We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Abe slammed to the floor as Grutus lay above him. A Decoy? Not possible, no he was sure the man with the gun was Grutus.

Grutus bit Abe in the neck, then hearing the sound of an impending doom strike fled into the night.

The battle was, in Knifes opinion, a compleate clusterfuck. He breaks for a nearby building between bursts of gunfire.

The man finally reached a area for cover, he pulled out a holographic tablet in order to find out were the hell he was

Abe was overcome with pain as he felt the transformation begin. Grutus had done it. Abe was to become like him.

"Gun: A weapon consisting of a metal tube, with mechanical attachments, from which projectiles are shot by the force of an explosive." Sniper replied instantly. "Though I'd like to see the gun that wanker is using."

the man yelled

"Damnit!, i am on Earth!...*sigh* well time to try to call in a few of my Tarragonan Commandos to my location"

He typed in the cordinates into this tablet and then reloaded his Gun ready for anyone besides reinforcements


The medic shows up, UBERCHARGES THE SNIPER!

a voice appeared on the Tablet "Emperor?, why are you on Earth?...never mind that i am sending 2 Shuttles full of Imperial Marines to your location"

The man gave a slight smile and then tried to hot-wire a Coke-cola machine to work


The man stands up from the full attack. His clothes were gone and his skin was entirely black and mangled. Nothing looked human about him. He dashed with the same speed as before under the machines and into the building where he smelled the rot and fire. His vision was coming back.

He took another smell. The rot and fire was still there, but now a medicinal smell was lingering, and also for some reason urine.

His gun was still working. He readied it and started looking.

The man noticed the battle outside and began to watch it...like if it was entertainment

Teemo runs from building to building, trying desperately to out run the collapsing buildings as they start to fall like dominoes to the laser blasts of all the fighting. As he makes the jump to the next building, it explodes under his feet, and he flies to the ground, landing with a tud near the medic and sniper.

OoC: I'm heading out for the night, also Teemo is only about 2 and 1/2 feet tall or so... ya

"Hey, hey! Easy lady, that isn't a very efficient way of killing someone." Sniper said as he placed a hand on Dalia's shoulder. He saw the...thing that had attacked them run into the building they were in at a surprising speed. "That's the one we want." he said as he put away his rifle and took out his SMG and prepared for close-quarters-combat.

Charlotte, Laura and the rest of the Schwarzer Hase came down, landing near Sniper and Dalia.

"You guys alright?"

"That bastard that shot at us is in this building!" Sniper shouted to the two girls in mech suits.

The Man heard shuttles landing near him, ten Armored Soldiers appeared armed with Assault Rifles

"m'lord!, we arrived to get you!"

The man gave a sigh of relief

"thank god you guys shown up, i am sure if i lasted here for another second i would have been killed"

The Man got on the shuttle and flew off, Leaving the Battle scene


Charlotte and Laura looked at each other, then the building...

"Hmmm... Unless we get a clean look at him, I can't use Ignition Boost on him..." mumbled Charlotte.

Laura and rest of the Schwarzer Hase, began firing at the building with their railguns

The man was gasping heavily. He survived the attack but was injured. He was going to die soon, but he needed to do something. His mind was clouded. His gun had deteriorated at this point too.

He smelled the urine from behind a wall and kicked through.

He thought that the mechs would not fire upon the building so he dashed towards the urine-smelling man.

OoC: Who the heck is the Urine smelling man?

Ooc: the sniper. I forget not everyone plays TF2. The sniper likes to carry around a jar of pee as a weapon.

OOC:...that would be me @Rosh ...it's a TF2 thing...although I still resent it somewhat...

"Be my guest lady. I'll be right behind you." Sniper said to Dalia. Then the 'man' crashed through a wall and charged at him. 'Bugger...' he though. He tried to aim, but the rail-gun fire made it difficult, so he just sprayed the area near the charging man, hoping to hit him.


OoC: Ah, Team Hats 2... never mind... >_>

"Seize fire! Charlotte, the honors?"

Charlotte smiled. She boosted towards the enemy at incredible speeds, grey scale in hand...

The red coated man tried to shoot him, but the bullets only slowed him down. He still moved forward at a decent speed.

But then armored person who smelled of rot and fire swung a flaming sword at him. The blade hurt and pushed him back. The combination of the gunfire and the word stopped him from moving forward, and he could not attack back. He was finished off as the armored person burst through the wall and hit him in the chest with incredible power.

He went down. As he died his body melted away and his remains slithered away like insects.

A small part of his remains tried to carry away a small black box. The box was moving slowly towards an air vent.

Ooc: Well i gotta go. Hope i can be a catalyst to give the group a lead towards the virus maker. Maybe i'll be back (as a cool monster).

"Bloody hell." Sniper said as he watched the man get pulverized, then disintegrate. He saw a small black box and picked it up. "'Ello, 'ello. What's all this then?" he said to himself as he inspected the box.

suddenly a hail of las-gun fire surrounded the group and a loud booming voice proclaimed "by order of the imperial inquisition this area is to be purged of the infestation of Nurgles corruption in the name of the god emperor"

A old an sour man in full regimental regalia was standing on top of a ruined building. he Had a large claw in place of his right arm and he was surrounded by a group of men in full spec-ops uniforms.

EDIT* Double post

"Christ...what I wouldn't give to be in a nest a mile away from here..." Sniper said as he heard the new man announce his presence and rubbed his eyes with his free hand.

OoC: Character Intro time! PIC AND WHAT NOT! Everybody from the last Thread, ignore this... Note that the picture are for reference, as these are when they were 15-16 years old.


OOC: my character is sebastian barrack the hero of Hades hive. To anyone who docent play war hammer he is part of the imperium of man(humans of the 41st millennium) an extremely xenophobic race and when they don't like something even remotely they kill it with fire.

Here is a quote from the imperial guard codex about Yarrack
Commissar Sebastian Yarrick is an Imperial Guard Commissar, famous for his involvement in the Second and Third Wars for Armageddon in the last century of the 41st Millennium. There he fought against the forces of the Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka. Yarrick was already old when the war began and was scheduled to retire on the day the Orks landed. He had had an excellent history serving with Armageddon's Planetary Defence Forces and a reputation for unswerving loyalty to the Emperor. In his youth he had learnt the Ork language from a captured raider and was an expert in the way the Ork mind worked.

OoC: Never played Warhammer 40k... due to its super Angst

Charlotte, Laura and the Schwarzer Hase fly up to this man, lowering their helmets.

"What the hell are you aiming at?!" yells Charlotte.

"Lower your men's weapons... Or you face the Wrath of the Infinite Stratos Cadet Representatives..." growled Laura.

OoC: Please don't make me pull out my Mid-thread upgrades already... I have very special plans with them later on....

Sniper put the box in his pocket and took aim at the man in charge of the soldiers with his rifle. Fixing the cross hairs over the man's forehead, he waits. "Just give me a reason wanker." he mumbles.

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