We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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I struggle out of the suit as quickly as I can and stand before Laguna. "Laguna, I want you to listen very close to what I'm about to say." I say, then stop to make sure he's going to listen, really listen to me.

Laguna stood up, brushing away the people around him. "I... I need to think for a while." He walked off, head held low.

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"Trapping Regulus in this gem will at least give us a chance to save Erica. It's not perfect, but, at least we wouldn't be killing her, right? Trust me, I understand how you feel and probably how she feels. I once told a friend to kill me if I became Satan. He agreed."

Tophat walked through the portal to the others.
"Wow, that is one big wave of negativity!"

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mia woke up grogily

@Slenn: As I introduced the scale of "Shades".... In DnD, if your character reaches 0 in constitution, as some enemies can attack directly to constitution, then you die.... The Shades value works in the same way, once you reach 1000 shades, or a kilo-shade, then you die.

The IS dissipates into the four IS girls. Cecilia and Rin fly off to do something...

Charlotte and Laura lay back on the ground, watching the clouds go by....

OoC: Yeah. I have to admit, it felt a fair bit forced, but still

Ferdinand sits at his desk.
"Why... why did I fail."
We told you you would.
"Shut up. I'm not in the mood."
You said you would serve us, and so we gave you power. You will continue with your work.
Ferdinand sighed, "Alright. Don't see any other choice."

Roland sighes, "I think that the battle is over."
He walks to the camp, where Doctor Com is pacing.
"He... he shipped himself... how the hell did he do that? how did it happen? How..."

OOC: o_O What? Constitution drain? (I've played DnD, but I've never heard of that.)
And no one bats an eye at this revelation?

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Ferdinand plays with the ruined USS Ferdilah.
"So close..."

AEanna was shocked and hurt by Laguna's response, but wouldn't let him upset her.
"There is no call for that, Laguna. I am only trying to give you the same support that you gave me. I tell you that you have succeeded a lot more often than you will admit, so why do you try to convince yourself that everything is your fault?!" She stepped back as he tried to push her away and scowled after him as he walked off.

"Oh...alright...I'll talk to you latter then..." I say as Laguna leaves. At least now I can run my hands through my hair as a way to relive some of the frustration I've got. It's better than banging my head against a wall at least...

@Rosh: You devious bastard! None of our characters can cast 'Restoration'!

Rose quietly followed after Roland.

Four hugged Mia and said, "Hey there sleepy-head!"

The Kidd quietly sat down and started workin' on his weapons, waitin' for Regulus or Lilah to say somethin'.

OoC: @Drak: Luckily, shades does drain rather quickly from beings of LIGHT (Yes, that includes Regulus, Kidd, etc) Half beings have take 1.5 kilo-shades, but don't have that rapid decrease in shades as beings of LIGHT... And beings of the Void are completely immune. CHAOS and VOID don't get along too well, so they are also immune.

Roland sits by Doctor Com, "What happend?"
Roland's eyes seem to grow in shock, and then he faints.

Discord appears next to Regulus, "I must congratulate you on your success in sowing the seeds of chaos."

'I need to relax...' I think as I lay against my suit. I push a few buttons on my visor and it start's playing music (we aren't suppose to do this, but everyone does).

OOC: This song starts to play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=E2YCgbXCZGU&feature=endscreen

mia asked four what was hapening

"Is...is that supposed to be a big deal?" Rose asked Doc after seeing Roland faint.

"I dunno. Something involving that Lilah chick I think."

OOC: I just realized I probably could have brought Four into that argument, but then I'd have wound up trying to argue with myself.

Regulus decides to let Lilah think for a while and walks over to Kidd.
"My, I'd say this was quite a sucsess."

@drak thats why misa isnt around when mia is, or when misa's around mia is imobalzed
Lilah looked at the kidd nervously, she couldnt tell what to think

I sigh as the next song comes on.

OOC: This, if you're interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfUkFLfHSsE

Tophat walks over to Four and Mia.
"Do you two have any idea why people are radiating so much sadness?"

"Ayep. Job well done." Kidd says to Regulus, still workin' on his weapons. Kidd could pick up that Lilah was nervous and said to her, "No need to be nervous around us. We're your friends, remember?"

"Not really." Four said to Tophat.

OoC: @Rosh kinda the inverse of Spirit. Jio and Jin have a certain amount of Spirit that they use to power their O-Parts. By infusing it with the O-Parts they activate their abilities. Of course, once they run out, they are powerless. It's one reason you almost never see me stating that they are standing there emitting Spirit. It would be a waste. Fortunately it does restore with time. It has been shown that being completely drained of Spirit can cause an OPT to faint, though.

In the case of Jio's Devil Summoner, that can be very bad...

"Why should it matter to you Tophat? You nuked Stockholm remember?" said Charlotte, still lying on the ground half-napping...

EMily made an exasperated sigh. "Me and Winona will be returning to the ethereal plane to regain our composure.... and to take a log entry of course. The situation has become far more complicated."

The girls vanish into the ethereal plane.

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Discord flies around Regulus, "My, I must say you did rather well at both causing chaos, and covering your tracks. Took me all of three seconds to find you."
A pool appears next to him, and he jumps in, "Though, Lilah, you are rather foolish, rejecting an offer made on a scrabble board."

Doctor Com shook his head, "Its impossible! Literally impossible to ship an omnipotent! Everyone has tried, and every time it failed! And you can't ship yourself, either! And now, he's done the impossible! Shipped an omnipotent and himself!"

OoC: I do the same, keep my characters away from one another.

OoC: How come that seems to be common knowledge now?
"Silly woman, why would I do that? Also I can sense the sadness, it's rather depressing."

Regulus clapped its hands/claws in responce to Discord before turning back to Lilah.
"That is right. We actually care about thee."

"Because Ichika and Houki were there, and they saw you try to outrun that blast. Don't try to fool us..." bluntly said Laura.

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"Yes, you were rather effective at making them fight one another for your own peroupus, wern't you? You tricked them into fighting, you knew they would fight. And your use of half-truths? genius! You were doing great at tricking Lilah. At least, before I showed up and stated everything you did to manipulate events in front of her."

OoC: Wait what? Tophat didn't meet them there, and was on top of that in a car. With a roof. About five kilometers from Stockholm when the bomb went of.

lilah looked up at regulas and the kidd "W-why would you care about me? What am i to you?" she asked, she had been thinking about all the stuff the duck and group had said

OoC: @Kirke: They didn't need to, remember that the IS can fly around... Charlotte and Laura do sent reports of the entire party.... IS mechs go extremely fast by any standards... Cybuster just breaks it even more... it's either that, or the Void did show alot with the party, therefore giving their resolve even more means to abandon most friends.

OOC: Alright.

I turn off my music and decide to take care of something. I stand and walk over to AEanna. "Could I talk to you for a second?" I ask, again trying to sound casual, but still feeling pretty nervous.

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