We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Joe quickly scrawled two portal drawings on the punching ends of the gloves, and put them back on as he saw the minotaurs. "Ok that looks really cool!"

"Bring it on cow guy!!" Joe shouted as he extended one of the punching gloves.

OoC: Fairly far away I think

Berethor had been rendered unconscious by the Delta team member's attack. He finally woke up and saw the Minotaurs. He collected his sword and shield and charged at the beasts.

Jio stood defiant, "My friends can take care of themselves. I believe in them. Just like I believe in Michael."

Jio charged Michael and just as he reached him punched the ground causing a pillar of Earth with wooden stakes embedded in it to erupt at Michael.

Doctor Com looks at mia, "What do you mean? Just stop. Wait... Are you addicted?"

Miles away there stood Robert.
"Bloody Ferdinand... 'you have to do two good deeds' my ass!"
He sighed, "Maybe I'll cure Mia's addiction. Maybe kill those miditars. Idono."
Robert looks at Joe.
Eh, why the hell not.
Roobert jumps next to joe, "Hello, need any help?"
He notices the knight attacking the miditars.
"Looks so."
He shouts, "'Flaming sword.'"
The sword catches fire, but causes no harm to the knight.

"I dont know, i dont even know. i used to not care. but now i have hurt the one person in my new life who means anything to me i'm having to rethink everything, no ofens blue"

OOC: i'm back oh and nice minotaur from GOW, am i needed/wanted?

OoC: @Raka I'm hoping to free Michael soon.

Knife sees the minotaurs and smiles. "Now that's what I'm talking about."
He runs, leaping at the creature while drawing his tanto at the same time. He lands on the creatures neck, and procceeds to ride it like a mechanical bull.

Except with more stabbing.

"Actually, do you have a cook book on 'How to Cook Minotaur', I've never seen one before?" Joe said as punched the ground below him, imprinting the portal drawing on it.

OoC: Don't be silly Rak you're always wanted =P

Reginald said to Dr. Com, "Yes they were. And as it turns out they were what was keeping most of my body functioning. When they moved out my body started breaking down and it would have been only a matter of time before I died if I hadn't gotten these augmentations."
Two said to Mia, "How long it'll take is up to you, and how much you're willing to work."
"Also, you aren't gonna be much good for the group if you just completely give up killing. You gotta learn to control that anger, that bloodlust. Let it out on the enemy and learn how to reign it back in."
None taken, I guess.

Michael jumped on the spikes and used them to launch himself into the air.
He kept floating there and began raining down fireballs at Jio.

OoC: Okay, time to go turn-based.
Zeph goes first then minotaur 1 then Salty then Outis then minotaur 2 then myself.
Edit: Knife goes after Zeph and before minotaur 1.

@Rak: You could continue your conversation with the Dark Soul.

Waiting my turn.

OoC: Do I go now? or have I used my turn?

Doctor Com looked at Mia, "Who?"
He then turnned to reg, "That sounds bad. Oh well, no use complaining!"

Robert sighes, "I can't wait until this is over."
He summons a cookbook from hammer space, "This has a recipie for Minotaur, It tastes like northern chicken. They just cant cook chicken!"
Robert sighes, and looks at the battaling people.
Their swords grow three times their normal size.

OoC @Zeph: Err... Imma pretent I didn't see your last move. So, yeah. your turn.
Damn this is hard, I don't know how you do it, Rak. :P

"i guess your right one, how did you do it i mean you nearly got me to kill regie and then laughted it off, also 2 i... dont know how hard and difficult it will be , killing was mostly what i was made to do, and i never realy had anything to worry about hurting. i refused the army when storming the origional queens castle because i thought they would get in my way. speaking of queens, that coin, four, meens that technicly you are the neq queen of calivia, because usualy the origional queen would'nt give it up because it makes them stronger and toughter and other stuff, so the queen and assassin usualy fight to the death to obtain it. thia type of thing has never happend befor"

OOC: @nailik: i shall do that then, and yeah it's harder than it looks and i doubt i make it look easy

you mistake ME for i am no mere human, i am known as a conduit and i am one of the most powerful of my kind if you need proof of my power then you are allowed to test my mettle...

Joe launched another punch to the minotaur's chest, imprinting a portal on it. He then hopped through the one on the ground in front of him, coming out through the one on the minotaur and then ran under and behind the beast.

OoC: That's cuz Rak is a Boss!

"Look Doc... I... I just dont want to talk about it now, ok" mia said sorowfuly looking at four

Knife continues to stab the minotaur, oblivious to Joes presence.

Joe launched another punch to the minotaur's chest, imprinting a portal on it. He then hopped through the one on the ground in front of him, coming out through the one on the minotaur and then ran under and behind the beast.

OoC: That's cuz Rak is a Boss!

Wow Zeph thanks for the emphatic support, i appreciate it i wasn't sure if you guys legitimately thought i was doing a good job of things or not, at least some of you i wan't sure

Robert sighs, and summons a lawn chair from hammerspace to sit in. He summons a coconut paniculata, and drinks it.
Deciding that the fight was too boring, he shouted, "'Frickin' Laser Beams.'"
Joe then obtains the ability to fire lasers from his eyes.
"God, I'm suprised at their lack of surprise at the giant swords they're wielding."
He tosses jJoe another book, "Here, there's a recipe on minotaur creme brulee."

Doctor Com looks at four, "What happened?"

Charlotte and Laura come flying back from a false alarm with M and the Phantom Task.

They see the group fighting the Minotaurs, but stay back to analyse what the group would do and video record it. It might be useful for later.

OoC: Not jumping into the fight.

OoC: Rak don't worry, sure you aren't around much, but you try really hard and we notice. You said you DM'd right? It really shows how you control and manage the plotz.

OOC: thanks zeph i am really sorry about not being around a lot but week days have gotten tough for me

The minotaur was trown back by Joe's punch but retaliated shortly after by charging at Knife with its horns.

A Child of Clay wishes to duel one of the Dark Souls? Very well, bring me a body to inhabit and I shalt endulge thee.
The DS replied to Kessler.

OoC @Rak: Oh, you're definitly doing a good job of it.

OoC: @Nailik I had actually thought of a way I could defeat you without hurting you. I'm going to try to save it for the end of this fight.

OOC: Same goes over here Rak....

OoC: i agree raka, i think that you are doing a great job and i know how tought fitting in online stuff can be

Robert sighs, "How long will this battle go on! Its been three posts alredy! Just kill the damn beings!"

OOC: I agree with everyone else, @Raka. Also, is it my turn Nail?

OoC: Ah, it's fine! I've been having troubles on the weekdays too, hopefully they've just been busy weekdays and not problems for you, but you'll get through it!

"Oh that dynamite wouldn't have killed Reggie. He's seen much worse. He's tough as nails. I mean look at him, earlier today they took off most of body and replaced it with machinery. That kinda thing would put any normal person out of commission for at least six months. But Reggie, he got up and walked right out the front door half an hour after. Anyway, letting out the rage is easy, it's pulling it back that takes practice."
"Sounds like it's gonna be hard then. If it helps, whenever you feel you're about to lose control, think of that one thing that's important to you that you don't want to lose."
Four said to Mia, "Awww. How sweet. It really means that much to you?" Four looked at Dr. Com and said, "It's...not something I want to talk about. Let's just say Mia almost lost something important to her, something she doesn't want to risk losing again."

OOC: I agree with everyone else, @Raka. Also, is it my turn Nail?

Make sure to take notice of the giant flaming sword of hugeness!

Doctor com looked at reg, "Let me guess, she almost killed reg?"

@Outis: No. You're up after Salty.

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