We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Erica began walking to EMily and Winona, but stopped dead in her tracks.
Something felt wrong.

"It's nice to meet you all."

"Quite. Charlotte and Laura had to leave for a mission, and they asked us to stay with you fellows." Cecilia smiles.

mia didnt understand anything winona had said "...I...understand?" mia said

Laguna had been sleeping, or at least been trying to. He had seen plenty of odd stuff in the group, so to have something this normal was kinda jarring. He got up, walked over to the group, and saw the new IS pilots. "Ah, some newcomers."

mia turned to the three people and held four tightly "Who are you? charlotte and laura sent you..." mia looked hopefull She thoughtI guess there trustable

Cecilia nods. "Yes."

"Hmmm, you people are very interesting..."

A burst of bullets come out of nowhere and hit Knife in the chest, narrowly missing everyone else.

Laguna jumped back as lead thunked into Knife. "What the?" He looked around, machine gun poised.

The bullets narrowly miss Cecilia's and Rin's head. "Oh dear, some people needs a lesson..."

"What the crap was that?" She blurted.
"Eeeeeieeeeeee!" Winona squealed as she ducked out of reflex.

mia thought for a moment then lay four down on a nearby conftable place and sat next to her "I guuess, also if you even THINK about hurting four mia points to the cat women she had been carrying then youll be dead befor you hit the ground!"

"Whooo! Finally some action!"
Erica formed a purple aura around her.

A figure appears, blue at first, then turns black and brown.

OOC: Well seeing as how I have class in about 3 or so minutes, I gotta go.

EMily and Winona vanish to the ethereal plane to make a log entry.

Erica laughs.
"Oh my, you clearly don't know us...
Guess we'll have to show you!"

She shot some energy balls at the figure.

mia hid four and crouched next to her ready to attack anyone who would harm her

The figure rolls out of the way. A laser comes from his helmet and points at Erica's chest.
A missile comes out of nowhere and flies at the laser point.

Laguna pointed his gun at the figure. "You tell us what's going on, then maybe I wont have to turn you into a lead pincushion."

"Oh look, someone's in a bad mood."

"Let's go! Altron!!!"

The two IS mechs jump into the air, and then this happens....

Erica flies over the missile.
"Aww, c'mon. That it?"

Bullets start flying from everywhere.
"Robo-girl, that's very flashy but it helps to actually do stuff or we just carpet bomb you into the next dimension."
The figure starts blue-shifting again.

Erica shoots a energy beam at the figure.

Laguna threw a barrier nade, took cover, and opened fire on the soldier.

The two IS mechs start galloping around, "Go ahead and hide!"

The two shoulder parts of the Altron glow and fire where the figure was last, while still riding on the Black Tears.

The other two dozen soldiers who are ACTUALLY shooting at y'all shift into the visible spectrum.
"Big mistake." the figure says. He stops blue shifting, and starts shooting at Laguna.

Tophat runs towards the soldiers, bullets avoiding to hit it and the walking stick transforming into a sword.

Laguna rolled away from the fire, throwing grenades. "You opened fire on us! Excuse me for defending myself!"

Erica rains down energy blasts on the other soldiers.
"Oh, hi Laguna!
Didn't see you there."

She waves at him before resumeing attacking the soldiers.

A soldier pull out his own sword and blocks Tophat.

"We opened fire. Your mistake was returning fire."

Laguna looked at Erica. "Maybe wait until after the fight for witty banter?" He kept spraying with the machine gun.

"Pffft. These tossers don't scare me."
She kept raining down shots at the soldiers.

The Altron jumps off the Black Tears, boosting into the air... And then

The Black Tears transforms back to its combat stance, ripping both shoulder plates from the main body!

"Fly my BiTs!" The Black Tears tosses both at soldiers... (They are about... 5 ft in diameter.... and are completely controllable by Cecilia...)

Four soldiers are cut down by Laguna and another five by Erica.
And then one dies from... whatever the fuck that was Rosh.

"See? They drop like flies!"
Erica remarks to Laguna.

OoC: How many of these guys are there anyway?

@Nail there were 24. Now there's 14.

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