We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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OOC: @Rosh: Then you wouldn't see anybody unless they went inside and met with Draks character then you'll see me

"What do you want?"
The man Growled, showing he had been interrupted

"The truth Kessler, just the truth" Cole replied

OoC: Hell I was in limbo for most part waiting for Spu's character... meh

Charlotte and Laura start scanning the skies, once the bomb detonated. They see a belltower, and hell why the hell not? They were tried from running around all day.

They descend on the tower and dematerialize their armor. They walk in

"The truth Kessler, just the truth" Cole replied

OoC: You are not Cole, you are Sackboy...>_>

The Tophat sees a pair of things landing on the belltower, and runs there to get some answers.


"You cannot...
With that the man turns and begins to rise up again on his electromagnetic field


"The truth Kessler, just the truth" Cole replied

OoC: You are not Cole, you are Sackboy...>_>

OoC: I am sack boy Cole! 3 times the cuteness!

Charlotte and Laura spot Dalia and the man from earlier. They walk over

"Ah, I see that you met one of our friends... Mister...."

The Tophat walks into the tower and sees a female in heavy armour.


"My name...is Kessler.....and you should leave.now."
Kessler said his eyes glowing brightly now

The man with glowing eyes was probably serious, but the Tophat just wanted to ask one question.

"Whyyrghl am Irghl aliverhl?"


Charlotte and Laura readied themselves in case of anything to happen. A neural interface compassed their head, providing Bullet Time abilities.

OoC: That's a bad move Drak.... I really can't help against you if you do that...

The Tophat looks at the woman named Dalia and says:

"I am the hat, this body is myrghl formerhl ownergh."

kessler glances at the armored woman walking up the steps and raises a hand, three quick bolts of lightning shoot from his arm and destroy the seven feet of stairwell in front of her
"I said no.....As for you creature it could very well be because of my presence here i do not know..."

Charlotte and Laura deploy their IS armors, taking aim at Kessler...

"What's so important about this belltower?" demanded Charlotte

The lighting out of hand was indeed very impressive, but the Tophat was now even more intrested in the blonde man.

"Don't get my wrongrlh, I like living. Do yourglh know where the blonde man isss?"

The Tophat looked towards the ladies in futuristic armour and said:

"Do youlh know what'ss goinghl onrghl?"

"You don't want to fight me.....and no i do not know where he is i tried rescuing him but he pushed me away and ran thanks to the commotion you lot have caused, now leave this is where i am saying currently i will not have you stay uninvited"
Kessler kept a straight face through the entirety of his lie, the amount of death he had seen had hardened him to tell lies to, and fool, even people he trusted this was no trouble

The Tophat decided to take a risk, and ran forward to put itself on the electric mans head.


OoC: Oh damn-it Drak...

Charlotte and Laura raised their weapons at Dalia. "Now why did you do that for?!"

OoC: I should explain that I can take over a person by being on its head, that is why I am on this zombie.


Kessler teleported from his position on the floor teleported Wesker to the basement before he could react and then telported back and in an instant lightning exploded from everywhere on his body filling the room knocking the Zombie away and throwing the armored woman through the wall

The Tophat was scared, and screamed to the robot women: "Pick me up, I can't controll this body much longergh!"

Charlotte and Laura raise their weapons at Kessler, ignoring the hat's cry.

"Damn it! You asked for it!" Charlotte and Laura fire at Kessler...

OoC: Why do I have the feeling that this will end every terribly for the duo? Their armor is like infinite Electrical power....>_<



*The Tophat falls of the zombies head, and it starts to rise*

Kessler with one hand conjures a force wave which blasts the two women from the building and deflects the bullets,with the other he creates the lightning tether and grabs Dalia throwing her through the the opposite wall


OoC: OMG I got Lots of reading to do... my last post was on page 7, almost coughed up a lung seeing how far along its gotten already...

*The zombie limps forward, towards Kessler*

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