We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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OOC: I call Commodore NotRosh.

OOC: Staff Sergeant. And I'm probably gonna call it a night too.

"Oh, hi Wacky." Knife says.

@all you know what? im gonna make all the roshes! and i shall be the mster of the Rosh's

OoC: Yeah me too, good night!

@Shadow: I think the title I picked is a big long...

I slap Wacky.

I heard that doing that could get you banned, @silver.

I look at Knife, and stop.
"Uh... How did I get here? I heard them say something about my massive balls. What just happens? What did I flee from?"
I get slapped, "Hey! Why did you do that?"

Regulus coldly replied to Lilah.
"The time for being friendly is at an end.
"'Tis me or Chaos."

"Not interested."
Regulus said to Ferdinant.

Ferdinand looks at Regulus, "Most of what I give could pummel your foes to near death, destroy planets, and break the minds of most men with a press of a button. Just free Lilah."

There's a lot of odd stuff about me if you think about it.
"Weeeell, what kind of hobbies do you have?" Rose said, wrapping her arms around Roland.

"Aww, no one else joined our dog-pile." Four looked up and saw EMily and Winona. She waved at them and said, "Heeeey girls! Jump on top of me plez!"

The GMB landed on top of the car. It looked through the window at Wacky and said, "Sup bitch?"

lilah didnt hve much of a choice "I.. i guess i have no choice then... YAAA" she yelled as she whent to shoot her pistols at reg

"Sup Tweety." Knife says to the GMB.

"OKAY!!" Winona said, and she pulled Connel and EMily on top of Four.

I flail around franticaly, "HOLYCRAPMONKYSAVEME!"

Roland shrugs, "Eh, Reading, videogames, saving worlds, TV, ponies, and writing. Don't do much else, when I'm not with you."

"Hmmph. Pitiful..."
Regulus caught the bullets in a gravity well and send them flying back to Lilah, hitting her limbs.
"Back to seeing visions! such fun!"
It dragged her back to the Warp.

CmmdrRosh99 - you can come back doing this after studying and ur finals are all done.

conel jumped ontop of Winona and higed her, he didnt understand the concept of dogpile completly

OOC: Wait, is this Rosh's mom or dad on the computer telling Rosh to do his work? XD

Ferdinand follows Regulas, and stands by Lilah, "I'll go through it with you. I love you, after all..."

OoC: Private Rosh, if you are Roshes mom, please just do it in real life! If not, quit being such a troll!

OoC; SERIOUSLY i bet your CmndrRosh, but you got demoted. actual you blew your cover withthat last coment
Lilah couldnt move at all, her arms and legs had been too damadged "I... i give up, you win... i will be your slave" lilah said as she began crying

"Sup fool." The GMB said as it reached it's head into the car and twisted off Knife's head with it's beak.

A muffled, "Yaaaay! could be heard from Four, underneath the three new additions to the dog-pile.
Damn it's dark down here.

"How is 'ponies' a hobby?"

"Heh. At last, a wise choice!
Now, for thy first task. Get rid of that infuriating duck."

Regulus released Lilah and healed her.

"Someone try and tickle Four!" EMily said, and she tried her best to reach down beneath the dog pile.

lilah got to her feat, she could not belive that was her only option. she didnt know anything about her magick so she pulled out her guns, shaking as she did and fired at the duck

Roland shrugs, "Bronies. Its a hobby the same way a TVshow can be a hobby. Ponies as in the 'freindship is magic' kind... Its a good show!" He said, knowing how she would eye him.

Ferdinand stands there.
"I will not attack her."
The bullets seem to dodge him, like they were afraid.

OOC: Hi everybody. If it's alright with everyone, I'll, humbly, take the rank of 1st Lieutenant.

I wake up in my ship. "Must have fallen asleep while working on the bomb." I say to no one. Buddy confirms this. "Why thank you." I say to him.

OOC: You should check your messages @wacky...

I read the message, and relay it to Ferdinand. Then procede to continue flipping the fuck out.

Ferdinand suddenly gets a message, and teleports tanner to him.
"Help me out!"

"Hmm... that won't do it seems.
Regulus sends a tiny fragment of its power to Lilah and a energy blade formed in the palm of her hand.
"There we go, use that."

A muffled giggling could be heard from the dog-pile, as if someone were being tickled.

"Oh, okay." Rose gave him an innocent smile.

"Ay, chill da fuck out buddy, I ain't here to eat you anymore." The GMB said as it swallowed Knife's head.

OOC: Nice. Thank you very much @wacky.

"...What?" I say to Ferdinand..."...Wait...What? How..." I look around, confused. Then I see Regulus and that girl lilah. "Oh...uh...hi." I say.

This is silver here,

double post

OOC: hello everyone i have two things to say.
1.(this is more of a question) anything happen to the orks while i was gone?
2. i am not going to be able to access the Internet much today so I'm not going to be able to join in on the fun :(

I look at the bird, still terrified.
"Why are you here!?" I shout.

Roland smiles, back, and pecks her on the cheek, "What are yours?"

Ferdinand sigh's knowing the attack will fail. Imagination does not let her police get killed.

OOC: hello everyone i have two things to say.
1.(this is more of a question) anything happen to the orks while i was gone?

Not that I know of.

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