We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"Did you see tophat!? He freakin killed himself cos i was flirting!"

Matt whimpers. "Whydidyoumakehimkillhimself?" he asks.

Doctor com puts on tophat.
You know you should not of killed your host, it seems like a stupid thing to do.
Doctor Com turnns to Mia, "Yes, with my young counterpart, who is fairly sexual, and somewhat perverted. Imagine what agony tophat must of been through! Thank god I'm asexual."

"I dont no? seemed like fun at the time.... Hey whats your name?" mia purred softly to matt

(To Mia)"(Not because of you, bacause of that bloody freak. I have no choice but see that little perverts mind!)"
"(...I was aiming at myself.)"

asexuale... thats basicly spliting in half

mia herd tophat so she started thinking realy bizare perverted thought "Like these tophat?" mia giigled

Doctor Com looks at Mia, "I told you, Doctor Com. and Jiol, I think Mia might be hitting on your boyfreind."
Doctor Com says to matt, "Tophats fine. He lives in a tophat, so he's still alive."
I know. He's just a young lad, though, so what do you bloody expect? And kiling yourself would not work.
Tophat finds out Doctor Com and Ferdinand are from texas.

OoC: asexual: Without sex or sexuality

@Shadow Asexuality is having no sexual attractions. You're thinking of mitosis.

i highly recomend not seaching tentacles on google....

(To Mia)"(Well I already got my revenge at you, so have fun figuring out what that is!)"
"(Some sodding decency? I do not understand all this drive for sex. And it would have stopped the pain.)"

", Oh tophat i think i will burn you soon"

Well, He's young... so he wants to find out about the other gender. Sixteen years old, hears about all the other kids losing their virginity, and still having his virginity. Welcome to the new age.
"Do not burn tophat!"

the screen in front of mias eyes started changing"Tophat, did you know i can get real time porn on this thing!, Sweet!"

"(Saddly not the first time I've had to deal with this, not on this scale though.)"'
(To Mia)"(Sod off.)"

"im gonna go find roland, maybe he might want to watch this with me..."

Meanwhiel Knife sits a distance away doing

Doctor Com facepalms.
"I honestly doubt you bought that for pornography. Anyway, Robert probably added a shield screen, so turn it on! Show some decency."
When was the first time?
He discovers Doctor Com's crush on a yellow pony in another dimention... and the fact that she is taken by himself.
Ferdinand sits by Knife, "I have to agree with you, this is some bloody stupid things going on. And it all started with a youth getting a bloody boner!"

"i didnt buy this! i sighned a paper robert gave to me, and it said nothing anout porn so yeh, and i think i will google you... oh look this one on 'ponyhumping.porn' says it has a video with DocterCom in it..."

"(Uh mate? Not to be rude, but I can see your thoughts. Not very nice.)"

"Who me tophat, oh right yeh. have fun!" mia cliced play

Doctor Com blushes, "Why must rule 34 be so enforced? Anyway, I don't think he gave it to you to look porn up on!"
The video shows... well, sexual scenes featuring a yellow pegesus and Doctor Com.
I have to agree with you... This seems so incredibly stupid... and filthy.

Ferdinand watches, and facepalms some more.
"Knife, why must our lives be so insane?"

"Hhahahhaha, ponys.... im gona email this to everyone in the group!"mia closed the video and hit send

Doctor Com facepalmed, "God... you seem like such an idiot! What the hell!"

Matt jumps away and cowers behind Joel.

OoC: Anything happening yet?
*reads pages*

Doctor Com looked at Joel and Matt, "She wanted too! If I had my way, I would of let her stay a virgin! But it was Fluttershy's choice!"
Ferdinand facepalms some more.

OoC: Other then a young boy almost seduced by Mia, Ferdinand facepalming, Doctor Com's sex life put on display, and tophat killing his body, no.

"'LOL guys Stupid Horse doing shit to da yellow one , Homies!' send"

"You should let things happen naturally! And possibly involving Rainbow Dash!" Joel yells. "You should not destroy the innocence of Fluttershy."

Ferdinand had enough of this.
He took Mia's visor, and shoved it into his hammerspace pocket.

Doctor Com facepalms, "She wanted to! She wanted me to do it! SHE seduced ME!"

"im going to stab you Doc, if you dont get MY COMPUTER back!"

"(If I could, I would facepalm.)"

@wacky You forgot Sarah hanging Sofia, and Doc Com getting a robot hoof/hand/sword.

"Duck, i sighned for that! i demand it back this is a vialation of ....some code!"

Ferdinand sighs, "I will give it back if you will not continue doing such sexualy active acts."
Ferdinand takes Tophat of of Doctor Com and puts it on himself. "Not to mention the fact that I broke no code, I invicted you with code #65465465873, That permits me to take machines used for public pornography viewing."
I would too.

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