We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"You don't sound fine... What's really wrong?" Jio replied.


Cecilia and Rin step out of the building to meet up with the rest of the group. Charlotte and Laura had left for the day.

lilah thought to the voice I've been following the group, i didnt want to get close cos they were fighting a weird purple thing.

OoC: @rosh sorry i missed yesterday, i fell asleep, derp
lilah tried to smile, she trusted erica "N-nothings wrong"

Dromaeus followed the others over to Lilah, looking up at the sun.
Looks about the right time of day for it...

Regulus thought about what to say for a bit, trying to earn one's trust was uncharted territory for it.
Why, that 'purple thing' is me.
I had to fight the others because they art really mean to me.
They keep trying to kill me because of the magic I posses.

lilah felt that she was similar to Regulas, she had been hunted for her magik as well T-thats horible

Laguna raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, no. Somethings up. What is it?"

Tophat senses Regulus.
(To Lilah: What nonsense is that arsehole telling you?)

Jio waved his hand in front of her face. "Hello? Are you even there?"

"I heard you have a special gem. Have that on you?" Jin said to Dromaeus as he walked up.

"N-nothings wrong... Did you attack Erica?" she asked slowly walking backwards towards the wall

I know... they really hate my magic.
Look at them, even when I am just here talking to thee, they suspect that I am trying to do thee harm. Do not believe them.
Talk to me instead. Tell me about thy own magic.

Regulus retreated inside Lilah's memories and masked itself as one.

Great another one to fall to Chaos... I say that we purge the entire group with the Void..................Nah.

Cecilia and Rin start sparring for the day.

OOC: Hi everybody.

'Man...yesterday was...I don't even know how to describe it...I better go see what the group is up too.' I think as I wake up and head out. I arrive at the devastated remained of our camp in no time. I still decided not to say anything as I approach.

Dromaeus drew the black soul gem from his satchel and tossed it into the air befoe catching it and handing it to Jin.
"Regulus, eh? How did I guess?"

"Only after she tried to kill us, her name is Regulus these days. If it simply let us be we wouldn't attack it. I have told it to fuck off several times."

lilah thought yhat regulas was a realy nice person I-i dont know much... all i know was i ... i was tied to a stake and they tried to burn me... i escaped but the gangs... they sold me and used me as a weapon... i managed to escape but... i killed them all.. Go Away OTHER VOICEshe thought angrily at the end

The girls end sparring early when Cecilia sees Tanner. "How you holding up?" she asked, the helmet of Black Tears retracting back.

Rin takes out an apple and starts eating it

The realisation hit Laguna like a brick. "We didn't want to, but Regulus forced our hand. Speaking of which, hey Regulus. Who are you planning to annoy today?"

"I'm standing right in front of you, also Regulus is most likely trying to convert you to chaos."

I understand... I suffer the same fate.
Look at the rest, they all want me dead. The one called Dromaeus, the lizard-man, he plans to eternally seal my soul away inside that gem.
Could thee help me?

It ignored Laguna.

"Hmm? Oh, good morning Cecilia. I'm...fine...I guess." I say to the IS (what does that stand for anyway?) pilot.

H-how could i help you? she thought, then s?aid to the group "Bu-t erica is nice, why would she attack freinds"

Cecilia took out a sandwich for Tanner. "Hungry?"

Rin then took out some homemade Chinese food and started eating that as well....

Jin taps Jio on the shoulder and shows him the gem. "You might want this."

"Thanks. I don't want to do this, but it might be our only option." Jio replies as he takes the gem. Looking at Lilah, "You realize that we aren't bad people, right? We haven't harmed you or anyone else. We're simply concerned. Regulus maybe trying to trick you. Erica is nice, but right now, she is Regulus. He isn't a nice person. We want her to become Erica, again, but he won't let that happen. He is an evil person."


Ferdinand sighed, "My plan is failing."
Lilah? Remember why I sent you. And know this, Erica is gone. She was killed by Regulus, who slowly killed Erica in her very head. Erica is gone, and only Regulus remains. Ignore it.

"Erica is good, yes, but Regulus is her anger, her negativity. He's just a sadistic trickster. Whatever he's saying, dont listen to him."

I see a new girl I hadn't noticed before (though Buddy tells me she's been following us for a long time now) backed against a wall with everyone crowded around her. I sigh as I struggle out of my suit. "Maybe later, thanks." I say to Cecilia quickly as I hurry over to where the others are.

Do not listen to them, and do not let them thouch thee with that gem! If that happens, I will be sealed away forever, that is worse then being burned at the stake.
Please, do not let that happen to me, friend.

lilah was completly confused by all the information and conflicting stuff being told to her

Rin spoke to Laguna "Quite sure Regulus is an it" her mouth still filled with food.

Cecilia shrugs and joins in eating some lunch with Rin, with her own food.

Dromaeus moved closer to Lilah.
"Whenever you are ready Jio."

AEAnna meanwhile came to see what was happening.
"Do not listento Regulus." She said when she heard wat was going on.
"He will say anything to gain power over you."

Tophat sent a memory to Lilah, showing Regulus butchering the soldiers.

"Here, please stand still for a moment. Allow me to do this and everything will be okay." Jio placed the Soul Gem in the palm of his left hand and absorbed it slightly into the skin. He slowly moved his hand to Lilah's forehead. In a soothing voice he said, "Be calm. I'm a friend of you and Erica."

OoC: Trying to place Regulus in the Soul Gem, so...

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