We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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@Nile He doesn't. See previous post.

"I'll be fine... I have a feeling that Char is not here."

OOC: Alastair will have carpace armour and Sofia will have it too. But Alastair is missing from the necron world. Anyone played soulstorm? Necron world blows up and some marines went missing. At the last thread i put "Alastair was being interagattoed for why he was on earth"



And Cloud Strife? Weissritter is primarily Ranged fighting so no giant blade of death... that's for another character....

OoC: I meant that she's becoming mega-angsty, not in combat style. Also, I must say I am taken aback with how well you are writing this character. The torment she's going through is almost palpable, and her interactions with the bad guys will be a thing to behold, espically when Hazama goes into trolly mode.

@Jag No. Alastair got that armour in the previous thread. This is a new universe, therefore Alastair. Plus, HE ISN'T A SPACE MARINE! He isn't even from 40K.

OOC; Carpace armour is scout armour not f'ing space marine!

@Jag Alastair isn't from 40K, and he didn't start the last thread with carapace armour.
Now either:
1. Play as a Space Marine, NOT Alastair.
2. Find your original profile picture (Alastair) and change to that.

Gearhead mk2:

OoC: Wow, really? I can't believe that people are actually paying attention to that, considering that I always happen to put alittle bit of myself in the characters... But then again, I do happen to write Fanfiction for Infinite Stratos on ff.net, so i do research and whatnot... Spirit of a Soldier, as Grayjedi-Productions ;)....(Was this self-promotion)?

Alastair looked just like the day he came into this world but with a massive gaping hole in his right cheek bone. "Renlen?" He asked again. Sofia was crying.

@Jag He doesn't remember WAOA1.
Just saying.

OOC: He does the way he came in he remmebrs that and its the same now!

@Jag No he doesn't. For him WAOA1 never happened.
Technically, that means he doesn't have the face injury (because that was Rugal, who is non-canon) or Sofia (because Joel kidnapped her, according to you).

OoC: Fine then @Jag: Perpare for Laura!

Laura aims her Oxtongue Rifle at Alastair. "Who the hell are you? State your name and rank!"

OOC: @Rosh I have to agree with Gear Rosh, you're turning Laura into a pretty deep character. Good stuff!

@Jaguar Trilby just said you wouldn't know my character. It's not the same Alastair from the first W.A.O.A.

Renlen began setting his gloves on lightning-fire and off again, filling the time whilst waiting for something to happen.

OOC: I am so going to start slur typing soon. :P

OOC: He has lost Sofia: Ok. He remberes first world: yes. He has hole in face: Yes. Alastair came thorugh a dimension jump!

OoC: Gone for a bit. BBL.

@Jag Only Renlen, Knife and Joe are dimension-jumpers. And this is a DIFFERENT ALASTAIR FROM WAOA1! All the characters are different, except Renlen, Knife and Joe.
Why does he have the hole in his face, if not Rugal?

OoC: @Trilby: Exactly! My Laura and Charlotte did nothing with WAOA1! They are completely separate people!

OoC EDIT: So I guess that means Laura will be captured later on for Charlotte to develop as well huh?

OOC: Look Trilby i dont want to argue and i want Alastair in: You promised me first plot so i i deserve this one!

OoC: @Jag: Yes you were. However when opportunity knocked you didn't take it! And when you did, it sucked....

Laura starts become impatient. She takes the plasma beam sabre and holds it to Alastair's face. "Name and Rank. NOW!"

OOc; I did take it...........Trilby gave it to Raka the next page. :(

@Jag Because your plot was nonsensical.

Jack turns to the new figure. "Who are you?"

"Woah. I met some people like you before." Alastair said pulling out his pistol and Katana. "Alastair, Greenworth. Im here for my daughter!" He said.

OoC: @Jag: Hello.... hot plasma to the face tends to hurt....>.>

Laura backs off. "Humph. Another annoyance." she continues checking her Beam cannons

OOC; Depends Left cheek or right?

OoC: Hot plasma in close proximity will hurt regardless....>.>

"Weapons away." Sarah snarls.

Alastair felt the singe on his right cheek and he picked up his katana and swung it round and hence smashing the beam. Making it backfire and burn Laura's hand. "Oh god you ok?" Alastair said as he knew he had done wrong.

Laura grunts with Sarah's command, dematerializing Weissritter.

"He better prove his worth. I won't let this mission to fail."

Alastair felt the singe on his right cheek and he picked up his katana and swung it round and hence smashing the beam. Making it backfire and burn Laura's hand. "Oh god you ok?" Alastair said as he knew he had done wrong.

OoC: IS armor.... and shields.... nothing happened to her... and that has pasted already....

Sarah appears behind Alastair, blades at his throat. "Weapons. Away." she orders again.

OOC: Falling asleep here, sorry guys have to sign off for now. Try not to kill Renlen or I'll come back as Lord English to piss you guys off :P. Joking... Or am I?

On a separate note for those that read Homestuck, Dayum, Hussie is in the trouble with Lord English all appearing out of nowhere (yea right).

Laura walks up to Jack "Just how useful will this man be you think?" she askes Jack, whispering for Alastair NOT TO HERE

"About as useful as any human. I'd sooner face a member of the House of Clubs than one of you." Jack whispers back.

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