We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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OOC: Last time we had a mech get overrun by ponies.
The thread'll calm down when everyone gets into it, and we get organised.

OoC: I'm gone... And I though of Diplomacy comes from having the bigger stick...weapon.. thing

No. I'm pretty sure Diplomacy comes from having the bigger Charisma stat.

OOC: Wait until later on...my character should be pretty insane by then...and I mean really later on. Waking up with an the ability to manipulate an unknown element, having a 'creation' reactor built in and having no memory of everything will take a while to get this character going. Insanity happens...

Sherlock looks around, and sees a man create a gun in his hand. "What... how did you do that?" he asks.

Wesker picked out another suitcase Virus Bomb and made his way to the hospital.

Varger looks up. "No idea...I think it has something to do with this" He taps the blade-like eye-piece above his brow. "In fact have you got a phone or any other technology spare? I want to try something." he stands up Shard Pistol still in hand.


"We have upgrades coming?"

"But of course. This situation will probably become more dire."

The two land where Sherlock and Varger are.

"Did we miss anything?"

"Uh, no. Sorry. There's probably a lot of phones on the dead over there." Sherlock says, pointing at the zombie corpses. "They won't need them. Now, where would he go next..."
A string of possible locations came to mind.
Airports, train stations, bus stations, offices, hospitals, residential districts, museums... No, not residential districts; people would be inside. Not offices; security would stop him, and compartmentalisation would decrease the effectiveness. The trains will probably have shut down by now. Buses? He might need them to travel. Airports? Not enough, and there is small window of opportunity. Museums and hospitals then.

Varger stands up and walks over to a corpse. Wretching at the sight of flayed flesh he manages to find a phone amongst them before running clear of bodies. "Right." He holds the phone as he did earlier and thinks the thought from before. Amalgamation active The phone floats up slightly, is orbited by the suspension drone before once more the blue light from his palm makes contact with the phone and converts it into the dull blue ball. He clasps it in his hand before it is absorbed by the hole in his palm. 25 Faelon units aquired.

Gutspilla woke up from his nap, seeing all the all the funny looking people, Gutspilla decides to sneak into someones room and steal all the shiny bits, including what looked to be a very important sword. Not long after Gutspilla returned to his tribe and shown off all his shiny bitz.

Wesker Hailed down a Taxi as the News groups began to flood the Station only to he held back by the Army who were confused as to who killed the Zombies.

Laura received a call from her IS.

"Got it... Wesker has been located at a hospital." said Laura

Laura received a call from her IS.

"Got it... Wesker has been located at a hospital." said Laura

ooc: ...Ok How the hell did you A Find one man in a massive City and B his name despite nothing to even hint at that?


Laura received a call from her IS.

"Got it... Wesker has been located at a hospital." said Laura

ooc: ...Ok How the hell did you A Find one man in a massive City and B his name despite nothing to even hint at that?

OoC: Spec Ops/Black-Ops information network.... I kinda explained that in one of my previous posts..


OoC: Spec Ops/Black-Ops information network.... I kinda explained that in one of my previous posts..

ooc: Ah, Carry on then...

Wesker heard the News on the Radio.
"...Despite what sources say about Zombies, The Station had nothing but dead bodies and they were not UnDead..."
WHAT!? How di-...
"Huh...Well this changes things..." Wesker sighed as he began thinking of countermeasures against another Zombie Massacre.

"Faelon...Faelon." He looks at Sherlock "Sorry never caught your name but do you know what Faelon is?" He asked. Query logged and registered. Redemption protocol prevents answer at this time, proceed with directive.

And somewhere else entirely Phillipe the manic baker spilled a tub of frosting.

Sitting in a bed in the hospital was a teenage boy with a broken bone, a black tophat on his head.

OoC: Yes, I am the tophat. I have an idea how to make this a character

Charlotte and Laura continued to look at the outlines for their upgrades.

"OOOhhh, these will be fun!" said Charlotte.

"I'd calm down first, these will deemed necessary if the situation gets worse."

OOC: Just going to do a quick outline of Varger's abilities. His muscle structure has been supplemented with an element called Faelon, this can stretch and form around an active Faelon particle (The blue light) to form weapons and such. However he doesn't know how to do any of the abilities I came up with yet aside from forming a pistol and amalgamating technology (injects tech with active Faelon which converts the device into reactive Faelon) Hes basicaly a machine Alex Mercer but some of the stuff I came up with is quite nasty.

Also Trillby if your here Varger asked Sherlock something in case you missed it.

Camreon had finished oversight of the labyrinth and started the summoning spell to summon veryone to the diffrent parts. Alastair popped out first along with Sofia.

OOC: Hope we havent forgot about my little plot? @Trilby

"Sherlock Holmes. I can't say that I have." Sherlock replies.

Camreon had finshed the spell and saw all the people in the maze, All split up with temptations everywhere. Camreon watched Alastair closely.

Varger looks down. "Damn, you seemed like a smart kinda guy...actually I know you are, this eye-piece tells me so...I don't even know how I understand it. Anywho this isn't just an average day. You said something about finding this guy who released the zombies." He begins pacing around. ENE still at 60% repeat advisement on location of cognative or electric energy. The scanner highlights Sherlock running a diagnostic on his mental patterns. "Sufficient cognative ability for integration...recommend engagement.

Wesker soon arrived outside the general Hospital.
He waited in a coffee shop across the road for Peak Hours when the Doctors and family's would be leaving.

"Didn't release. Created." Sherlock mutters. "He's probably at a hospital. Are you coming?" he asks, putting his phone in his pocket and walking towards the road.

OOC: Ok here is the thing: You will all be in the maze when you get to hospital because @Trilby you said i could start this with my plot

OOC: Give it time Jag...the thread needs to settle first.

God smiles down on the series of events unfolding beneath him, 'it is good' he decides

Alastair arose to see a maze of bushes, None of which the light shone through. Alastair stuck to the left before seeing a dead end. A light glinted from the middle. It opened wider and formed a picture of Alastair holding Sofia. "5 years......NO!" He screamed swatting away the temptation. "ANYONE!" He screamed.

Varger stopped pacing. "Sure I'll come." He approaches Sherlock who looks almost...deliciious? Especially his brain. Varger began shaking slightly and wretched briefly before regaining his composure.

Sherlock hails a taxi, then leaves the door open for Varger while he gives the driver the hospital address.
"So, who nearly killed you?" he asks.

A bear wanders around, looking for honey...

Varger gets into the taxi, the Shard Pistol collapses back into his arm. "I have no idea, I woke up not so long ago and felt like I was dead already, then this. There a voice in my head I cannot hear giving me...directives, objectives and advice and stuff. I don't even know how old I am..." He laughs awkwardly.

OOC: Doing something to Alastair in my plot so here is Scott Pilgrim and Romona flowers!

Scott and Romona exited the door. "So Scott? What you think?" She said at the gawping Scott. "We were just in Toronto now were here?" He said as he remembered that he had just killed Gideon and left his life behind. "Well thats me for ya!" She said leading Scott to a nearby cafe.

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