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Doctor Com looked at Joel, "I thought you were a brony. Why do you scar Fluttershy like that? You yelled at me for defileing Fluttershy."
He turns to matt, "Are you a brony? in my time, I found bronies to be one of the calmer groups on the internet."
He then realizes that Joel set his hat aflame.
The hat was suddenly no longer on fire.
"You'll pay for that..."
Fluttershy looks at Doctor Com, and she grabs him.
"You'll pay..."
She tries to hold him back.


Fluttershy then knocks Doctor Com out.


OoC: ...Mia is fucked up.

"WOAH nice going fluttyshy!"

OOC: Was one of the ships getting taken out canon? because if so the Void Shifter will just erase life from the planet in response and I don't want to do that.

Joel flattens the tentacle and slices the top of Knife's head clean off. "Thank you Fluttershy."

Fluttershy looks at Doctor Com, then to Joel.
"Why did you make me do that!"
She burst into tears, "Why did you make him so angry!"
She cries, "WHY!"

Ferdinand looks at disgust at Joel, "I thought you were a bronie! Which one of you are! You, or matt?"

mia hugs fluttershy"You did the right thing, there there, therer there"

"What? No. I just don't think people should be going around shagging Fluttershy!" Joel says.

"Why! Why did you hurt him! I didn't want to hurt him! Why!"
She continues to cry.

Robert Comes along, and slaps Joel across the face.
He then dissapears.
Ferdinand sighes, "Fluttershy loves Doctor Com, and you made her hurt him. If you ever gave a damn about anything, you'll get on your knees and beg for an apology. From Doctor Com [i]AND[/I] Fluttershy."

mia continued hugging fluttershy

OoC: @Ven This is one of those moments that I would just ignore what was said.

"i did the same thing befor to my freind, i know how you feel"

Knife respawns. "You know, as much as I hate to agree with Joel...well, I agree." He says.

"No, what?"

THe Vanguard stands with Varger, raising her hand to warp the pair back to the planet and they appear in a swirling could. The remaining Congomerate forces Phase out, back to the ships.

Doctor Com slowly awakens, and Fluttershy knocked him out again.
She continues to cry.

"Look i can take his mind of it by hurting him more, would that make you feel better, fluttershy?"

Joel collapses. "Someone agrees with me... I need food."

"Oh hey, Vannessa's back, I'm just going to...uh..go...over there....away from here."Knife says, before running towards where Varger appeared.

OOC: I'm back. Has anything happened other than crazy fights between Dr. Com & Co., Mia, Joel, and Knife?

OOC: I find it worrying that everyone is ignoring the puddle of urine and the corpse hanging from a building.

Ferdinand looks at Joel, "Doctor Com cared about that hat more then his life, and would, make that will, kill anyone who dares harm it. Fluttershy does not want you to die. Simple as that."

Fluttershy continues to cry.
Robert appears by Mia, "No. For some CRAZY Reason, attacking that hat can, and will, make Doctor Com try to kill whoever hurt it."

Roland walks in.
He see's Fluttershy crying, and Doctor COm knocked out.
"Who hurt Doctor Com's hat?"
He shoves food in Joel's mouth.

OoC: @Slenn No, but now that you're here I might as well continue my concept.

"Well, let's just do this..." Joel rams a tentacle down Doc Com's throat, runs to his memories and finds the one of Joel burning his hat, then locks it away.
He replaces it with

"Hey roly, how are you?" mia was comfurting flutershy

@Salty: Please do.

EMily gets up once again from her reading. The droning fights between the animals only served to be background noise while doing said reading.

Jio wakes up. He was groggy. How long had he slept? What had happened? Satan. It was him. Jio had allowed him to be released. Even if it was due to the efforts of Hazama and the Dark Souls, he had still lost control. It was his fault. He failed. He endangered his friends, the city, the world, and even the universe. All his fault...

Roland looks around, Fluttershy looks at Joel, her expression showing her relief.
"Thank you..."
Doctor Com slowly wakes up.
"Well... What just happend?"
He looks at Joel.
"I... Don't like you, suddenly."
Roland looked at the scene, and let out a flat what.
He looks at Mia, and suddenly blushes.
"Um... Not much..."

Varger looks at the Vanguard. "Goodbye Jason." She hugs him briefly, Varger doesn't quite know how to respond and she releases him. "One more thing...don't die." with that she holds up her arm and vanishes in a swirl of black. The ships turn and begin to crackle with energy as they plot a Phase Jump.

"Don't worry, everyone does." Joel chuckles.

"See you later fluttershy, hey Roly anything new?"

OoC: Ah, hey @Saltyk.

Joel busts into Roland's mind and makes him think of his mother when he sees Mia.
Because psychological-trolling is what he does.
"Hey, try to think why you hate me." he says to Doc Com.

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