We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Okay... here is what will happen should thee stay with him.
Step one: Thou return to the others.
Step two: Thou will be be attack again by them.
Step three: I am not around to save thy hide and they kill thee.
They attacked thee three times before, and they will keep doing it.
Thou hath no place amongst them. Return to me.

Regulus looks at the dot.
It coldly says.

"Uh, maybe? Who's askin'?" Kidd says in response to the voice.

lilah looked at her new greatcoat, it looked good it fitted too. she wasnt sure were to put it on tho, she didnt like the idea of 'changing' with people around

I turn left.
"Where are we going, exactly?" I ask.

Ferdinand looks at Lilah, and sighs, "Look, they will not reject you! The ones who attacked you did not realize your perdiciment. I swear on imagination himself that you will not die, or get hurt on my watch! Oh, you need a place to change, huh?" A door appears. "There's a bathroom."
Get out of Lilah's head.

A metalic arm grabs the necklace, and pulls it through the portal.

He said you would say that. Just though't I'd let you know that Ferdinand won't let her go. But now, you have me, instead of that weakling witch.
It seems.... it looks familar to them... like that odd creature they met before, who complemented them.
It flies to a place in front of them.

I shrug, "No idea."

OOC: Alright well, I think I might be taking a bit of a break because it looks like we won't get to another battle tonight. I'll be lurking though.

EMily and Winona help finish up the majority of the fireworks and head into the ethereal plane to eat.

lilah heard regules, she wasnt sure what to do, everything it said made sense but how she was suposed to return? she had no idea how

I stop the car and glare at Wacky. "I will blow this fucking car up if you don't explain this shit!" I yell.

"God dammit Slenn..." I mutter.

I shrug, "Ferdinand told me. I have an odd feeling it has to do with gaylor and steve."
They see... a bunch of trees in the distance. and grass.

Knife wakes again, resuming the conversation he was having before. "Trilby, I could pass out at any mome-" Knife passes out again.

I continue driving. "If this gets me injured, I'm taking your bollocks." I growl.

"Oh. It's you again. Hooray." Kidd says as he sees the patchwork monster from before, sarcasm thick in his voice like molasses.

"Dafuq issat shit?" The GMB says as it sees living trees and grass.

"Tree's and grass."
I hold my hands up, "Hey! Don't do-"
Arrows start hitting the car as they reach the treeline.

Ask it to let thee go, little one. Should he refuse, that is then proof it doth not love thee.
Regulus said to Lilah before turning to the creature again.
Kidd deal with this thing, please. I hath not the time nor the patience."

I facepalm and pull out my deudly firearms.

"You an' me both." Kidd says as he opens fire on the new fella with his Dueling Pistols.

"We're under attack!" The GMB shouts as it flies off the car and looks for the source of the arrows.

OOC: Hi everybody.

I spent most of the night working on my rifle (it was down to 88% efficiency!) and then making minor repairs and adjustments to my armor.

lilah didnt want to annoy regules "C-can i go?" she asked nervously

The dot slowly grows.
You mean discord? Hah! what a petty escuse for a god if I saw one. No, you have the real deal, you have someone far better...
She appears in front of them, fully formed.

The bullets turn to blood drops, as she is showered in blood.
"Thats the stuff!"

I grab the firearms, and look at trilby, "No."
Gaylor runs up to them, diamond sword in hand.

Steve fires from one of the tree's.

Ferdinand looks at Lilah, "Really? Are you sure?"
There is a hint of sadness.
"Please stay? I won't stop you if you want to go..."

OoC: Hey @Outis. You will not belive how depressing tommorow will be...

I look at Wacky. "Relax. It's just an ornate white revolver." I say. "Not Doc Scratch's one."
I shoot Gaylor in the leg.

@Gear: Really? Aw, damn...

The GMB swoops down and grabs Gaylor in its talons, then starts flying as high as possible.

"Well, that's interestin'." Kidd remarks as he sees his bullets turn to blood.

"I.. i dont know... i just... i just dont want to die..." she said with sadness in her voice

Gearhead mk2:
@wackymon Regulus plans to grab some vampires, brainwash them, let em loose, and frame AEanna for making them.


@Nail, my fine fiend...er friend....you are far, FAR, too good at being evil. And I mean this in the most sincere and heartfelt way.

Gearhead mk2:
OoC: Hey @Outis. You will not belive how depressing tommorow will be...

Today was bad enough. I was checking on the thread on my phone every chance I got and...oh the pain...the pain...

@Outis: Funny, Salty and I said the same thing about Nail.

Stay at my side and thou shalln't. Sister.
Regulus says to Lilah before turning to patchwork monster mark II.
"How many of these things art there?
Is there a factory producing them?"

It remarked more then asked.

OoC @Outis: Why, thank you. :D
As I said, being evil's a dirty job, but someone's gotta fo it. lol.

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I stretch and yawn. 'Long night. I wonder how the others are fairing.' I think idly.

"Honestly wouldn't surprise me." Kidd says, respondin' to Reg. He spins his Pistol about, reloadin' it as he does.

"If you don't want to die, stay with me then. Put on the clothing I gave to you. I swore I would protect you, and I will. I swore freedom, and I give it to you."

Eris looks at Regulus, "No. My name is eris, and Ferdinand sent to replace that weakling Lilah he fell for."

Gaylor slashes at the bird, causing it to drop him. He lands, and grunts.
He gruts as the bullet hits his leg, and drinks a potion.
I hide.

OoC @Outis: Why, thank you. :D
As I said, being evil's a dirty job, but someone's gotta fo it. lol.

Indeed. As tempted as I am to hate you for what you are doing here on this thread, I must admit that this is the most exciting plot line I've ever seen or been a part of. Nothing, it my opinion, from the past has had so much tension and suspense. And that is mostly thanks to you (and all us masochists who enjoy seeing our own characters suffer).

OOC: I'm back. anything happen?

"Dem humies are awake and grouped together, Spookums get over de're wit ya boyz" Mr nailbrain said over the radio "Take da coptas and surprise dem from above."
"captan your might want ta watch dis" Mr nailbrain said into the radio

lilah didnt feel comftable changing in front of him "Were should i change?" she asked looking around

"Oh now you fucked up son!" The GMB screeches as green blood starts dripping from it's leg wound. It lets out a terrifying screech and dives at Gaylor, clawing at him with it's talons.

"Can ya do anythin' besides parlor tricks?" Kidd asks Eris as he keeps spinnin' his Pistol.

OOC: Back. Also @Trilby:


EMily and Winona return to their spot on the monument where they were preparing the fireworks and explosives.

Hmmph. Where was his protection when thou were nailed to the floor by ice? Ah yes, nowhere to be seen. Think on that while making thy dicision.
We will meet again, little one.

Regulus continues opening the portal.

OoC @Outis: That's a whole lotta'a praise.
Really, thank you. Seems I can write afterall. xD
Anyway, I'm off to bed now. G'night.

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