We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"i think he's looking around my head or something, also i realy like this armour. very cool. Hey doc do you have a EYEpod that i could use , i need some targeting systems, and info on stuff"

"Hey, not cool!" Knife calls to Sarah. "What the fuck I ever do to you?"

Doctor Com shook his head, "No, I-"
Robert ran up to Mia, and shoved an Ipod, and Ipad, and an Iproduct into Mia's hand, "There, can you sign this paper for me?"

"Yeah, but it's fun." Jack calls back. "I wish I could piss on him, just as a taunt."

"Good gods Mia, I should punch you in the face for that pun."

Michael walked to to Mia.
"What the hell are you wearing?"

Robert looked at Michael, "female Daedric armor, from the skyrim-verse."
"I find its too skimpy." Doctor Com muttered.
"Shut up."

"Yea well, your sort of lacking in that department arn't you!" Knife calls up at Jack, "Though, it would probebly give a whole new meaning to the term 'boner'"

Jack smokes a man to the roof. "Piss on him."
So he does. Right in Knife's face.

@Knife You may be cruel... But I take the cruel-cake.

Roland walked in, "Hey, Doctor Com, I got you-"
He sees mia, and immediately gets a boner.

Joel looks at Roland. "Want a belt for that?" he asks.

Roland drops the Iproduct, "I'm... Sorry... I'll go now..."
He flushes red.

"i kindof wanted a like screen coming out of my eyes one, like this (like the sentry interface from mass effect 3)"

Knife coughs, trying to get to taste of piss out of his mouth. "Bluh, my question still stands." Knife yells at the reaper, "What the fuck'd I ever do to you!"

OOC@Wacky: That was the plan.....

Robert scratches his head, "Never played the mass effect games, so I have no idea what that is."

"You can't be reaped. You're FUCKING THE SYSTEM! I LIKE THE SYSTEM!" Jack yells, then pushes the man into the chain. By the ankle.
Also, Knife's neck is in a noose. FYI. And he has a dick in the face.

Michael walks away from the group, sits downs in the shade and begins to meditate.

OoC: Gone for a bit.

"Look up its wiki on armour on those i thingys"

"The system? The system?!" Knife says, before killing himself out of shear force of will and respawning behind Jack.


Knife then kicks Jack into the chain.

Jack smokes behind Knife and beheads him.
"The chain doesn't work on immortals."

Robert nodds, "Okay then. Bye."
He then dissapears.
Roland continues to watch Mia from a distance.

"Hey, whats your name?" mia looks at roland

Knife respawns. "Wait, then how the fuck it work on me?!"

Roland looked at mia, "Roland...god you look sexy Huh! What! I didn't say anything!"
Doctor Com facepalms. God he fails at romance.
"This is roland, my apprentice and counterpart."

"Don't confuse instant reincarnation with immortality." Jack slices Knife in two.


Joel picks a belt up from his suitcase and gives it to Roland. "Seriously. Use this."

Roland blushes, and putts on the belt hiding his boner.
Robert walks in, "Hey, I got thoes shades you wanted," He pulls out a pair of

"Can you sign this paper now?" He tosses Mia the shades.

"Well , hello roland... Doc's A bit of an idiot isnt he" mia starts burning Doc tail

"Yes, Yes I *Puts on shades* Can!" she then playes a guitar solo for 5 seconds

"HEY!" He sits on the fire, "Why did you set me on fire?"
Roland looks at Mia, "Well... We all are equaly stupid in simmiler ways... just look at thoes boobs... I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING! NOTHING! HAHAHA!"
Doctor Com facepalms. More of an Idiot then I am at romance. I suppose the fact that he is homosexual makes it seem foolish to an asexual like me, but still.

"Hey dont be so meen on him, at least he dosnt have scratch marks on his face."

Doctor Com looks at Mia, "I didn't say anything."
Roland looked at Mia. "Uhh. Hi. How are you doing?" Desperately trying to suppress awkwardness.

Knife respawns back with the group. "So, what's going on...down...here...." He says, seeing Roland.

"im fine, hey come over here i got something to show you" mia says sweetly

Roland looks at Mia... 'okay...I hope this is what I think it is..."
Doctor Com facepalms, and looks at Knife, "I have to agree on this one."

Tophat ponders on if it should tell Mia what Roland is thinking, or save it for later blackmailing.
(To Roland)"(I can see your mind...)"

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