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OoC: Seriously, soon we'll have more villains than heroes.

lilah coulnt tell what to do, she then was huged by regules, she was even more confused now

"I offer to defend you myself, as I teach you powers that can destroy worlds! I will defend you through hell and back! Doctor Com was my last aprentice, and he is free as a bird! I wish the best for you! I will stop at nothing to get the best for you! With them, you will become a slave, like these!" He shows her video of the cultists, mere slaves, "And if not, you will become the monster you once fought! I offer you freedom, the offer you slavery. I have seen you a monster, and I wish not for that to happen!"
He hugs Her, and cries, "I just want to help! Just follow me!"

The Ferdilah ship slowly grows

Regulus heard Jio's comment.
"See, Lilah?
That one just arived and already it threatens to imprisson me.
He and the others hunt me like the villagers thou escaped once hunted thee."

"I also offered you the chance to become the person we once considered an ally. The person who I could relate to. The person I considered a friend, you fiend. Don't twist my words for your own nefarious purpose."

"This don't concern you any, walk away." The Kidd said to Jio, with masked menace in his voice. He turns to Lilah and said, "This bird is lyin' through his beak, what we offer is power, not slavery. With our gifts you ain't never gonna be held down by anyone again."

OOC: @Kirke Don't forget Bertrand.

"I see, well that beats me for the record of who's from the farthest era in the future. I would be from the 31st century." She chuckled a little.

OoC: @Kirke Don't forget I brought in a whole group that has yet to do anything...
@Slenn isn't Bertrand dead?

OoC: this is dificult cos nalik plays regulas's perswation realy well, also im pretty suire she mention how she didnt have a family at one point. onesly i have no idead what to do, every time someone says something it is countered by the other

@Saltyk. Last time I checked we were about to assault on Bertrand in a warehouse but then Varger got killed, and then these Chaos guys showed up, and then Rak has been missing for quite some time.

Ferdinand looks at Lilah, "They do so because he kills! He has killed thousands of innocents! His freinds have killed thousand more! I offer you freedom! I offer you free will! I offer you power! I offer you freinds! I offer you everything! I offer you more power then he does! Join our group, and save the world! Or join those, and destroy it! I have more power then you," He gets on his knees, "And I beg of you, please, please join us! I offer you a family! Freinds! I offer you whatever you imagine!"

OoC: @Silver Jio literally has no biological family and never did, if you wanna bring that up.

"Lilah, think back.
When thou first arived, who was the first to show thee compasion?
Was it not me? What did the others do that day? They either ignored thee or called thy crazy.
It was only after I opened up to thee that they payed atention to thee.
I even healed thee while the other offered thee a flask of poison."

the word family stuck in her head, she had never had a family..."I-i could be part of a family?"she asked hopefully

"Last I checked, we're offerin' her the same things you are bird-brain. Friends, power, and a place to belong." Kidd says to Ferdinand. He saw her face light up at the word 'family' and said, "Join up with us and we'd be your family. You already know we care 'bout you, Regulus is right, me'an it were the first ones to see if you were alright."

"Why, of course. We could be like sisters.
We both naturally know how to use magic, something the others do not. the one called EMily even claims magic doth not exsist at all, how could one like that possibly relate to thee?"

"That would have been Erica, not you. Regulus, don't take credit for another persons actions."

Ferdinand nods, "If they accept you, you will be part of their family. If they don't, you will join my family. I offer you whatever else you can ask for. Join them, they will treat you like peers, and not family. I offer you famialy, I offer you freinds, I offer you protection, without dealing with darkness and becoming a monster. You would have a sister, you would have a brother, you would have a father. I will bring you happiness, or I will try."

OoC: Updated the list.


"Be silent, devil-boy.
Thou were busy stuffing thy mouth with food while this poor girl was shaking with terror."

Kidd let out a chuckle at what Ferdinand said and reponded, "You sound like a politician. 'Join me and I'll give you all your hearts desires!'. Heh, everyone knows you can't trust a politician."

Damn it, this is a good argument
lilah remebered that the kidd and erica had been the first to help her, she thought it probably best to join people you know and if what they say is true, that she would be used as a weapon then there was no way she was going back there

"A terror that would have been caused by you and your Masters. Everything that has happened recently has been your doing. You have been the one to cause these problems. If anyone is to blame for any harm that has befallen her, it is you, fiend."

OoC: I'm back!

The IS girls were still in their SRW form. Charlotte walks up to EMily. "Who do we have here? More people from Nork's universe?"

OOC: @Kirke Don't forget EMily and Winona.

"Perhaps so." She says to Charlotte. "But these people appear to be human, and not like orcs."

"Fiend... how quaint that thou would call me that.
Do thee not hath the lord of deamons dwelling inside thy very soul?"

OoC: At this point, I wouldn't consider the IS girls completely Heroes... more of anti-heroes thanks to the Void

"You, and your brethren in the Dark Souls, foul creatures that they are, seem to confuse the demon within me with something else. His existence is not what is important, Regulus. I see that you didn't deny that you had caused our recent problems, or been the one to cause her or anyone else harm." Jio smirked.

OoC: Yeah, and Tophat has destroyed a city. It's more like teams. Also, updated list


@Kirke: Don't forget Rose, Vriska, Dave and Equius (Heroes) and the USCMC (Villains).
And you could put Renlen, TW, Doc Sparkle and Asha (Unaligned).

Ferdinand started weeping, "Know this! They have spread terror! Regulus is the evil that was in Eica. She was once free, but is now imprisoned! What Jio said is right! His masters have destroyed the city! His master started a war! His master has brought death, and only death. Evil may be used for good, as Jio knows. He fought his demon, and continues to do so! I Know who will live and who will die! If you join them, you will die. If you join me or the group, you will live. He has killed without remorse, but Jio does not kill. I offer you freedom, they offer you slavery."

OoC: Don't forget scarlet.

OOC: @Wacky. When was Regulus inside EMily? I don't think EMily's imprisoned at all.

OoC: Oh forget the entire chart... everybody has their dick moments with their characters....>_<

"So, I guess the big question is, are these guys friend or foe." Jin says towards the marines.

ooC: Is Sasuke still alive?

Oops!: Oops! I ment Erica!

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