We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Yarrick walked up to the group and spoke in more of a friendly manner"Until this area is purged of Nurgles blight we are force by the decree of the emperor and the imperial inquisition to annihilate all sources of the chaos corruption, But if i was convinced that you have not been exposed by the chaotic infection of the chaos lord Nurgle." then he hardened his tone, drew his storm bolter and said "Although if i must a will draw upon the strength and guidance of the emperor and execute you all."

Knife braces himself as the building shakes with mulitpule impacts. "Ugh, feels like someone's getting a little trigger happy out there." He says, moving through the building. He comes to a door, and peeks out, seeing several figures assembled outside it. He slowly closes the door, and backs away from it.

Charlotte and Laura shake their head, while the Schwarzer Hase members still have their railguns aimed around.

"You must be terribly mistaken. This is no longer the same universe that you're from."

"Chaos infection? You're probably mental. And there is no GOD Emperor here, the year is 2012."

"These girls don't know much about diplomacy. When someone says they're following orders from a GOD EMPEROR, you don't just say 'There's no such thing. You're crazy.'" Sniper said to himself.

"These girls don't know much about diplomacy. When someone says they're following orders from a GOD EMPEROR, you don't just say 'There's no such thing. You're crazy.'" Sniper said to himself.

OoC: Define Diplomacy.....


Ahem, Diplomacy: skill in managing negotiations, handling people, etc., so that there is little or no ill will; tact

A call was heard from Laura's headset.

"Yes?... Very well... We are returning back to the Base!"

With that, the IS pilots left in blaze of speed, their Ignition Boost ability well out of range from any weapon

OoC: I'm gone... And I though of Diplomacy comes from having the bigger stick...weapon.. thing

Seeing that his friends with the big guns had left, Sniper slid down below the window he had been crouched in front of. He only hoped non of these crazy bastards had saw him.

OOC: It's not just the size of your stick. There are many other factors: when to swing, who to hit, how hard you hit them, and how many times. Just my thoughts.


"I think I'd be best if we try to stay out of the way of those loons for now." Sniper said in a hushed tone to Dalia. He stole a quick look out the window to see what was happening.

*Walks up from behind*
Hey guys! What are we doing?


Sniper tackled the armored idiot (jib). "Keep quiet!" he whispered firmly.

Rod Kimble

*Walks up from behind*
Hey guys! What are we doing?

Rod Kimble smashes through a nearby fence on his moped.
And teaching people a kung fu move that would make a grown man crap himself and not know why."



A knight in blue starts to walk towards the building with all the commotion. "I knew those Techno-monks would mess up with that mystic gate. Hmmm, there seems to be something going on over there, might as well scout out this world, and might as well start here."

Sniper decided it would be safest to retreat further into the building and hope to be passed by. "Hey, lady, come on." He gestured for the woman to follow him.

The knight walks into the building and sees the odd assortment of people in there, "What is going on around here?!?" he thinks, unfortunately announcing his presence by saying it at the same time.


ooc: I'm confused, where is everyone in the building? Is there some sort of map?

"Not sure if that's a good idea. The smoke could draw attention to our position." Sniper said as he blocked off the door with some furniture.

OOC: Not sure about the exact layout @Sable. Am also going to bed.

The knight wanders into the building, looking for the, apparently moved, source of the commotion.

The security guard was shocked as he watched all this drama unfold via security cameras.

Knife, having decided he's going in circles, picks a room at random, and enters. Inside he finds a sercrity guard sitting infront of a bunch of moniters, viewing the chaos inside the building. "Um, hello?"

The knight finds a doorway blocked by some furniture, obviously recently moved. Rather than just chopping the furniture in half with his broadsword he announces himself, "In the name of the knights of Castlewood, please move your barricade aside that I may enter!"

ooc: sorry for double post, but going to bed now, if it comes up just have my knight tag along or something kay?

Yarrick then signals one of his troopers and says "deploy the special weapons"

a man walks forwards pointing a weapon at the barricade and it catches fire then quickly starts to liquify.

That my friends is a meltagun and it has the power to do that to any known substance

Pinky charges through the destroyed barricade, with a cry of "THE BARRICADE IS GONE; BRING IN THE UNDEAD BARBERS!"

OOC: Anyone still on?
Knife looks close at the sercurity guard, and realises that he (At least, Knife assumes he's a he) is a stick figure. Knife taps him on the shoulder, but gets no response, the sercurity guard either asleep, or really interested in those screens.

OOC: Oooo imperial guard and I guess the spec ops are either Kasrkin or Stormtroopers so they'll have Hot-shot Las Guns.

Varger finishes reading all thats available to him. He holds up his left hand. Database active His wrist slides open to let to similar pieces of metal from before fly out, which he now knew was called a suspension drone, they emmitted blue light as usual and several other pieces of metal emerged forming a screen several markers and such on it. Using his right hand he began pourinf through what was there. "Assets 0, Offensive: Standby, Defensive: Active, Recon: Standby...what the hell does this mean." His heart froze at the next statistic. "Kill Points: 0" He managed to mumble. "Somebody wants me to kill."

Wesker After releasing the Virus at the Station proceeded to his next Target, the Nearest Hospital.
"...Rest assured, that rag-tag group of wannabe Test Subjects won't stop me...Understood..."

Soon the army was on the scene to clean up the resulting mess.

ooc: Ok for those who just joined us, Wesker set off a T-Virus Bomb in a crowded station, So I Guess I'm the Villain.

Knife pulls up one of the other swivel chairs and sits down, watching the moniters. 'Now if only I had a bag of popcorn'

[Spoiler=OOC@Diablo]Fair enough...[/spoiler]

Varger had managed to browse the 'offensive' tab on his database...all options were greyed out except one. Shard Pistol. "Somehow I've got this...whatever it is. Somebody wants me to do something or is just playing a cruel joke." He mutters to himself. He gives the command for the shard pistol a try. His palm opens and the suspension drones emerge as well, the blue light from his palm rises again and remains held by the drones. Then the Faelon is released in chunks from dispensers in his arm, forming around the the blue light and making an incredibly spiky, rigid and dangerous looking pistol. A wire feeds from behind Varger's elbow into the pistol and he examines the gun as the process finishes.

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