WAS gonna be a countdown to Regulus' master plan, but now we can use it as a timer for the thread, maybe.

OoC @Gear: I dunno. Wouldn't it be kinda wierd to start a RP with a villain going: "Hey, how would ya'll like some planetary destruction?"

"I didn't know we still HAD princesses. My apoligies, your highness." Laguna made a small, mocking bow.

"Ya, 3D food tastes so good!" Joe said happily. "Never really thought about telescopes actually." Joe said.

"I doubt I will live so long. I will serve until I am a weakness for my comrades, and so far I have not."
He takes another bite.
"Besides, if this is an alternate universe, how am I supposed to get home?"

Greg glares at Rachel and types out some nonsensical code.
The hamster ball Earth zooms in on Rachel, and a pebbles falls onto her head.
"It works."

"I have no idea how all this dimensional traveling works, so I can't really answer that question.
However, supose you shouldfind your way back, don't you wanna take retirement at some point?"

*Bang walks over to Lagunna*

Bang:Im so sorry about my friend Miss Rachel, she is a bit of a-

*Rachel throws a chair at Bang*

Rachel:We are NOT friends and I can speak for my self! If you have nothing better to do with your worthless life Lagunna, then I might as well put you out of your misery

*Rachel stared with pure evil at Lagunna*

"They're pretty cool. Sometimes I focus and watch a galaxy to find supernovae. Sometimes I'll do solar astronomy and apply the solar filter to the telescope to watch the sunspots on the sun."

"Jeez, lady! I'm sorry, allright? I didn't mean to offend anyone!" Laguna held up his hands defensivley.

Dionysius looked over at Rachel.
"Calm down young one, let us eat. Fighting should be reserved for the occasions when it is truly needed. And that is not around dinner."
He then looked back at Eddie.
"I will retire when I am no longer useful. Tribal life is hard, and warriors are always needed."

"Supernovas are cool." The childish twinkle of a child's love of explosions could be seen across his face.

*Rachel throws a chair at Greg*


*Rachel glances over at Dionysius and Lagunna, then sits back down and drinks more tea*

*Bang gets back up*


"Did you know that a supernova outshines all the stars in a galaxy when it happens? They say you can read by them at night."

"Hmm. I see.
Serve 'till the end, eh?"
Eddie said to Dionysius.

OoC @Slenn: Wanna do that thing we had planned?

"Where does she keep getting those anyway?"

OOC: @Nailik. Give me a few minutes to mow the lawn (so that I'm not distracted later) and I'll be ready! BRB.

Joe looks at the automatic chair maker he had drawn, then back over to Gwen. "That sounds dangerous... doesn't that mean you'd get blown up by it?"

"Pretty much, it keeps my kin safe."
He chuckles at Lagunas comment.
"One of lifes great mysteries."

OOC: And I'm back. It was a small area of grass that my dad asked me to mow. We ready for this? End of Regulus? We ready?

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