We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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AEanna was sitting with her knees hugged against her chest and a scowl furrowing her golden brow, angry and surprised at the number of people that had shouted at her since that morning. Better than having them try to stake and burn her, she supposed. She looked up as Tanner approached.

"Yes, what is it?" She asked in a slightly cool voice.

"Do you mind sir? We're tryin' to converse with our friend." Kidd said to Discord with an annoyed look on his face.

@Kirke: The bomb must have been giving off some type of radiation, they would have noticed... Plus, as I said, don't you think that the girls know that Tophat switches bodies right from the get go? They know of the man with same Tophat, following roughly the same personality...

Either that, or the Void showed them enough history on both sides of the story to make them bitter about everybody in the group... that's why they isolate themselves.... im making my characters hate most of the group, thats another reason why they are also acting bitter

OOC: Back

EMily and Winona resume their solid states.

OOC: @Nail, @Drak, and @Shadow: GAH! IT'S SO PAINFUL! I WANT TO STOP IT BUT CAN'T!

"Well...about yesterday...I wanted to apologize for some of the things I did...like kissing you. I was desperate you see..." 'In more ways than one', "And I didn't know what else to do...so I'm sorry." I say, feeling very awkward.

"No, not friend. Kin"
Regulus said to Kidd.

"Oh, but its so fun, watching you squirm as I congratulate you on your victory in manipulation. Like a true chess-master, you did it! You had everything planned, you take them down, you paint them as the foes! Brilliant! And lie-ing about how much a friend you are, reg? Brilliant!"

OoC: @Rosh At a glance two tophats look pretty much the same, and Tophat really didn't move around that much while in Stockholm. And sure, it would have given away radiation when it went off. And how does the void know what Tophat did?

"Right. Pardon my mispeakin'." The Kidd said after Regulus corrected him.

OOC: I think I'll finish the revelation once Gear comes back.

AEanna smiled at Tanner's obvious discomfort.
"I could not shut the foul creature's voice out. It showed me the members of the group who wanted to kill me, made me doubt the sincerity of those who were my friends. I tried to resist it, but I was overwhelmed by everything that had happened over the last few days. I think I would have lost my mind. But you reassured me. You reminded me that there really were still people who didn't want to see me harmed. You even held fast where some might have recoiled in fear or revulsion. I owe you my sanity Jerome. Thank you."

OoC: Are you all forgeting about how he got out? The fact that the British duck literaly flew the car into space. They ought to have seen him from a satellite. and drak, did you miss my post? The one with Doctor Com?

Edit: And yes, discord is trying to get Lilah to join the group, and not the villains by being a dick.

@Kirke: *Sigh* Let me give you an example of how the Void works.

You are trapped in a dark room with no light coming in any direction. The slightest sound that you make you want to react to it, but you have no clue where it is coming from. You start reaching out around you, and feel wall. You try again, and the wall is mysteriously gone. You start feeling emotions around you that you have no clue where they are coming from, sensation that you would know from other beings in the Universe. You start wanting that freedom, but alas you cannot. The concept of time is now lost, and you no longer need the hunger for food, but you crave for anything..something. There is some food now infront of you, but you have no sense of what it looks like, or what it tastes like or how it got there. The Void cancelled that. Now imagine that for an entire month....

that's the psychological torture I gave the IS pilots, and those emotions of human beings, and their souls, dead or alive, are felt by the IS pilots, but they have no logical explanation for it inside the Void. Tophat, as you said before, was once human, and must have felt some compulsion to nuke Stockholm... All is remembered in the Void.

I smile. "Well, as a psychologist, ensuring sanity is what I do." My smile fades a bit. "But, tell me, why would I recoil from you? Why would anyone want to do you harm? Is is because you use magic?" I ask. I still am confused about this.

@Wacky: Oh sorry, guess I did miss that.

"So you're saying that it's a pretty big deal then." Rose said to Doc.

Jio heard AEanna talking to Tanner, but he still wasn't sure how he had felt towards her.

Jin simply walked over to Charlotte and Laura. "Was that the place that I met the group at? I don't remember seeing you there."

Regulus smiled and hugged Lilah.
"There, there.
Thou hath a place besides us now. Ne'er shalt we abbandon thee."

It then spoke to Kidd, masking its thoughts so that no one else could could read them.
A word of caution; Lilah is able to read minds, So do not think about converting her.
In fact, do not even reply to this message. Just think about liking Lilah, if this is not possible, think about how our foes just tried to kill us.

Doctor Com nodded, "Yes, yes it is. Name something impossible. Now think of something more-so. That's barely on the chart of impossible, and Ferdinand is off of it!"

Roland starts rolling on the ground.

AEanna looked at Tanner, one eyebrow raised.
"Really, you do not know? You saw me drink a bottle of blood in front of you. My flesh is cold. You even remarked that 'my teeth were weird'." She parted her lips so that he could see her two sharp, elongated fangs. "Do you really not know what I am, even from having been around others of the group?"

"That's because we were dead... And came back as Clair and Luitgard for the moment."

@wacky They still wouldn't see that it was Tophat, seeing as a nuclear blast had just gone off they should have been abit preoccupied.

@Rosh It was never actually human, the soul of Tophat may have come from a human originally, but it was so twisted by being forced into a hat that it merely became a soul. So anything from that soul would be from before Tophats creation.

"Blood? I thought that was some kind of really thick alcohol...so...what...you're a vampire?" I ask, just now putting the pieces together.

lilah managed to smile even tho she was worried "I'm glad you consider me kin"

EMily and Winona, like Jio, were listening in on Tanner's and AEanna's conversation.

Discord slowly dived next to Lilah, "Well, I hope you like your small circle of manipulative friends intent to make you join their cause so they can use their power. I bet, as we speak, they are considering converting you into one of those zombie things Ferdinand showed you. I wish I had a zombie army, or something."

"Thats right." AEanna said, watching Tanner, more than a little nervous herself now. She wasn't sure how he would react, and found herself hoping that he would not condemn her as Four did.

Laguna had sat down a little way away from the group. He stared out into the distance, thinking about this whole mess.

"I think I get it now." Rose said as she turned her attention to Roland.

The Kidd starts thinkin' 'bout the good times he's had with Lilah. Admittedly there wasn't much. He thought about how nice it felt to comfort her while she was in need. Kidd couldn't help himself and joined in on the hug.

OoC: @Kirke: Either way, Tophat must have had some type of reason to nuke Stockholm, and plus Tophat did directly to the group that he was returning to Stockholm to nuke it... All Ohrmazd needed to do was tap into someone's auditory memories when Tophat said that... and then play it for the IS pilots....

Didn't Tanner know that before? Has he just now figured out that AEanna is a vampire? ANd just how will he react? Jio payed attention. Not sure if he would need to intervene or if he would should it be needed.

"You two are really complicated..."

"Well that's...interesting...I suppose it's understandable that the others would be suspicious of you..." I say. This really is a very interesting revelation...

"Now, then, sister.
Tell us more about thyself, we would love to hear more about thee."

"I know..." Charlotte and Laura get up and walk over to EMily and Winona

OoC: Oh fine.
"I was on a trip home, Gothenburg. But I wasn't even near Stockholm."
Tophat says, looking slightly annoyed.

I'm coming for you...
you and your love...
Perhaps I'll take Mia, or Four.

Roland jumps up, "What?!" He shouts

Discord sits down, "Why yes. I'm sure this group of awe-inspiring liars would love to hear about your past so that they can twist it to their advantage."

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