We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Erica touched Tophat's body and teleported back to the group with him.
She sat down next to him.

"Well, it was worth a guess." She said to Four, shrugging.

"Is Tophat okay?" She asked Erica.

Laguna looked up as Erica telported back into the group's midst. "Hey Erica. Tophat allright?"

Erica looked up.
"Yeah. He should be fine.
What exactly happened yesterday?"


Another Homestuck character. So yes, it's a coincidence.

"I need some time to myself now." Four said. She laid down and curled up against a wall.

The Kidd decided to stay by Four's side, makin' sure she and the kittens she had left were safe.

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mia did the same and sat next to four with there kittens

"Well... let's see. After Four gave birth, that Chaos dude unleashed his minions against Scarlet in which she unleashed this massive wave of zombies and what not. This Jedi Knight we knew named Galen came in and he turned on us. He left early though before he could do anything more. And then afterwards a spirit named Terumi attacked. Finally Madoka and this Patriarch person showed up. Madoka said that the other two IS girls were dead from a disintegration bomb thing. But I'm becoming suspicious about this."

Laguna looked over at Erica. "I wish I knew."

"Well now, that sounds like one hell of a battle.

Erica's tone of voice grew more serious.
"Did you just say the Patriarch was here?! That's not possible!"

"Right after Madoka left, this Patriarch person came in. She said she was only here to observe us on congratulatory matters. We all felt suspicious. I left to get dinner ready in the ethereal plane, and when I returned I caught a glimpse of his name before he left."

Oh god. Don't fall apart again. "What's wrong? Who is this Patriach guy?"

mia decided to take a look at the ship that crashed "Hey guys, wanna check out that flagship that crashed?"mia asked

"He's the lord of the Dark Souls... but he's sealed away in a place so obscure, even most of us Dark Souls don't know where it is... it's imposible that he was here."

"He sounds nasty. We want to stay away from him then."

She nodded to Laguna. She then turned to Mia... "What was that? A ship you said?"

"Yeah, that was what I planned on doing..."
It couldn't be him... right?

OoC: Uh, anyone there?

OoC: I am.

@Gear I'm here.
No idea what to do...

Tophat regains conciousnes and jolts up.
"Holy... The pain was so... oh god."

OOC: I thought Silver had a thing going with a ship.

Erica walks over to Tophat.
"Welcome back to reality."
She gave a weak smile.

Laguna saw Tophat bolt up. He walked over. "You allright?"

OoC: Heads up if there are any baddies on, Erica and Laguna are both kinda down. Now would be a good time for a I-can-turn-you-to-the-dark-side speech.

"Somebody shot me, and the only enemy around was Joel. Thing is he didn't have a gun."

OoC: And that's my cue.... thanks @Gear: !

The two IS mechs land, weapons ready....

Link to them

"From what I've heard, it was rather hectic. Perhaps it was a case of friendly fire?"

Laguna nearly fell over as the mechs thudded to the ground. He scrambled up, machine gun at the ready. "What the? Who are you two?"

"It's those two again. What do they need now?"

Wonderful... more tin cans. Just what I needed.
"You know these guys?"

Tophat scrambles up, grabbing its sword.
"Who are you?"
(To Erica: I don't. But I don't keep up with current affairs.)

The white and blue colored IS mech speaks. "Matters not, you are sentenced to die. I am Ywng..."

"And I am Gula..." says the other IS.

The helmets pull back, revealing the faces of Rin and Cecilia... However, there is an incandescence-like atmosphere around their faces, sentient and menacing.

"Yeah. Good luck with that."
Erica says coldly as she gathers energy.

Laguna lowered his machine gun. "Waitaminute... I know you two! Dammit, dont tell me EVERYONE that wanders off gets brainwashed or something!" He walked forward. "Come on, snap out of it!"

"Just what we needed... more death sentences. At least they're straightforward." EMily and Winona began to harvest energy.

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