We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Michael followed Jio via teleportation.
Where are you headed now?

mia was still rinding on top of flutttershy

ooC: @Wackymon It's fine. I'm completely fine with you guys trying to stop Jio from abandoning you. It'll show conviction on both sides.

"I can't just let him walk away. He is my friend." EMily hopped and jumped between the buildings to catch up with Michael and Jio.

Fluttershy slowly begins following Jio from a distance, high above his head.
Doctor Com watches from a distance on the ground.
Fluttershy lands near Jio, "Oh! umm... Hello."

"Hello,its me mia" mia said from sitting on fluttershy

Knife parrys the Null Blade with his tanto. He then holsters his revolver, switches his tanto to his right hand in a reverse grip, and makes a upwards diagonal slash at Vargers torso, all in one fluid movement.

Jio looks at the strange winged pony and Mia, and keeps walking to the edge of the building, where he jumps down in a similar fashion to how he jumped up. Once on the ground, he begins to walk off into the street and then down the road.

Fluttershy flies by Jio.
"Why are you so sorry for yourself?"

Berethor followed after EMily, mostly to make sure no one did anything irrational or dangerous.

"Jio, you must stop" she says, catching up barely behind him, "You need to stop wallowing in doubt of your own ability to control the fury inside you. I know you take responsibility for what's happened. My sister Sara, often said to us to try smarter, not to try harder. And you can do that."

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Doctor Com strolls up, "I have to agree! It seems fairly stupid! Just ignore him!"

Varger lets the blade hit, forming a second Null Blade floating beside his left arm he uses the near proximity and fact that the weapon is now stuck in his chest to stab Knife with one blade and force him to the floor, readying the second blade to strike. "You don't give up do you?"

Michael continued to follow silently.
It takes more then encouraging words to get over something like this...

Jio keeps walking, "The smart thing to do is not to be around you guys. That way you are no longer in danger from me. I'll find my way home and return to the Kabbalah so that I'll be sealed away and no one will have to suffer. That's the smart thing to do. Besides, my real friends Cross, Zero, and Ruby are all within the Kabbalah. I belong there."

Fluttershy walks up to Jio, and nods, "I understand."
Doctor Com nodds too. He looks at fluttershy, "Lets go."
They walk off.
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EMily stopped in her tracks "I guess your mind's made up Jio. I guess the last thing to say to you is that there is always the choice of changing one's mind, to realize that there are things that aren't impossible to do."

She walks away and catches up with Dr. Com, Fluttershy, and Michael.

"Hey, your the one that said not to die too quickly." Knife says, grinning as he draws his revolver and fires an explosive shot at point blank into Vangers chest.

Michael dicides it's time to act, he teleports next to Jio and walks besides him.
"Real friends? What makes a real friend, Jio?
Is it not the sharing of expiriences, both good and bad, that forms friendship."

What am I thinking! I can't let him go! "Michael's right!" She runs back to them. "We've all seen our fair share of the terrible and glorious events that have past. And we've shared that experience together and understood each other to some degree."

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Reginald and One had taken to playing Caravan, with Two watching. Two saw Jio walking away and the rest following him, apparently trying to convince him to stop. "Should we help those guys stop Jio?"
"Nah, they've got it under control. Besides, I hardly know that guy. I wouldn't be much help."
"Hahahaha! I win again!"
"Screw this game!" Reginald flips the table, sending mismatched playing cards everywhere.

Meanwhile, in Mia's mind, Three was sitting in the fetal position in a corner of the main room of Mia's mind, quietly humming to herself.


I was wondering when you would get to this song. I really like it.

EDIT: I've also got something to say, going to wait for the right moment though.

"Was it not the power of our friendship that helped release you? And yet you have doubts that we're not going to be able to help you again?"

"I've made up my mind. I'm not changing it and nothing you say will stop me. I'll still fight Kessler, Alden, and Hazama, but I will do it alone." Jio replies still walking.

Varger stumbles back slightly before grabbing knife by the leg and throwing him through aneaby widnow. He collapses the Null Blades and begin walking away.

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"Jio!" Berethor said in a stern tone, hoping to get his attention. He was a little unsure about addressing this person he knew so very little about, but he was determined to try and help him. 'If kind words will not sway him, then a harsher touch may be required.' he thought before he started. "You cannot allow a single defeat to drive you to giving up. You must persevere. It's quite obvious the people here care about you and want you to stay. Even if you were to go home, lock yourself away, this doubt you're allowing yourself to feel will only make you weaker. In the end, if you resign yourself to defeat and helplessness, it may very well be your down fall." he said.

Michael walked infront of Jio.
"Kid, stop walking and look around you.
We all saw what was inside you, and yet here we are, we're not affraid, we want you to stay with us, because we enjoy your company, because you're our friend."

OoC: Damn, we're deep. xP

"Is that so?" "First you say that you'd be better off alone, next you say that you're going to dive into a fight with the very people that triggered Satan to come out of his shell? And what will you do if he comes out again? Will you risk Hazama and the others to sway you once more?"

"We're YOUR friends Jio. And we're not going to fight those men without you."

OoC: Damn, we're deep. xP

But...will it be enough?

OOC: @Out Only time will tell. XD

OOC: @Out Only time will tell. XD


JIo looks at EMily. "Really? Do you know why I lost control? It wasn't because of anything Satan did. Or even Hazama. They had tried and failed numerous times to sway me. Even when I nearly transformed from overusing my powers, I still maintained control."

Jio points at Michael. "It was because of him, or more specifically, the Dark Souls within him, that I lost control. They worked with Satan to weaken my mind. Satan couldn't have done it alone. And why did I have a Dark Soul in my mind? Because I helped Michael earlier."

Jio walked around Michael, and kept going.

OoC: Damn, you guys are good at this. I had to rack my brain to come up with a counterargument.

misa decided she would go to the music, misa danced slowly towards three, hovering gracefuly "So, hows my favriote person doing?"

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OOC: @Rosh. Yep. Jio's being very super-emo.

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