We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Charlotte cocks an eyebrow at Jio. "There is no 'her'... There never was a 'her' to begin with. Like Regulus said before, it's brethren had experimented on it for the hell of it... They succeeded in creating that persona... Erica NEVER existed, there was...is only Regulus... And for that, she must be punished without hesitation..."

They don't know how much we are wanting to send Jio and Jin into the Void right? I hope so Laura, I hope so... We are trying our best trying not to fight them right here and now...

OoC: Did Lilah just ignore Discord's whole speech? His constant stream of compliments?

Doctor Com walks up to AEanna, "Believe me, this is child's play when you study multiversal science. I tried to read a book on multiversal science, and my head literally exploded.
He notices Lilah, "Hey! You left the bad guys! Nice to have you back!"

Roland shook his head, "Did Doctor Com tell you about how time is like a tree? Because if he didn't, then pretty much my entire history will be just one big ball of confusing."

Ferdinand smiles, "She's back..."
He stands up, "YES!"

Dromaeus tapped the swordtip on the pavement.
"It matters not whether Erica is real or not! Regulus must be trapped. We can decide what to do with him after. Failing that, you two can destroy him using your Void. Whatever happens, he must not be allowed to continue as he is doing now."

EMily gave Laguna a firm smile and nodded to him. She gave him another short hug.

Then Lilah was seen...

OoC @Silver: Regardless, Regulus would have sensed the doubt.

OoC: @wacky i thought the compliments were to reg and kidd

"Whatever, Charlotte." Jio turns from her and walks away.

Jin walks up to her. "You really don't understand, do you? The same thing could be said for Jio. He and Satan are practically different sides of the same coin. Some even think Jio is a mere vessel to house Satan, and not a real person. You were just saying that about him, too!"

Doctor Com looks at EMily and Winona, "Stop! She might have been misguided! Do not attack!"
He stands in front of her.

OoC: Yes, but he did it so Lilah could hear. He did it to tell Lilah what was really going on.

lilah looks around and quickly tried to get away from the group, she didnt want the chance for what the kidd said to be right

Charlotte and Laura nod at Dromaeus. Charlotte gives Dromaeus a quick hug, then skips back to Laura, when they see Lilah. They ignore her and Jin.

He's way to close for comfort.... If we don't get away soon enough, we might actually have to fight him... Agreed...

The girls start walking away from Jin.

Doctor Com follows Lilah, "Wait!"

EMily and Winona looked at Lilah cautiously, not exactly sure if she was here to destroy them or that she was spat out by Regulus in repulsion.

OOC: @Outis. Hooray! Tanner explains the basics of time dilation and special relativity! Quick what's the equation for the dilation factor "gamma"!?

OOC: I'm a little disappointed no one had made a guess at where I've drawn my inspiration for Tanner from after all the hints I've given...

"I try not to worry about it. Time dilation, relativity, acceleration and deceleration, it all makes my head spin. I wish it were magic." I say.

Suddenly I see the girl from before. 'Now's my chance! I'm not going to let anyone screw this up!' I think as I try to walk over to her quickly without being aggressive looking.

"No, he told me about that. It's just confusing no matter what it seems."

Four saw Lilah running away and shouted to her, "Wait! Don't go!"

lilah kept running but triped over a rock and fell over

"'Tis funny... I try to destroy people, and they offer me friendship.
I try to genuinly be hospitable, and I am rejected. Serves me right for not heeding my own words.
Friendship is a lie..."

Regulus said to itself before walking over to Kidd.
"Excuse me, I am off to slay some random people."
It teleported away.

Roland nodded, "Well, I understand that. How about I make you a diagram, and try to explain it to you?"

Doctor Com picks up Lilah, "You alright?"

AEanna looked around to see Lilah reappear and got to her feet, alert. Dromaeus stood and readied his sword as he approached.
"She has not been gone for long. Is it possible that they could have corrupted her so quickly?" He asked sharply.

Laguna nodded at Drom and Emily, then saw Lilah. "Hey! Wait up!" He started to run after her. "I cant belive you're back! Thought we lost you there!"

"Alright, nobody crowd the girl. Lets all just give her some space, ok?" I say to everyone. I edge closer to her despite what I just said.

Jio walked over to Lilah and offers his hand. "Are you okay?" He asked with a smile.

Kidd let's out a groan as Lilah gets zapped away. "Well, that was a great big waste'a time. Eh, what the hell? Wait for me!" Kidd follows Regulus to wherever it's goin'.

"Um...no thanks. Please just continue what you were saying."

Four ran over to see if Lilah was alright.

lilah tried to hit doc away and run, she thought they might be trying to kill her. she decided it to be the right idea when she saw one of them pull out a sword

"Stupid girls. They don't understand anything." Jin said as Charlotte and Laura walked away. He turned away and walked towards the others as they all went for Lilah "Hey, give her some space."

@Salty: Soooo.... you see what I did there? My characters feel compelled to attack yours but do not.....

Charlotte and Laura sit on the ground away from the rest of the group, as Laura takes out a cup of instant-ramen and shares it with Charlotte.

OoC: Yes, I am hungry....nomnomnomnomnmoonmnomnmomnmo

Discord lisens to Regulus, "Excellent! That's just what I wanted to hear!" he said, recording device in hand.
He vanished in a flash of white.

Roland nods, "Well, its all just a blur, really. I was born in a universe almost exactly like the one we're in. I was born in Texas, lived there for a few years. I moved to California, lived there for a few years. Then I moved to Virginia, and lived there until I was 17, when... well, when Scarlet came. Do you know who Scarlet is?"

Doctor Com looks at Lilah, "Well, that's rather odd."
He hands her some fries, "Want some food? You seem rather hungry."

OOC: @ Shadow, Dromaeus already had his sword out when she arrived.

Dromaeus saw the genuine terror in Lilah's eyes when she looked at him and sheathed his sword. When she tried to hit Doc Com and run again though, he darted forward and grabbed her shoulders.
"Calm down!" He said loudly. "Just calm down and explain yourself."

Laguna shouted to Lilah. "Why are you running? We just wanted to see if you were allright!"

she knocked it out his hand and tried to run but she had hurt her foot when she triped "I dont want to die..." she mumbled as she ley on the ground

Regulus teleported to Mexico.
This place will do. Lots of souls waiting to be taken, and even more open space to make the hunt more enjoyable...
It then saw that Kidd had followed it.
"Hmm? Thou wish to join the carnage? This is unexpected.
I knew thou were willing to turn on the rest, but this?
What made thee go from one who objects to slaying a enemy soldier to one who would butcher random people?"

'Notgoodnotgoodnotgood!' "Alright! Everyone stop following her. She obviously wants to be away from us." I say, hoping against hope that people will actually listen to me.

OoC: @Rosh Is there a reason that is significant that I am missing? Other than Jio being technically pure evil and Jin technically pure good and yours being void (so neutral I guess).
@Silver Did you see Jio offer Lilah a hand?

Doctor Com looks at Lilah, "Hey! Why are you running! We aren't going to kill you!"

Tophat down the street when it saw Lilah, then stood still looking at her.
(To everyone around Lilah: CALM DOWN!)

"Hey, I don't mean you any harm." Jio says to Lilah with a smile. "Remember me? I was there when Regulus took you. I just want to make sure you're safe."

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