We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Four dismissed her IS and said to AEanna, "Oh no problem. And, uh, sure. You do your thing." She walked off into Tanner's ship to take a minute to rest.

"Ooooh!" Rose cooed in amazement at the sight of Laura and Charlotte's mech's transforming.
Why would they put the 'awesome' button in such a hard to reach place?

OoC @Slenn: After today, I'm putting Eddie on a bus for the next thread.
That's really all there is to it.

@Rosh Do those mechs have high-heels?

"I feel... strangely intuned..."

"What do you mean? Could it be from...oh, what was the thing they installed in this?...Ah hah! The Pycho-frame?"


OoC:@Tribly: NO

OoC: And now I'm off to work... See ya!


@Rosh: Really look. Seriously.

Look at the purple parts of the feet.

"So, anyone need healing?" Eddie asked the group again as he walked towards the ship.

@Tribly: Gad Zooks! Batman He's Right!

"We're quite alright, Eddie. Thank you." Sara smiled back at him. The sisters cooled down to their ground state energy.

OOC: Right, well now that the fight's over I'm off to do some errands now. See you folks later.

OoC: @Trilby A fair few power armour and mech designs have slightly raised heels. Never did quite get why.

Eddie leaned against the side of the ship.
"Say, where's the rest at?" He asked no one in paticular as he tuned his guitar.

OOC: Well, seeing as how things are cooling down for now, I'm going to head off and get some ice cream downtown.

The sisters headed into the ethereal plane to do some planning and make a log entry.

OoC: Headcount. Who's on?

OoC: And then there was silence...
@Gear: I'm here.

@Gear: I am. Not that it matters...

OoC: I'm technically here, however I'm not sure if I want to get Joe out of his dirt nap from the fight last night, which if I didn't mess any one, he's still lying there unconscious. (Which is actually a good thing), but I'm not sure if the plan I have should be sprung now, or when you guys actually need him.

OoC: Well, dont really think we have enough people to do anything big. Unless someone needs me for something, I'll just lurk for a bit.

OoC: @all So when is the reboot happening? I heard today, but I don't think we could fit it in now.

OoC @Kirke: I am inclined to agree. Far too few people on to do that.

Diane sits down next to Rose.
"Been thinking?" she asked.

Roland sits in the desert, the hot desert heat burning his skin.

OoC: @Kirke Yeah. Most of the thread is away, and we still have some plots to tie off, so the reboot is gonna be pretty late tommorow, maybe the day after that. And even then, I got college on the first day of the new thread, so wont be on for long, if at all.
@Wacky: @Drak's out.

@Kirke: Shadow wants to do it tomorrow. So... yup. Just need to finish the Regulus plot and Kessler plot.

OoC: I know, its for later when he's on.

OoC: @Trilby Even then, people will want to give their characters closure, and finishing two plots in one day? Not bloody likely!

@Wacky: When I say I got a plan to get him out, but he's fine as is. That doesn't mean 'Kick the poor 10 year old that just got almost all his energy stolen by Regulus...'.

@Kirke: Got to agree with you

OoC: Alright, I got rid of it. I didn't read the fact you had a plan... Now I feel stupid.

OOC:im lagging a bit but im still here :)

@Wacky: Ah no problem. He's either going to get up on his own if there isn't a fight, or... something a bit more flashy and dangerous so he can help everyone.

OoC: Alright.

Roland stared into the sun, and burnt its image into his eyes.
Treat this body with some respect! I can't kill the woman who hurt you if you destroy it!
Do you think I care? The only thing I lived for forgot me. Hates me. Loathes me, even. Why should I give you a good body?
I just don't care anymore. Everything I lived for was a lie. Revenge will get me nowhere.
Get off your lazy ass and get this body back in shape!

Roland just continued to look into the sun, its such a wonder, the sun. A blazing ball of burning passion, happiness, and joy, heating our cold souls. Yet even it must die.

OoC: Did I mention there was silence?
@Gear: Were is Lambda?

OoC: @Nailik Honestly, kinda forgot about her. In the ship, I guess. Sorry, I was lurking and doing one last check for possible new characters for the next thread. Just cant decide...

OOC: Prospero? The Thousand Son's old homeworld? I always thought of the Blood Ravens as an off-shoot chapter of the Word Bearers, which is why Eliphas hates them so much.

OCC: Nah man the blood ravens are the last of the loyal thousand sons. magnus the red mentions them in the burning of prospero book. It also explans the high amount of psykers within the chapter and their battle tactics are the same as the thousand sons. Thule also found out about the capters origins in dark crusade, but he destroyed the records.

As everyone near Tanner's ship sits around doing nothing, an extremely faint red glow could be seen off in the far distance. However because of the light from the surrounding landscape, such as the glare of the sun off of the desert, it was difficult to spot.

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