We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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The Kidd let out a small chuckle and said, "Aside from lettin' the Ura swarm out'a that Portal and tear whoever's occupyin' that ship apart and stealin' it to use as our new base, not really."

"Good. Now how do we get out of here?"

Four gave Doc a quizzical look before turning her attention to the strange walls.

@Wacky: I imagined him as human to be honest.

"Hey, you know what else you don't see here?" Knife asks, scanning the horizon, "Other fucking cars. We're a target no matter how you fucking slice it."

"LETS GET TER FIGHTIN." Kapitan bluddflag yelled as a mass of Orks followed him out of the ship. A war cry sound out across the whole horde of orks "WHAAAAAAAAGH!!!"

Ork Kommando's started lobbing stikkboms and storm boys launched themselves headfirst into the battle all the while the ships guns were coming to bear

Roland puts on his clothing, and is about halfway through when he looks around.
"Well... I have no-"

Doctor Com looks at the walls, and hits them down.
the wall next to Roland falls as Roland stands there in his underpants.

"Ah, one again thou display sheer briliance. Send them in."
Regulus said to Kidd as it calmly uses energy pillars to fry the incomming Orcs.

The Kidd let out a small chuckle and said, "Aside from lettin' the Ura swarm out'a that Portal and tear whoever's occupyin' that ship apart and stealin' it to use as our new base, not really."

...(skip to 0:21) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TO5wryDdEI0 ...

"Well, think about it. If you're completely incompetent in a fight, you're going to take a big car, to seem menacing. Meaning the Mad Max-types are stuck with cars like this. The bandits find that out when a guy in a Prius blows all their skulls out." I say. "Anyway, no cars is good. Means we won't get boxed in. Anyway, this Mini's been tuned up for a post-apocalyptic Texas."

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"Well let's not keep our men waitin' then." The Kidd said as he and his bodyguards teleported into the ship.
Meanwhile, somewhere in the ship (You can say wherever this is @Jortluz) Ura Warriors started pourin' out'a that Warp Portal, lookin' for enemies to fight.

"Oh, hi mom." Rose said as the wall came down.
"You know what? We don't have time for this to be awkward." Four said as she noticed the orks show up and start attacking.

Black Tears grabs the shoulder plates, making two controllable flying disks. "Have my delicious English Gourmet!" Cecilia tossed the 5ft diameter spiked disks at the Orks.

Rin charged in, slashing at the Ork.

EMily and Winona group up with Jio. "Ugh, I don't even know if a battle against these guys is at all worth it. This is ridiculous."


OoC: @Rosh are the orks even near our group? Or hostile?

As the ork and mincraftian hordes clash a small group climbed out of a hatch on the rear of the ship. Weirdboys. the slobbering psychopaths began chanting, channeling if you will, the raw power of the warp and using that power to invigorate and toughen the orkish horde.

"Brikfist, get yer boyz and go protect da weirdboys. it seems like de's t'ings want a good thrash in'." capitan bluddflag called out over the radio

Knife shrugs in response, and they drive on in silence.

@Salty: No clue....Fine..

Rin and Cecilia retreat back to Jio and Jin. "Well, I believe that we should have some popcorn and bets to see who wins at the end...Any takers?"

Rin sighs, having the Zankanto resting on her shoulders. "Meh."

Herobrine's army attacks the orks from the left, while half of it goes and attacks the Chaos temples. The giants wipe out three orks per swipe. The skeletons launch volleys of arrows at them. The spiders climb on their back, some poisoning them. The ghasts set some aflame. The dragons drill holes in the ground for them to pool in.

Roland pulls out his lightsaber, and stands in front of Rose, trying to get his pants on.
"I'll try to protect you..."

Doctor Com stands up, and pulls out his hammer.

Ferdinand teleports Lilah to a safe place.

Herobrine walks up to the two IS girls, and sits down.
"I say my men will win. If they all die, I will send more."

I decide to use my camo to sneak to where the others are. "I certainly hope they don't notice any of us." I say once I have joined the group.

"My money is on the Dark Soul and forces of Chaos."

"I'll handle all of your money and give out the winnings after taking a 15% cut."

"Do we know you?" asked Cecilia to the strange block man

Herobrine shrugged, "Probably not. Names Herobrine. I kidnapped Joe once."

Regelus sends volleys of quasar rays at both the orcs and Herobrine's troops.

OoC: Let's have some battle music(?)

"Fire da kannons" Mr nailbrain said to the ork gunnery crew
An ork boy ran up to mr nainbrain and said "Sir were is intruders in da ship"
"Lock da ship down, don't let dem get to da guns" he replied

The broadside of cannon fire from the ship created huge holes in the hoard of creatures

"I'd like to say the Chaos guys will win. But I think there will be a few survivors."

The Kidd found the Portal, luckily none'a the Ura had strayed too far and they all managed to quickly regroup. The Kidd addressed his troops, "Attention soldiers! We got ourselves a special task! We're gonna tear through this place and any bastards unlucky or stupid enough to get in our way. Sound good?"
<"Sir Yes Sir!"> The Ura responded.
The Kidd and his Warriors started making a sweep of the ship to get rid of any orks already inside.

OOC: When I have text in <> Then that means the Ura are speaking in their language, so most people's characters wouldn't understand them.

"Okay, I just need you guys to hand me your money. Herobine, I'll need you to give me something else as ante as your credit is pretty low here. Rin. Ceclia. You in?"

"Jio, can you spot me some cash?"

Jio just looks at Jin.

"Crap, do credits from 3020 AD count?"
"Don't we have some spare past era cash stored in the ethereal plane? Why don't we use that?"

OOC: What are we using for cash? Or is this a free for all? XD

The 50 enderdragons fly to the ship, decimating hundreds of Orks, and they take out three holes in it.

About 50 begin to tear apart the shrine.

The cannons take down 10000 mobs in total.

Herobrine looks at Jio, "What? anyway, I bet three stacks of gold blocks on my forces."

Doctor Com gestures for four and Rose to get out. Roland grabs Rose, and brings her to the rest of the group. Roland does the same with four.

The girls shake their heads, but instead start handing out popcorn bags and drinks."We got the service here Jio."

EMily and Winona take a Sprite and a bag of popcorn and watch the madness unfold. EMily places down some Euros from the ethereal plane and a single 3000 AD credit for good measure.

EMily microwaves the popcorn bag by setting it on the ground and staring at it, sending off microwaves.

"Hi guys."
Rose and Four said as Roland and Doc brought them to where everyone was watching the fight.

"Fine you handle the concessions, but I'm handling the gambling. It's quite the sacrifice since I can't take a part of the betting myself. I just get 15% of the winnings. I don't care how you pay, EMily, though modern, for this era, money will work better. Rin and Ceclia not taking part?" Jio takes the gold bars from Herobine.

Jin starts looking for money.

OOC: Edited my last post.

All of the doors on the ship suddenly slammed shut and a voice rang out over the loudspeaker "You's chaos guys gotta learn when ta stay out of a fight"

meanwhile the side of the ship's cargo bay suddenly exploded and through the smoke a gun line of Machine gun fire hailed out the cargo bay as 100ft tall mechanical monstrosities walked out. one of witch had a huge megaphone mounted on its back which spoke "BAHA DAKKA DAKKKA DAKKA!!!!" the sound rang around the battlefield with defining volume.

link for info

I begin using my scanners to give a play by play of the action. Since I don't have any money on me, I might as well act as a color commentator.

"Well that sound is annoying...Cecilia can you deal with this?"

"Sure..." Cecilia used her Void powers which muffled out the sound of the Orks with this...

"Another walking tin can. Cute."
Regulus sweeps a dark matter beam across the battle field in the direction of the mech-thing.

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