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Jio tensed, his left eye closed under the pain of the mental attacks. "One what...?" he asked Michael.

When the time comes, I will absorb you into my being as well Spirit. You and all things will become one within me. I will attain ultimate unending power. But, in the meantime, I shall use you as I see fit. And I see fit for you to destroy the mind of this vessel called 'Jio'.

EMily was growing in concern for Jio. "Don't try to hide it Jio, you're fighting something inside."

Alastair looked around and down to see the hole. He looked back at Mia. "You locked her up?" He said before hitting the ground and shouting a ward that made the bullet fly back to the clip. "I grew stronger Lambda!"

@Jag How is Alastair now a Space Marine?
He didn't go to the 40K universe, he went to his own, which can't be the 40K universe because you said he was a king (I assume) and I don't think there are any.
And how did he make it fly backwards, because it's been destroyed? And how did he know it was Lambda?

OoC:Yeh tribly, in 40k theres the EMPORER and The forces of CHAOS to sum it up realy quickly.

OOC: His world is the wolrd before 40k its 39k and he grew stronger and got better hearing he became king then decided to keep when....

OoC: Jag... that makes absoloutly NO SENSE! its the 41st century in 40K, so.... NO JUST NO

"No worries. If he comes near here again I'll kill him. Plain and simple." One said to Mia, continuing to polish his shotgun and quietly whispering sweet nothings to it when he thought no one was looking.
"I'm gonna get some rest." Four said as she lay back down on the bed and went to sleep.

OOC: Whelp, I've gotta get going much earlier than usual today. Might be able to get on and post later. But if not I'll see you guys tomorrow. If we move please don't let my characters get left behind. Peace.

@Jag so he can hear a whisper over half a mile away?
Plus, he can't be both a king and a space marine because:
1. Either the Imperium doesn't exist, therefore no SMs.
2. It does exist, therefore no kings.

"Jio, we're here for you!" Joe said.

OOC: I'm not quite sure how to respond to Alastair at the moment...

Renlen wasn't quite sure if he knew the fellow who had just had run up to and addressed him. He was about to say something when he heard a large crack and felt the floor shudder as dust suddenly flew up from it. "Who's using me for target practice!" he yelled before jumping through a nearby window and hiding behind a wall. He ordered GS to calculate the trejectory and source of the bullet by scanning the angle and depth of impact and analysing it against the distant of the buildings and their respective windows to the impact site.

OOC: Captcha: higgledy-piggledy what is this, I don't even...

@Nile The ruling is that if someone's posts don't make sense, then they (the posts) are to be ignored.

Jio looked at EMily and Joe and smiled at them. "I know you're both here for me. I thank you for that."

"One of the Dark Souls.
You absorbed one from me, didn't you?"
Just a small piece of our essence, but enough to influence the mortal's mind.
How does it feel, knowing that thy woe now affect those around thee?

This is not my fault!
Is it not?

The DS then spoke to Satan again.
All words and no action. Typical deamon.
When the time is right, it shalt be thee who will fall into perdition...

"RENLEN!?" Joe shouted as Renlen jumped in through a window.

OoC: i keep picturing a DS(game system) talking to satan, lol

Berethor eventual, after some wondering, came across Mia. He was quite relived to see her safe. "Mia, I am glad to see you are unharmed. When the idiotic brute stole you away I tried to go after him, but I was hindered by some of the other members of this group. I apologize." he said to her as he bowed his head.

OOC: @Trilby RightO.

Renlen heard some chatter behind him as he peered through the window trying to see where the person who had shot at him was hiding. He decided to ignore it for the moment until he deemed the situation was safe... ish.

OOC: I'm going with the idea that Renlen has hopped through the window into the building where Jio, Joe, Michael, Knife and Emily are.

Also Captcha: pork pies Captcha is insane.

"I think I might have. I was trying to remove them from you and destroy them. I've never had something like this happen." Jio replied to Michael. "It seems to be arguing with Satan in my mind."

No, I am not a typical Demon, Spirit. I am the Ultimate Demon! And I don't act against you because I find you useful to me. When you are of no more use to my designs, I shall destroy you. Until then, enjoy what little time you have left.

"Renlen?! You ok? People made doors for reasons." Joe said.

OoC: I already mentioned Joe noticing Renlen before this one.

" its ok, i beat the guy up, broke one of his lungs. and stole all his stuff"

"Well...it's encouraging to know you can defend yourself should the need arise." Berethor said as he looked Mia curiously.

OOC: @Zeph sorry didn't see your post before mine got posted.

Renlen turned slightly to see Joe and motioned to him to be quiet and that he was huntin' wabbits snipers. He then turned to peer back out the window as GS notified him that it had established a number of probable positions from which the shot may hve come from. Renlen then put his backpack on the floor and proceeded to assemble the DBR.

"It... it just im not realy a queen anymore... i gave four the status, im just a Royal... technicly. also i was trained as an assassin in my early days"

Lambda cloaks and looks around for movement.

Joe shrugged and looked back at EMily and Jio. "Don't worry Renlen has always had problems with using doors, is there anything I can do to help you?"

Joe shrugged and looked back at EMily and Jio. "Don't worry Renlen has always had problems with using doors, is there anything I can do to help you?"

OOC: That statement pretty much sums up my character's entire time in these RPs apart from at the start in Ireland. *Reminises about portal hopping, crazy airport chases, Indiana Jones style elevator stunt, etc.*

"Dear lord... this is bad."
And it is all thy fault. Despair, Shadowman...

How is thy father, fiend?
Doth he miss thee, we wonder... doth he look down and weep for his failure of a son?
And what a failure thou art, trapped in the body of a mortal child, resorting to pure bluster...

"You...gave away your title as queen?" Berethor asked. The notion seemed quite absurd to him.

"Michael don't worry about it! Enjoy the Minotaur!" Joe said with a smile and grabbed another for himself.

OOC:@Trilby He doesnt want to admit he was only king for a year.

@Jag The point is that there are no kings.

"...Yes.... i almost killed my closest person i could call freind and, i ...." mia looked down sorrowfully "Technicly... i am still queen....its just i would have to die for her to be fully nstated as queen... i felt that when i die she deserves it... "

OOC: I know just emperos yes i play it and @Silver depends what game Dawn of war 2 and retrobution were both 41k the rest not

"I'm not really certain, Joe. Satan seems to think he can remove this Dark Soul at will, but he doesn't do it.." Jio looks at Michael, "It's okay, my friend. Things will work out."

What you know of me is fairy tales. Passed down from fools to idiots. Some powerful Spirits you are. This vessel refuses to admit it, but he is me. We are one and the same. 'Jio Freed' doesn't exist, there is only Satan.

But what of you? Trapped in a pathetic shell of a creature such as this so called 'Michael'.

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