We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"Leaving so soon? What a shame.
Oh well, it can wait."

Regulus said to Jio before turning to AEanna.
"I am a annoyance? Why, that is what those who's blood thy drink must be thinking of thee."

"Spread out boys, We needs to stay hidden until more of dem wake up" Spookums said tracking jin and jio with his eyes.

Laguna lowered his gun. "Whatever you have to say, you can say to us. Or you can just leave, but when have you ever done that?"

"I do not cause needless discomfort from those that I feed on, and cause them no lasting ill health. What I do to them, I do so that I can keep control and avoid doing worse to others against my will. Do not compare my actions to yours." she said, still alert for more sights and sounds of activity.

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EMily and Winona wake up and prepare for the day in the ethereal plane.

"How can thee be certain that the art no little bloodsucking spawn wandering about at this very moment because of thy actions? Who knows how far the plague hath spread.
Oh, by the way. I stole the lizard's little crystal, so forget about capturing me."

Regulus said to AEanna before turning back to Laguna.
"When hath I ever left..? Quite a few times, actually. Mostly when I got bored with thee, sometimes becuase I had better things to do.
Anyway, I wanted to speak to Devil-boy about those little orphans he left in Stockholm.
Tell him that when thou see him again."

Laguna looked at AEanna, then turned back to Regulus. "Any other messages you'd like to get passed along?"

AEanna glared at Regulus, trying to prevent doubt from seeping into her mind. Meanwhile near the campfire (if there is one) light scuff marks appeared in the dust some way behind Regulus.

"Nay, that will be it.
Any other things I can tell him myself."

Regulus turned its back on the duo.
"Good luck keeping that plague in check, little parasite.
Perhaps thou should try going on a diet someday."

It said to AEanna before teleporting away.

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Dromaeus rose to his feet and spat on the ground where Regulus had been standing, and returned his sword to its sheath.
"Why do I even try?"
AEanna thumped the pavement beside her with a clenched fist.
"That bastard... He is wrong though... I'm sure of it. When I was infected, it was not with a bite at all, but with some form of vampiric magic. That must be how it is spread."

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"Hurry Sorcerer, This city shall fall and I want no delays." Sindri bowed before the planted Icon, in the center of a large open room. "My Lord, I assure you marking this place for Tzeentch is not as simple as Khorne. The ritual is far more intricate and time consuming. I need several artefacts and sacrifices." Eliphas was getting impatient. "Very well Sindri, but do not waste my time." He left with the ten marines. He wondered if he should let his newest servants know of his plans. Not yet he thought. They had to serve Chaos longer and he was merely using them as a smokescreen,

"Mr nailbrain i have been standing here do'in absolutely NOTHIN FOR DA LAST FEW HOURS!!! NOW WE'S CAN LAUNCH DA ATTCK NOW OR I CAN GET TA STOMPIN ON YER HEAD." Kaptin Bluddflagg yelled as he kicked a gretchin of the side of the ship
"Captain we's have to wait until days are all together" Mr nailbrain said with a hint of fear in his voice "Why don't your go up to da command dek and see whats dey have seens."
"Get spookums back here." Kaptin Bluddflagg grumbled as he walked off into the ship.
"Spookums change of plan. gets back here we's wait until later

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Damn it i missed him
lilah wakes up in a strang office with a portal in it. after a while she decides to go through the portal. she fell out and landed near the group

Ferdinand teleports the Necklace of protection onto Lilah. She now can't be possessed by regulus.
There you go my sweet. May Imagination be with you.

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50 years in the future, in texas...
Steve and Gaylor finish their wheat farm extension.

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The Kidd walked out'a his Portal, yawnin' and stretchin' as if he just woke up.

Me, lilah had agreed to help reg but befor anythinng could happen she was rescued by fredinand. she's now in the groups area

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EMily and Winona return to their solid state and start reading.

Four woke up and saw that Lilah was with the group again. She wasn't sure what to think of her at this point, so all she could think to say was, "Lilah?"

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conel woke up and saw winona
lilah saw the girls wake up, she didnt want to risk them attacking so she ran and hid

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Four saw Lilah run off and tried following after her. She lost sight of her so she started calling out, "Lilah? Please don't run. I only want to help."

"Oh, hello there Connel." Winona said, looking up from her reading.

lilah hid further behind the wall, she didnt know much about this person but she didnt want to trust her. after all she had attacked tanner and the duck for regules. she looked down sadened

conel smiled back "Hey Winona, i..i have been thinking and... conel was strugaling to find the right words ... that well... your very nice... and i..."

"Thank you very much. But... what's up?" She tilted her head in curiosity.

"Don't you remember me Lilah? It's me, Four. I just want to help." Four continued calling out to Lilah, hoping she could hear her.

lilah tried to stay hiden
OoC: that was EMilly right?

@Silver, Fixed. It's Winona talking.

Conel blushed as he tarted saying "I... i was saying.. um that i rely like you and... i would like to um... spend time together..."he said nervously

"Lilah, I just wanted to say, no one blames you for what happened the other day. Nobody will hate you or try to hurt you if you come back. God I hope you can actually hear this." Four continued trying to call out to Lilah.

lilah slowly began to look out of her hiding place, could she be telling the truth?

"Oh, s-sure Connel. We can talk right now if you want to. I may have to leave soon because we have to make a log entry, b-b-but I have time right now."

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