We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"What empire? There are quite a few."
OoC: Tophat sits on top of a human, and talks through the mouth of the human.

OoC: Moral choice Gain powers from Regules or "help freinds for Ferdinand" ?
lilah wasnt sure what to do, she trusted erica... or reguules or whatever she was calling herself, but she didnt like what the duck had said reg might do...

OOC: Howdy folks, I'm back.

The Kidd woke up and started stretchin', Regulus' trainin' had worn him out. He's gotten a little more comfy 'bout sleepin' in the Warp though. Because'a his connection with Regulus he could sense it was nearby. He teleported over and saw that quiet girl from before. "Howdy." He said to the both'a 'em.

"This is earth well that is a relieve, my apologies then young man as an officer and gentlemen I should have introduced my self prope...wait do you say 2012AD".

Regulus heard Ferdinad's message.
It placed its hand on Lilah's shoulder.
"Lilah, look into my eyes. Do I look like I wish to do thee harm?
I just wish to help thee, us magic user hath to stick together if we wish to survive."

Tophat lowers the pistol.
"Yes it is. I assume you're another time traveler?"

"Well, I can say you're not the only one who was first confused about the year and the timeline. This is indeed the year 2012 AD. Almost everyone of us here is from a different year in some timeline."

"Is that important?" The date didn't really mean anything to Jio as it was completely out of his concept of time.

"Still waiting for you to tell us, why you are here."

lilah looked at regules, she? seemed trustable, and she had good reasoning. aksi that kidd was here..."I... i dont know... "

Ferdinand send another message
He lies. I have seen him destroy armies, out of spite. I have heard him say, out loud, I might add, that he was using Erica as a puppet. He lied to the group to gain their trust, and back-stabbed him. I am omnipotent, I know. Join the good guys, and forsake the bad. He twisted the kid like he will you.

It then turned to Kidd.
Play along.
"Hello, Kidd. Tell me, did I break my promiss to thee when I said I could help thee learn about magic?"

Kidd says to Regulus, "No sir you did not."

"See, Lilah? I am no liar. Unlike them.
I only wish the best for thee, accept my offer, and thou shalt ne'er hath to fear those who would hunt thee again.
Imagine, a life without fear..."

lilah asked cautiously "C-could i.. could i go back to the group, and could i join you later? i dont want to make any decitions i might regret

Four woke up and saw that there were several new people talking to the group. She slipped away quietly to go get dressed before anyone saw her. After she was dressed she came back and waited to hear what the soldiers had to say.

Kidd gets an idea in his head and says to Lilah. "Sorry, but you can't. Those folks'll kill anyone they even suspect might be aligned with our purple friend here. You go back there and you'll only find weapons pointed at'cha."

Ferdinand sends another message,
It tells the truth, it did teach The Kidd magic. But I know another that, if you ask, can teach you more about magic then you could ever imagine. Regelus, however, forced him into slavery. I will give you power AND free will. They just offer power. Regelus serves chaos, you will turn into just another pawn. I want the best for you. I will protect you, if you accept my offer. I will teach you how to fend for yourself. You can live without fear, and with friends. The group will not turn on you if you don't turn on them. However, if you turn on them, they will give you a chance. Regulus was offered it, and refused. He kills for fun, and I, I kill only when needed. I will protect you. I swear on a board of scrabble, and I will let you live free for as long as you go with the group. I promise. I will not break it.

"Kidd speaks the truth, Lilah. We cannot let thee leave, for thy own safety.
He tried to rejoin the group yesterday, and they almost killed them for it.
It was only with my magic that he was able to escape with his life."

lilah looked horifed at what the kidd had said, but then herd the ducks comment, but she trusted the kidd more than the duck that had thrown her into the group "R-realy? she loked sad i thought they were freinds..."

"That's the truth. Just yesterday they were havin' a party and I felt like havin' some fun with 'em. They tried to kill me because'a what that fella Tanner said he saw. If it weren't for Regulus here, I'd be dead." Kidd says to Lilah, placin'a reassurin' hand on her shoulder.

lilah looked at the kidd "I guess i have no choice then..."

"Poor thing, did thee not see what they were about do to thee just a moment ago?
They were going to turn thee into a weapon, a eternal slave. The very same fate thou escaped in thy village. Is that something a friend would do?
I think not. With my aid, thou escaped, I am thy friend, Kidd is thy friend."

Ferdinand shakes his head, and appears next to her.
"I will guide you! I will protect you! Become a pawn of a madman, or become a queen of the free! I will convince them to let you re-join! Just Don't join them! He will turn you into a weapon! You will be the slave!"

OoC: Well, since Spud has apparently left...

Jio walks away from the group. Heading towards the Coliseum. I wanna see just what has become of that place.

"Aww, don't look so sad. You've still got friends. You've got us, and we're gonna be lookin' out for ya as best we can." Kidd said to Lilah, givin' her as sincere lookin' a smile as he could muster.

He gives Ferdinand a dirty look and said, "Oh please, you really think they'll just take her back if you give'em your word? That's an unlikely scenario if I ever heard one."

"i dont know... you both say i will be a weapon either way..."

"What I say is the 100% truth! I cannot lie! I am omniponent! Trust me, and follow! If they regect you, I will take you up as an aprentice! You will be free! With him, you will be his slave!"

"No, Lilah. With our help thou shalt be free at last.
Ne'er shall thee be used as a weapon again. I simply offer the means to effectively defend thyself from those who seek to do thee harm."

It gived Lilah a hug.
"Trust us. We wish only the best for thee."

"I thought I smelled something foul..." Jio walks up to Regulus, Kidd, Ferdinand, and Lilah. "So, Regulus, do you still refuse to return Erica to us? Shall we pick up where I had left off a minute ago?"

"I am from the 41st millennium, Me and my crew where travelling to join a fleet for a crusade we went through the warp and ended up here"

OoC: Seriously, soon we'll have more villains than heroes.

lilah coulnt tell what to do, she then was huged by regules, she was even more confused now

"I offer to defend you myself, as I teach you powers that can destroy worlds! I will defend you through hell and back! Doctor Com was my last aprentice, and he is free as a bird! I wish the best for you! I will stop at nothing to get the best for you! With them, you will become a slave, like these!" He shows her video of the cultists, mere slaves, "And if not, you will become the monster you once fought! I offer you freedom, the offer you slavery. I have seen you a monster, and I wish not for that to happen!"
He hugs Her, and cries, "I just want to help! Just follow me!"

The Ferdilah ship slowly grows

Regulus heard Jio's comment.
"See, Lilah?
That one just arived and already it threatens to imprisson me.
He and the others hunt me like the villagers thou escaped once hunted thee."

"I also offered you the chance to become the person we once considered an ally. The person who I could relate to. The person I considered a friend, you fiend. Don't twist my words for your own nefarious purpose."

"This don't concern you any, walk away." The Kidd said to Jio, with masked menace in his voice. He turns to Lilah and said, "This bird is lyin' through his beak, what we offer is power, not slavery. With our gifts you ain't never gonna be held down by anyone again."

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