We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Oh what?! What are you gonna do? But in all seriousness, quit while you're ahead. I know a place not even 5 minutes from here we can get like 20 dozen frikkin gallons of milk.

"So that's what they were hiding under those cloaks." Reginald mused aloud as he saw the two figures emerge from the trailer.

"In fact, Satan killed hundreds if not thousands of people while I was a mere child. Unaware of what was even going on. Unable to stop it or do anything at all about it. And, even if I knew, there really wouldn't have been anyway I could have prevented it. Then, one day, I met Ruby and we became friends. And soon, I met other friends. And with their help, I was able to best Satan." Jio continued walking alongside Berethor.

"Ok three, i think You should talk us out of this one"
mia walked over to the 2 women

I'm going to die? I might as well go out in a blaze of glory. I'll burn everything to the ground with Ashura. I always preferred cremation, anyway. Thanks for the heads up, voice in my head.

mia thought in her own head "This is going to be fun, good luck three"

Yeah I'll take over from here.
Hey Jin, old buddy old pal, you were just kidding about all that 'kill that cat and burn everything' nonsense, right? Please?

OoC: its Jin

The girls notice Mia. "Ah, so you're the cat lady that the report detailed. I am Claire."

"And I am Luitgard."

"Even though your only talking to yourself, I feel like your trying to get a point across." Berethor said to Jio.

"Hello claire, hello luigard. im MIA nice to meet you" mia raised her paw

Of course, I was joking. That cat girl... thing, was trying to get me to give her milk, right? She was able to speak to my mind, somehow, I take it. I was just teaching her a lesson.


"Handshakes are not necessary." they waved their hands, and walked towards Jio and Berethor.

"Who? Me? Nope. I was just randomly talking to myself about random events." Jio continued walking.

"Never did like Kirin's pickles, though. Just why was that man so obsessed with them?"

Yeah, she's...yeah.
I...don't think that would work Mia. Besides, we're trying to defuse the situation, not incite things!

ooC: @Silver is that in reference to Jin?

A car pulls up next to the trailer and Knife hop out. "Ok, I'm back. Did I miss anything?"

The girls walk over to Jio. "You all are such a strange group." Luitgard said.

just incase he girls could read her thoughts"Stupid not trusting people with the not hand shaking..."
"I think he will kill me YOU HAVE TO KILL HIM BEFOR HE KILLS US!"

ooC: @Silver is that in reference to Jin?

not directly but he would here it

Jio smiles at Luitgard. "You don't know the half of it. I'm Jio Freed, though I think we met before. And you are..?"

Look, he admitted he was joking. Just be cool aight? Chill, I got this. Don't make me come down there and start whuppin' some ass!

Now, who is going crazy? Jin chuckled as he looked at Mia.

Berethor ignored the girls at first.

"Captain Luitgard of the Schwarzer Hase IS. Laura Bodewig was my second in command."

"Claire, pleased to meet you!"

"i dont think im in charge at the moment "BURN HIM AND THEN EAT HIS SOUL AND GIVE HIS HEART TO FOUR AS A PRESNT!!"

Berethor decided there was no reason to be rude, so he introduced himself. "Berethor of Gondor." he said with a bow to the girls.

Four...definitely wouldn't like that as a present. In fact, I'm pretty sure she'd just give up and leave if you did something like that. Now calm down before you do something you might regret.

"but i like four....i guess your right...sorry jin..."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Laura... was a good soldier and a good friend. If that helps any." Jio relied.

Okay, if you try any of that, I will show you what Ashura can do.

OOC: Back.

EMily pops back into her solid state. She asks what happened and plays the cube again. She looks up at the new faces.

The girls returned the bow. "Pleased to meet another friend of Charlotte and Laura."

"They will be missed. We were in the same class as those two back in the IS Academy."

mia overheard the conversation and yelled back, but was still upset "Wow same clss huh, what a COINCIDENCE!..." "I dont trust these people"

Hearing that the new girls knew Charlotte and Laura sent a fresh pang of grief through Berethor. He shuddered as his hand started to throb again, and tried to hide it from view. "Well, Jio, I'll leave you with your thoughts." he said as he turned to go in a different direction.

"I see..." She gathers her thoughts for a small moment. She curtseys to the new girls "My name is EMily. EM for electromagnetism."

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