We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"Perhaps we should simply try insulting it again?" Dromaeus suggested. "It worked the first time."

"That would be very humorous." EMily giggled at the idea Drom posed.

"I think we're just gonna hafta wait until Regulus pops up again."

"Good, stay calm and keep searching for that wich powers thy magic.
Focus on it and draw it out."

"Yes, well we don't know where it is."
Tophat scratches its head.
"I really don't know, perhaps a lightshow from Castel Sant'Angelo?"

lilah tryeed to do as told

"Winona?" She smiled towards her sister. "While we wait, do you want to study and eat?"
"Sure thing!" She said eagerly.
EMily pulled out a couple sandwiches from the ethereal plane for them to eat and the both of them started reading their physics holo-texts.

"Tophat, you still got that big firework thing? We can use that to lure Regulus out." Might even make Erica stir a bit...

"Yes, for one who runs away so often, he does take rather a lot of offence when one calls him a troll-sucking, dung-poking, horker-faced coward, does he not?" Dromaeus said to Emily, making his best approximation of a cheerful wink.

OOC: Hmm, a bit slow on the draw with that one, I think.

"Take a deep breath. Try to forget thy surroundings and focus solely on finding that hidden source.
It is inside thee somewhere, do not doubt that, believe.
Keep searching..."

Regulus said with a calm tone.

"You sure got that right!" She laughed out loud towards Drom's statement.

"I can also make some flashing lights! I always love to make a laser light show!" She said just after she swallowed a bit of her sandwich.

lilah calmed and found it

"Well, uh, I can see you two are in the middle'a somethin'. I'm just gonna...leave ya'll to it then." Kidd said as he zapped back to the Coliseum.

"Ah, thou there is a change in the chakra surrounding thee. Thou found it did thee not?
Good, good...
Now, draw it out, use the power thou found to fuel thy magic.
But start small, do not exhaust thyself."

OoC @Drak: I thought Kidd left to smelt the necklace. :x

lilah tried as reg said, it was working

"I do, I fired of some of it last night. We can't use the enitre thing though, that will most likely destory the entire city. It at Castel Sant'Angelo."

"Well then," Laguna gave himself a quick dust off, "let's head to the Castel buduh-buduh and get everything ready."

Regulus took its hands off Lilah's shoulders.
"Okay, now thou may open thy eyes again.
Take a breath, reflect on what happened."

After a pause, Regulus points to a broken pillar.
"Allright, on to the next step. Target practice.
There, focus the power thou unlocked and fire a spell at that.
Let us see what thou can do."

I put the shelves into a hammerspace box, pull some time shenanigans and pull out some fresh food.

The Kidd walked through the Warp Portal at the Coliseum into his own personal base'a operations. He made his way to the foundry and ordered a few Ura craftsmen off'a small forge they were usin' to smelt lead into bullets. He uses the forge to melt down the necklace he had taken from Lilah. The Kidd melted it down and forged it into a small gold coin, after all, what else was he gonna do with gold? He put the coin in his pocket after it cooled off and ordered the Ura back to work. He walked over to an open area, several dozen Ura were doin' construction work. Kidd let a small grin form on his face as he watched 'em work, only a matter'a time now.

lilah focused and a sherical orb sucked in the entire pillar and everything with a 5 meter radius, as she did that she fell down panting

"Alright then!" She said with an eager smile. "Sounds like we've got a plan!"

"This way."
Tophat motions towards Castel Sant'Angelo and starts walking in that direction.

"Aye!" Dromaeus hammered the rim of Ysgramor with the side of his war axe. "Tonight, we destroy the obnoxious gremlin for good!"

Regulus cracked a foul smile.
It kneeled and gave Lilah a pat on the back.
"That is it! I knew thou could do it.
How do thee feel? What is it like to finally use thy power after such a long time?"

EMily and Winona follow Tophat. They finish their sandwiches and close their holo-books.

"Allright!" Laguna drew his machine gun in case they bumped into anyone, then started walking behind Tophat.

lilah smiled a little as she caught her breath "G-good..."

OoC: @Random Dont think I was on when you brought up Ysgramor. What is it?

"Heh. See now how I do not break my word?
I promissed I would make thee more powerful, and that I did.
Thou can trust me, Lilah. As long as thou doth not disobey me, only good things shalt come thy way.
Still, we still hath much to work on, destroying a inanimate object is one thing, but using magic to effectively fight is much more difficult.
But thou hath done enough for the moment. Let us take a break, look at the stars and enjoy this small victory."

The Kidd zapped back to Regulus and Lilah. He was flickin' a gold coin in the air and catchin' it with one hand. "So, did I miss anythin'?"

lilah intended to do so, she looked at the stars and wondered why reg was being so hospitable and why he wanted in her

"Why, we art well on our way to turning Lilah here into a propper sorceress.
I must say, I am quite proud of the little one."

Regulus said to Kidd.
Heh. I always knew there was more to her then meets the eye.
It added telepathically, again masking its thoughts.

Dromaeus and AEanna began to follow the others. Dromaeus glanced at AEanna as they went.
"It is dangerous for you to serve as bait, if it does come to that." he remarked.
"I am not afraid." AEanna replied determinedly.
"Perhaps not, but do not forget Regulus's power. When he comes, whatever he says to you, you must ignore it, or he will seize on your doubt and all will be lost. Everything he says is untrue, anyway." Dromaeus paused for a moment.
"I... I admit that I may know less about vampirism than I originally thought. I have travelled with you long enough, however, that I should have recognised that it has not changed you. I do not believe that you are a monster, or that you would ever purposefully harm someone who did not deserve it. Anything that Regulus says to you in relation to it is frankly laughable."
AEanna's eyes moistened, but she blinked them clear and smiled back at Dromaeus.
"Thank you."

OOC: @Gear Its the shield of Ysgramor, very thick and strong, and enchanted against magical attacks. Dromaeus has been using it since I first introduced him early in the first thread.

"Alrighty then." Kidd says to Regulus. Kidd sat down next to Lilah and kept playin' with that new coin'a his.

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