We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Dr. Horrible tries to establish himself as a threat by standing on a tall pedestal, but immediately falls off to his death. His last words are "I need a...child...doctor..."

(uber reference ftl)

OoC: Sorry @Outis. Laura is still there.

"Laura Bodewig. Commander of the Schwarzer Hase." she says, holding out her hand.

Knife stumbles to a stop as the mech lands, and holds up his hands. "Woah, calm down there Miss Crazy Mech Lady, I mean no harm."
OOC@Rosh: Yes, he does remember the last thread.

"Right, where's your friend off to?" he asked as he shook Laura's hand.

Charlotte's helmet drops down, revealing her face. "You still haven't answered my question."

"Apparently an unknown was approaching the area. We are taking caution as standard now."

'What is this...' Abe whispers to the wind.


'Oi...this is why I don't like working with people...too much to think about.' Sniper thought as he heard a lot of commotion around him.

The man's hand was complete. The pieces were arranged on his hand to resemble a light machine gun.

Deciding that his weapon was prepared, he walked towards a bench a safe distance from the group.

He braced the tripod on his hands against the bench and tensed his hand as the skin of his forefingers broke.

A hail of bullets descended upon the group.

"Well, what happened was I appeared in this warehouse right," He points back at the still burning building, "And as you can see, someone lit it on fire, so I got out of there, and decided to go to the airport."

Now would be the prefect time to strike. But what of the mecha, Grutus sees the group. If Abe isn't attacking it must because of the group over there.

"Hmmm... fine, your story is valid." She picks up Knife and transport him to the airport.

Some foolish assailant has attacked the group with his hand-machine-gun-thingy. Abe lines him in his sights and readies to fire.

Brook wondered what he should do. No one seemed to know where Grove 42 was. He decided to go back the way he came to see if that would help. As he walked back through the alley, he found a bus. He decided to check out said bus to see if it would take him to Grove 42.

OoC: Alright I got Brook bubbled, now for someone who I know just a tad better...

On one of the roof tops, a little fuzzy man looked through a telescope at the group down below. He was a far ways from Bandle City, but being the best scout of the Yordle, he was used to it. He slowly moved closer to get a better look, stopping every so often to let his camoflague kick in.

Sniper heard what sounded like someone putting together a gun. Glancing behind him, he sees a figure preparing to fire in his direction. "Get down!" He shouted as he roughly shoved both girls (Dalia and Laura) to the ground before landing on his stomach beside them.

"Woahwoahwoahwoahwoahputmedownutmedownputmedown!" Knife says as the mech flys back to the airport. So he was, into a volley of gunfire. "NOT WHAT I MEANT!" He yells, before taking cover.

Laura quickly deployed her armor.

"Suppressive fire!" yelled Laura.

Charlotte drops Knife at airport, seeing an unknown firing at the group.

Charlotte turns and fires at the enemy

OoC: I'm quite surprised that Knife doesn't remember Charlotte, but whatever

Grutus watched the fire fight below. Keeping an eye on Abe who was also keenly interested in the battle.

The bullets all missed as one of the group pushed down two of the group.

The man stopped firing. and quickly rolled away from the bench to avoid the return as one of the group suddenly gained powerful armor and fired back. He was surprised but though quickly. He quickly took out his magazine box and replaced it with lower recoil bullets. He made use of every cover he could and attempted to get closer. He moved way too fast for someone of his size, or indeed for any normal human.

Fluttershy peered around the corner, saw the fight, and instantly started to back away towards home.

Teemo watched on as the fight broke out among the group and a single gunman. "Hextech eh?" He said softly. He aimed a single poisoned blow dart at the single attacker, and fired it.

Teemo quickly moved from his position afterwards, and then allowed his camoflage to reactivate.

OoC: It's a blinding dart, only lasts a short while.

Abe noted this, maybe this was Grutus' human form. He certainly had the power of many men. All he needed was one more sign and he was ready to end him.


*a Beam of Purple Light hits the ground*

a Man wearing a suit and tophat appears, he looks around with a curious yet angry expression

"Oi!, where the bloody hell am i?, this is not Tarragon-9!"

a zombie appears


he pulls out a high-tech handgun that fires a bolt of purple energy that turned the zombie into ash

The man ran for cover

Chaos utter Chaos.

Laura and Charlotte boost towards the skies, along with the rest of the Schwarzer Hase group.

"How about some French Cuisine!?" she yells, bombarding the general area where the enemy was.

"And some German Dessert!" She and rest of the Schwarzer Hase group bombarded the area with Railgun fire

Knife pops up, and fires upon the attacker with a revolver firing multicoloured lasers to the beat of music.

Sniper followed Dalia into the building and took a large sniper rifle from off his back. "It's a gun miss." he said as he peered through the scope and tried to get a bead on the assailant.

While focusing on the strange robot woman, the man was hit with a dart. He was blinded, but he didn't seem to be impeded. He hid behind a building and took a beastly sniff. He smelled a strange smell of otherworldy rot and fire.

He aimed towards the window it was coming from and fired off a few round from behind cover.

Abe pulled the trigger, landing a bullet into the left arm of the assailant. A silver bullet. This would let him know.


The Man Sprinted through the streets with a Angry expression on his face, avoiding gunshots at every corner.

He was near a store but blocking the way was a horde of zombies.

"well then, its time to teach these Undead some Manners!"

pulls out lightsaber and charged at the horde

Grutus saw Abe made a move, now it was time for his own. He mustered as much power as he could and went were-mode. Charging at Abe.

The man heard many attacks coming from above and was ready to run, but was pinned in the left arm. He fell over and was hit with the full impact of the aerial strike.

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