We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"Ah, I'll be fine. I'm a tough bitch!" Four said to Tanner and WA9 as she gave them a playful smile. While her wounds were fully healed, because they hadn't been healed immediately she still had scars on her shoulders and back. She walked over to the Mason sisters and said, "You girls weren't gonna leave without letting me give you all a proper send off now, were ya?"

"Oh... That's... unfortunate. I really enjoyed getting to know you four girls..." Jio walked over to EMily a little weakly and smiled at her. "I'm sure we'll meet again. Like Winona said, do you need a hug?"

"Actually, Jio we might not be far behind them in leaving..." Jin says as a small orb appears behind them. Electricity surges through it. "This looks familar... I told Shuri and the others to use the O-Part I used to travel here if they needed help. Something tells me that the Recipes found a way home..." He looks back at the girls. "Um, Sara, I want to thank you for the hot sauce recipe. And the notes. I'll master it before long. And then you can try it to test it when we meet again."

OoC: @Nail I liked it! You did good despite having one monster to fight a group. I've found that difficult in the past.

@Nail: Handwave it....

WA9 turned to EMily and her sisters. "Farewell you all... See you on the horizon." she said sadly

I walk over to the Mason sisters as well. "Goodbye. It was nice knowing you." I say simply. Sniper says something similar, but with a warm smile.

EMily started to cry and sniffle. "Y-y-yes. I need a hug."
"Goodbye Four." Winona continued to hug EMily.

"Yes... goodbye Four." Gwen gave Four a smirk, and she hugged Four.

"Goodbye, WA9.. Jio.. Jin... Tanner."

"I have a feeling we'll meet again soon someday. And Jin, keep trying. I know you'll master this recipe sooner than later."

OOC: Like I said before, this is how I pictured their send off was going to be like. It's similar but not as catastrophic and world-ending. The dialogue and mood is what's similar.:

WA9 turned to Four, noticing her scars. "I can remove those if you want." she says to her, monotone as usual

OoC: @Slenn so, are they still here or did they disappear?

OOC: @Saltyk. No they still got some minutes left. Give about 10 mins.

"Goodbye girls. It's been fun. Who knows, maybe we'll bump into each other sometime!" Four said, trying to be cheerful.
She turned to WA9 and asked, "Really? Would it hurt? Because I'm kinda tapped out on pain tolerance for today."

Jio hugs both Winona and EMily. "Hey, it was fun while it lasted. I'm sure you'll get stronger and save your world. I have a good sense for these kinds of things."

"You know I will. Maybe I'll make some slight improvements and you can taste that trial out? Next time we all meet, that is. You said yourself that different worlds needed to mingle. That it would benefit humanity's evolution. So, I'm sure that we'll meet again."

The orb begins to engorge itself and stabilize. "Looks like our ride is almost ready..."

WA9 walked closer to her. "It won't... But promise me you won't scream when you see what I truly am..." she adds.

"Guess just about everyone is leaving..." I say, mostly to myself.

Sara nodded to Jin's statement.
"And it looks like our ride is ready too. Goodbye everyone. I'm sure that we'll meet again."
EMily wipes the tears away from her.
"Goodbye! I'll miss you all!"

"May the Forces of Nature be with you!" They yelled in unison.

Just before all of them vanished into their blue time portal in a flicker of white light, all four of them seemed to shed a small tear. The portal closed.

"That's an odd thing to say. Kinda makes it seems less inciting now." Four said to WA9.
Four waved to the Mason girls as they left. She let out a sniffle and wiped a tear from her eye as they left.

"I thought so..." she mumbled, turning away. She too shed a tear when the Mason girls left. Code Gilliam Yearger? It should work for me to leave this place...

Jin sighs. "What about you, Tanner? Don't you have somewhere to go home to?"

"So, what is this thing, Jin?"

"...No." I say to Jin, which was true. I didn't know if I could get home, and I didn't want to even try.

Four walked over to Tanner and pat him on the back. "Hey, don't look so down. I'm homeless too you know!"

Aren't we all? thought WA9. She sat down in thought about what had happened to her over the past few years.

"...Yeah...but you've got plenty of people who could take you in..." I say to Four.

OOC: Tanner is still in his suit by the way.

"Is a portal that is formed by an S rank O-Part through time, space, and even dimensions. It's how I got here. I asked Shuri to bring me back early if something bad happened. I'm guessing something bad happened."

"Great. We're always fighting..."

Jin looks at Tanner. "Anyway. Tanner, you allow yourself to fall into despair. You need to have a dream. Something that you live for."

The mute soul of Regulus began to stir, and for the first time in a long time, Four heard a familiar voice.
Four? Can you hear me?

"I'll keep that in mind." I say to Jin gloomily as I head back to the ship.

"Take care of yourself Jio, Jin." Sniper says before following Tanner.

"Eh, who do I have? Everyone's leaving, they don't want me tagging along." Four said. "You guys are leaving too? Starting to seem like things are gonna get awful lonely around here." She said to Jio and Jin.
Hmmm? Is that?...couldn't be...

"You could always tag along with me Four." said WA9, gripping her hands flexing them out.

OOC: *Gasp* Erica! Holy craps!

@Slenn: Gordon Freeman? But he's mute...

Jin shakes his head at Tanner's response. That man is hopeless. "Well, I guess it's time." He walks over and channels some Spirit into the orb causing it to become stable and open into a sort of wormhole.

"So, we just jump in?" Jio says, looking back at the others.

"Yep. You ready to go?"

"One minute."
Jio turns and bows to the rest of the group. "It's been a pleasure. Until we meet again."

The disembodied soul remained still, so to not draw suspision to itself.
Well, yeah. Mostly.
It's complicated...

OoC @Slenn: Yeah. Couldn't resist. :3

OOC: @Rosh. Yeah, but his thoughts aren't. ;) That why he's going to be a side character, and I want to give him a shot. I'm sure there will be a few psychic characters in the next thread that will read his mind.

WA9 nods at Jio and Jin. Although it seemed altruistic, she didn't trust men any longer. Especially after the AE00 incident....

"Oh? And where are you going that's so interesting then?" Four asked WA9. Four waved goodbye to Jio and Jin. "Bye you guys! My fucking arm's threatening to cramp up from all this waving goodbye to people."

But I thought you...
Well, I honestly don't have much of an idea about what happened to you.
Not really.

"Another universe, another planet, another anywhere. I had my share by being the Crusaders puppet and now that the strings are cut loose, I just want to live my life. Away from these fights and other things. We could explore the horizons away from this place... And who knows? We might see these people again..." responses WA9.

Eh. Like I said, long story.
This is gonna be a wierd question ...but... err... This soul is corrupted by that Chaos stuff. I really don't want it anymore ....so ...Can I crash in your head for the time being?

Erica asked Four, her voice trembling quite a bit.

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