We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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At this point, both Sniper and Tanner woke up and went to exit the ship They ran into Eddie and Lambda on the way out. "Something up?" Sniper asked.

@Outis. Thank you very much! Althought it's kinda too bad that Sara and Gwen got the short end of the stick by showing up near the end of the thread.
@Gear. Go right ahead!
@Nailik. I'm over-apologetic at times, so I felt the need.
@Trilby. Thanks for showing that comic. ;)

The brain finally enters the medical bay and clambers up onto the bed. It didn't really look like Joe was hurt at all, no cuts or anything, he was just sleeping, snoring every now and then.

OoC: Oops, I ment west coast...
Curse my mad head. I have the understanding of a 8-year-old. And memory of a 5-year-old

Diane held Rose around her shoulder, "Don't worry! Your old auntie pinkiepie is here to make sure that does not happen!"

Roland slowly closes his eyes.

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"Uh, I thought your name was Diane?" Rose asked, slightly confused.

"Appearently Joe got hurt yesterday.
We're going over there to give him a healthy dose of rock."
Eddie explained to Sniper. When he finished his sentance, it struck him that Sniper probally wouldn't know how rock could possibly help the wounded.
"And yes, I did just say rock.
The power of rock can heal just about any wound, you see."
He added.

OoC: @Slenn With the OC that I'm planning to introduce in the next thread can use an energy source called Deition, wich... ah just look at this bit from my design doc.

Deition (DAY-she-on): A kind of energy that affects living creatures, allowing those affected to draw energy into themselves and objects made of Deimond, then expel that energy. This can manifest as the generation and manipulation of thermal, kinetic, electrical, light and sonic energy, and the ability to move things on an atomic scale to manipulate earth, wind and water.

Is that all good scientifically?

Diane shrugged, "Full name's Pinkamena Diane Pie. I sometimes go by Pinkie Pie."

"...Makes sense." Sniper said with a completely straight face as he and Tanner followed the small group.

"So, Lambda, I really should have checked up on you sooner. How have you been doing since that...encounter on the beach?" I ask the girl as I walk beside her.

"~Espeically when all ya need, is a bit of energy." The brain rhymed to Eddie.

@Slenn: Well, I would've posted 'Winona and the Muon' but you know how people like things to be context-sensitive.

"Okay. What do you prefer to be called then?" Rose asked as she stood up and stretched.

Eddie stood before and flexed his fingers.
"LEt get this show on the road!"
Golden sparks began surrounding Joe as Eddie began playing

Joe could feel a rush of energy flowing through him as Eddie played.

"Mostly, I have just been thinking. Trying to adjust to the new body. I wonder if I can ever go back to Sector Seven."

"Oh yeah...the...new body...how did you lose your old one?" I ask, hoping the subject won't be too touchy.

Diane shrugged, "Either will do. I ussually go by Diane when I'm not in Equestria."

He collapsed.
He braces himself for his death, and prepares to pull the trigger.

OoC: Now would be a good time, @Trilby.

"Nu-13. Her soul was the one that was powering the body. She wanted control and... Tophat managed to help me out bedore anything lasting happened."

@Gear: Hmmmm.... What you could think of Deition as the culmination of all the energies that already make up living creatures: thermal, chemical, electrical (nerves and synapses), and mechanical (muscles). The catch is that there is no specific special energy that only effects life in any way. Metroid Prime did something similar where they explained that Metroids were able to take this mysterious 'living energy'. Deition could probably be the specific mix of energy required to manipulate life. Something like that could work, where this specific mix of energy can resonate with other creatures in some way. Deition would have to use the same units of energy as everything else: Joules, electron volts, ergs, etc.

The brain looked over at Lambda as Joe finally got up. "You can actually. Through Joe's shenanigans he got a portal to your Prof's lab. So it's entirely possible for us to bring you back."

Joe looked around confused. "I feel so much better?!" Looking over at the multitude of people standing over him. "Um... why's everyone looking at me?"

Charlie floats into the medical bay and falls onto a bed. "OW! YOU SONOFABITCH!"

OoC: I have to eat now. @Trilby, find a way to knock Roland out, and get him to the group.

"...I see....Well in any case I'm glad to see you are...healthy." I say as I give Lambda a smile.

Eddie smiled.
"You feel better because you got rocked at! Hell yeah!" Eddie says to Joe. He then looks at Charlie.
"That... looked painful. Do you need healing too?"

"I'll just call you Diane then. I'm gonna head back to the ship now." Rose said as she started walking down the street.

Lambda smiled back, then looked at Joe's brain. "I can go back, I know that. But so much has changed, and I dont even have my real body. I dont know if I'll be accepted back."

OoC: @Slenn Damn that's technical. I thought it would just be drawing that energy like a living battery. Still, thanks for the factcheck.

"I said it before and I'll say it again, just stay with us then.
And besides, why would you want to go back? They treated you like shit back there!"
Eddie said to Lambda.

"Yes that could be a problem..." the brain looking like it was pondering. "Joe only saw her briefly himself, although she was actually fairly interested in him too... I'm actually surprised I haven't heard her call you yet."

@Zeph: Where is Joe?

"I still have missions to do. And the professor needs my help. I watched her emotional wavelengths. She does care about Tager and I, even if she has to be dragged kicking and screaming to show it." Lambda looked at the brain. "She said not to call unless it was important."

"It's also her home, Eddie...or the closet thing she has to a home." I point out.

OOC: @Gear. No problem. As a rule of thumb it would be a mixture of different energies. You can always sap energy by using energy (just like a fridge), if you want to use Deition that way as well. That's perfectly fine.

OoC: In the medical bay, but I thought there were multiple beds, so I didn't react like you landed on him.

@Zeph: I thought so.
Still, I'd expect Joe to react to someone float into the room, bleeding.

Charlie looks at Joe. "Hey... guy... could you get my leg onto the bed... please?" he asks.

@Slenn: Really? I always wondered that... well,

"What is a home?
Is it not a place where you are surouned by those who care about you?
Juging by the things I've heard, that place didn't sound all that warm."
Eddie retorted to Tanner.
"...But if she wants to go back there, who am I to stop her."

OoC: @Slenn Fair enough. I'll see how much I can work in.

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