We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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mmia stotped after hearing tanner, then she heard what sounded like a party and felt like things were looking up, she then realised that the cloths three had put on were realy anoying so she took them of and put them in her bag, she was now wearing her thong and bra

"Gah! desist this mockery!"
Regulus teleported out of Tanner grasp and fired some shadow blasts at Dromaeus.

Tophats body took Tophat and put it on again.
"I have tried to get drunk once, perhaps it will work this time."
Tophat walked over to Dromaeus.

Dromaeus raised his shield and blocked the blasts, laughing ecstatically as he did so.
"Come now Regulus, there is no need for violence! We are all just looking to unwind! Bards, play us some old Nord songs!" He sheathed his sword and tossed a bottle of mead to Tophat.
"Drink! Drink! That is how warriors end a long day of battle!"

Laguna pinched himself. No, this was really happening. "Um... what the heck are you doing?"

mia grabed a bottle of mead, downed it and smashed it on the floor "No, tear's dont fall by Bullet for my valentine!" mia yelled hapily

I feel Regulus slip away, then shoot at Drom. 'Not so fast.' I think as I jump after him again. "You can teleport? Wow! That's amazing! I wish I could do that." I say. "This is psychology, my friend!" I shout at Laguna as I go for another hug.

Tophat catched the bottle and downed it.
"Ah... Drinking contest?"

"What happend to slaying me and bathe in the glory?!
What coward be thee to ignore a battle?!"

It yelled to Dromaeus.
It was then caught by Tanner again.
"Thou wish to embrace the shadows? Fine!"
It grabbed Tanner's arm and channeled drak energy through them, burning him.

Dromaeus cackled at Tophat's challenge.
"You have a spine of iron, my friend! Now, shall we see if you have the liver to match?" Meanwhile the bards began to play an old Nord epic, hearty and energetic, that lifted the spirits of everyone around.

Dave shrugs, puts down a set of turntables and starts playing music.

I see Mia again...I'm certainly not feeling anything negative. 'Stay focused, stay focused.' I demand of myself. "Come on Regulus. Even someone as powerful as you needs to unwind from time to time. Enjoy life." Damn...did it just get hot? That's shouldn't be possible...the suit is almost perfectly insulated...must be Regulus. "Wow...you are...very powerful..." I say, struggling with the words.

mia joined in with the drinking contest

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Four looked at Mia wearing only her underwear. "Hey, when in Rome..." She said as she tore off her clothes and pounced onto Mia playfully.

Tophat picked up two more bottles and walked over to Regulus and Tanner.

Jio and then just stand there dumbfounded. "This is the strangest battle I have ever seen."

"That's because you didn't travel with Futomomotarou."

"Weird guy with a fetish for thighs?"

"That's the one."

"Yeah, he was strange."

Dromaeus saw Regulus attack Tanner again.
"TIID KLO UL!!!" Time slowed to a near halt, and Dromaeus rushed over to seize Tanner from Regulus's clutches.
"Either join in the good spirits, or leave!" He called to Regulus.

Laguna blinked at the scene before him. "I think I need a drink right about now." He grabbed some mead, drinking slowly. He didn't want to get too drunk, just in case.

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mia looked at four and kissed her

Gearhead mk2:
OoC: ...yeah, this is an odd, odd thread.

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"Now, now, Drom. Everyone is welcome at this party. I'd even say Regulus should be our guest of honor." I say quickly.

Regulus' body began to fade.
This is insanity!
"Leave..? Now why should I want to do that?
We still hath a score to settle, lizard!"

Regulus turned its talons into energy blades and lunged at Dromaeus.

"Aye!" Dromaeus roared cheerfully as the man with the strange music device began to compete with the bards. "But if he wants suffering, he shall have to give himself a hangover!"

AEanna shook her head in disbelief and stood back out of the way, wondering if she had simply gone mad from blood deprivation.

Tophat hands a bottle to Tanner.
"Here you go!"

Four started passionately making out with Mia.
Rose watched her mothers and sighed, "I wish Roland was here."

Dromaeus saw Regulus coming as he turned towards the table.
"FEIM!" he shouted, and Regulus passed right through him. "Like I say Regulus, you want misery? Poison yourself with too much mead! Everyone here is happy nnow, and no one wishes to be brought into a foul mood today!" He went to the table.

"Tophat! Throw me a bottle of mead!"

Tophat threw over a bottle then picked up another one and started to drink.

"I'll drink it latter, thanks." I'm not much of a drinker, but why not? I might not be alive for very long anyway...I chase after Regulus and fire off a shield pulse. This disorients him enough for me to get another 'hug'. "You're a slippery one aren't you?" I try to say playfully, but it's probably more creepy than anything else.

Jio decides to find a place to relax away from the insanity of the sudden party.

Jin sits on a bench and starts working on another Sudoku.

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@Drak whatever happened to the boy?

Regulus was caught by Tanner again.
Arrg! .....
Time to take drastic measures. Now let's see... where can I find some negativity...
Ah yes...

Regulus desintegrated its body, teleported over to AEanna and entered hers.
Hello there.
How doth it feel knowing the one that caused thee so much missery is now inside thee?

Dromaeus chugged down a bottle of mead.
"That's one!"

Tophat finished its bottle.
"I'm one ahead!"
It picked up another one and started drinking.

"Hey! Where did you go!" I shout. This is not good. I've got to find...got to...what are Mia and Four doing...uh...wow...

AEanna stayed away from the group, not sure how they would react to her. In any case, she knew that even a sip of mead would probably make her violently sick. Then she felt Regulus's presence much more strongly than before and stiffened.
"I will not give you any satisfaction." She groaned out loud, desperately hoping that he would leave. "I can deal with being an outcast if I must, and I still have friends in this group. Your betrayal will not be the end of me."

Dromaeus knocked back another mead.

Laguna saw Regulus disappear, and dropped his drink in a panic. Where'd he go? He heard AEanna talking to herself. Oh crap. He ran over. "You allright?"

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