We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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The LOLcat continues to look at the three beings arguing.

Doctor Com sighed, Trying to convince robert to not give her skimpy outfits was stupid.
He walks into the building, to see his LOLcats looking at the green haired guy.
He walks up to joe, "Whats going on?"

OOC:@Trilby still people will ignore me with Hazama and Alastair would go to ee his dead daughters final place right?

Tophat aims at Hazama, slowly backing.
"Pansarvagn, sikta in på mannen i slips och hatt!"
"I'm warning you, that tank has live rounds."
OoC: Why am I being ignored? Translations! "Tank, aim at the man in tie and hat!"

@Jag So why Paris? She wasn't in Paris and she was sent away in Stockholm. And the body vanished. And there was no funeral because, in-universe, she 'died' about yesterday.
And she's alive.

"It's ok Jio! We can handle ourselves right Berethor!"

"Hazama's being Hazama again..." Joe said to Doc.

Doctor Com looks at tophat, "Hello tophat!"
Doctor Com turns to joe, "So, what shall we do to the poor bastard."

OOC: @Trilby thought paris hold on.

Alastair came out and looked round. "This isnt..Oh yeah Stockholm." He said as he looked at the black shadow where Sofia dissapeared. "Death. Why?" He whispered. H held back the tears.

"Sheesh, more empty threats from Hazama. Typical..." She said.

Doctor Com looked at the battle.
"Something seems... off."
He summons his mind-hat from hammerspace, and puts it on.

@Jag We're already in Stockholm... and there's no shadow.

"Peace Jio, it's him that shall be dealt with." Berethor said in a menacing tone as he drew his sword. Without waiting for Hazama to react he lunged forward, attempting to stab Hazama in the chest.

OOC: Okay but he would go there still so you wanna do this?

"Sounds like a plan." he said to the Souls. He addresed Jio. "Hey, if I dont kill em now, you're just gonna snap and kill em eventually. Why wait? offing them now is better for all involved." He hopped back as Berethor lunged. "One more move like that, and I'll pin your feet to the ground."

OoC: Where is Michael anyway?

Tophat got behind cover, and yelled to the soldiers.
"Ta betäckning och sikta på den grönhårige mannen!"
OoC: Translations!"Take cover and aim at the green haired man!"

"I'd like to beat that mouthy green haired jerk!" Joe said readying his punching gloves.

@Jag Fine.

"Ah. Hello Alastair." Jack says, wearing his dark grey suit and leaning on his scythe like a cane.

Tophat yells to the others.
"You better take cover, putting a tank shell at the bastard!"

"Hi, What is your actual name?" Alastair said as he reached for his beer that he left here. "Where is Sofia?"

EMily changed her mind and readied a well of charge in her body to be delivered to Hazama's body via lightning.

OOC: She isn't attacking, just readying.

OoC @Gearhead: In a building nearby ...I think. lol.

Doctor Com facepalms, "He can handle it. And, if need be, I can simply knock this world out of exsistance viva LOLcat."

"Jack." Jack says. "She's here."
Sarah appears, looking exactly like Sofia, in a burst of smoke.

"Is that? But she has the wrong face." He said before drinking the beer.

EXACTLY like her.

Joe sees Tophat readying the tank. "OK!" Joe grabs Berethor and runs from Hazama. "GO FOR IT!!"

"No, I won't." Jio's Spirit rose from his body and channeled into Zero Type R. Initiate Effect. "But I might kill you!" Jio threw his O-Part at Hazama.

"Damn you hold st- Joe what are you doing?" Berethor asks as Joe pulls him away.

As soon as he heard the word "tank" being yelled, Hazama ran into the building where Michael was, dodging the O-part almost unintentionally. He threw Ouroborous, wrapping around Michael's arm, then retreated further into the building to sheild himself from the tank shell.

Tophat ducked, and called out to the tank.
"Ge eld!"
OoC: high explosive round... Translations! "Open fire!"

EMily retreated back into the building. Seeing the direction of the Ouroborous being thrown, she goes to help Michael.

Doctor Com sees Hazama run, and chases after him.

Robert continues to tap his foot, "I'm waiting."
Mia continued to look at the picture of the three armors.

But remember she's a shapeshifter.

"How? What have you done!?!"

The DS spoke to Jio again.
Good, mortal. Face Hazama.
Realize how weak thou truly art... the 'power of friendship' thou so vehemently speak about is naught but a lie. For in reality, all art alone... Wandering, never finding their way..

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