Karutomaru's First Fight RP

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It is noon. A towering stone coliseum stands in the middle of a deserted wasteland. There, demons, humans, and aliens of all shapes and sizes fill the rows, chatting with each other as the dirt floor lies unmoving, and a giant screen sits between two illuminating light fixtures at the top.
On the floor of the arena are two entrances. On one side, a man wearing a simple cloak, black pants, a white shirt, and a less-simple white mask adorned with various symbols including card suits, walks to the center of the arena holding a microphone.

"It has been such a long time! For almost a year now, we have gone about our daily, mundane lives without witnessing true action! That changes today! For everyone's entertainment, here in this arena, we will put on a show that is worth even MORE than the tickets you paid for!"

The crowd cheers.

"Yes! Give us your praise! It fuels our will to fight!"

[This is a straightforward fight RP that will require 5 players other than myself to form an opposing team. Best 3 out of 5 wins. Note the rules of this RP:

1. Talking is a free action, and characters can hear each other no matter how loud the crowd is.
2. One hit kills will never happen. The opponent must be worn down before delivering a finishing blow.
3. One of the most important rules: Audience applause acts as a power boost. That means the more you show off and put on a good show, the more likely the audience will cheer for you. If you keep using the same stale move over and over or rely on cheap tactics, they will boo you, and your power will be drained.
4. Victory is gained when the opponent is dead or admits defeat.
5. As much as skill is important, these are more battles of wits. I am telling you now, against my team, conventional tactics and brute force will not work.
6. The doors into the stadium are 10 feet tall. If your character and/or their weapons are taller than that, they do not qualify.
7. Using outside sources such as satellite cannons and the like is absolutely illegal and will be dealt with if attempted to be used.
8. Background music will be provided by me.]

Name your character, the world they are from, their abilities, age, height, and appearance. These characters will reflect yourself, so keep them in tune with your personality. Once we have 5 players, we can begin. Don't be a god mode sue.

This seems interesting, although I have a few questions to ask: 1. Will we meet the other team before the action starts? 2. Is the arena filled with debris/cover or is it just flat and even? 3. Do we get to come up with tactics before the fighting begins?

1. Yes.
2. Flat and even, but covered with dirt.
3. Teammates can take a little time to discuss amongst each other before a round.

Are the fights to the death, or is it just to "win"? If you make someone with strong morals like Batman or someone like that, would they ultimately lose because of those morals?

Look at rule #4. Your morals are your own choice.

I'm up for it. Sign me up!

I'll join. This sounds fun.

sounds interesting enough, sign me up.

I'm up for a game, sign me up as well

Yeah sure, I'm up for it.

Okay. We only need 5 people, so Hafrael, Randm, drmigit, psychictaco, and Jokerboy are participating. Now you just need to enter through the other side of the stadium with a short bio and appearance description.

A man in knight's armor steps into the arena, shielding his eyes from the sun.

"Où suis-je? Qu'est-ce que ce lieu?"

The Frenchman did not know where he was. All he could remember were the horns and drums of battle. His heart pounding, the rush of adrenaline pumping through his veins as he led the charge. Grasping his halberd, he galloped at full speed, cutting down archers on horseback before a spear pierced his thigh. The storm roared above him. Rain water fell softly as he stared up at the sky waiting to die.

It all feels like another life.

He takes off his helmet. The man could not be more than twenty-five years old. His short blond hair reflects the light of the sun. His cold, piercing blue and green eyes scan over the horde of what could only be the demons in the stained-glass windows of his abbey.

"Je sais où j'en suis. C'est un enfer."

He steadies himself. With the horrors he's seen, nothing here shall fright him.

The Oriflamme hangs from the man's right shoulder.


OOC: Forgive my bastardization of the French language. Je suis stupide ètranger.

A man wearing cargo pants, a large jacket with dozens of pockets and a pirate hat enters the arena, his pockets are bulging with what can only be an array of weapons, it dons on the spectators that his coat is not just for appearance, but for function as well. One of the pockets bulged out more than the others, the audience could not figure what it was, but it was tube shaped. On his back were two sub-machine guns as well as two swords under those.

"heh heh heh, this aught to be really interesting."

He played with a small ball looking thing, where ever he was from, it was not earth, and it was not a normal place. He had signed up for this himself in fact, interested in the concept of testing his tactics. In several wars of varying sizes he had assassinated the most powerful of generals.

He looked at the Frenchman and laughed. Hard. He had never seen something quite as flamboyant as dazzling metal armor and it intrigued him. The audience noticed something strange about his knees, they seemed to bulge out like a flea backwards towards his back. The language of the character in front of him was alien, he wondered where the man could be from.

He was informed that he would indeed have allies for this and looked around for them.

Damn, just a little too late. This seems like a great idea though.

A man in baggy jeans, trench coat and an Irish cap walks calmly into the arena and spies both the frenchman and the one with the pirate hat. Hearing the pirate laughed only served to remind him never to doubt his opponents.

His sword hung from his back, but not that any of the others could see. The trench coat made sure of it. It also helped that he had a pistol strapped in the jacket, in case things got hairy.

The crowd cheers, making his heart beat faster, adrenaline flooding through his body already. Having spent some time in prison, he was used to having a crowd cheering for blood.

The gates opened for the next person to enter. Whether or not it was friend or foe, he would have his eye out for them.

The knight turns toward the stranger.

"I should not be surprised to find an Englishman in Hell. Et un pirate pas moins. Bah!"

He glances at the pirate's weaponry. The swords on his back are foreign, and deadly sharp. He appears to carry two of some form of arquebus, more advanced then any the knight has used. The weapons themselves are more compact, and the clip attached to the bottom, he assumes, is used for the carrying of balls and powder. There is no visible match lock. The firing mechanism must be internal.

Another man steps out. Irish, by the look of him. His long coat covers everything below his face.

He checks his own weaponry. His sword is gripped in his hand and his shield rests secure on his back. The dagger his sister forged for him is carried on his waist. A hand cannon remains holstered beneath his banner, taken from an English coward during the fight.

"These weapons...so primitive" he mumbles to himself. Then he remembered that his arrogance has been a detractor before so he quickly began checking out his opponents for weaknesses.

He could not see what the man who just entered was holding, but he had to assume the worst. "Assume automatic weapons and most likely some big ass sword." His prior experiences rang in his head. He was wondering where the other three fighters were. From his watching of this show, he knew there had to be six fighters. For now, it was safe to make some small talk. He walked up to the Irish looking man. "So where are you from? You from another period like shiny over there?"

(No. Only 5.)

(I control the crowd. I promise to be fair though. I'm pretty sure there's no one who knows who the hell psychictaco is.)

"Something tells me this is going to be one-sided. Allow me to introduce a couple of MY assistants. Hey! Two of you come out here!"

Everyone in the stadium feels slight shaking in the ground.

Two extraordinarily large men walk into the light from Karutomaru's side, shaking the earth with every step.
The first looks to be some sort of 9 to 10 foot tall brute with hands so large it looks like he could hold a man up with one alone.

The second one is covered in thick armor, standing at about 7 feet tall.

Karutomaru looks at the two with his smiling plastic mask still on. He walks over to the large ape-man.
"This is-"
"I am Hideyoshi Toyotomi!"

A group of a little over a dozen men in the audience wearing armor cheer.

Karutomaru runs over to the armor-clad character.
"Do you want to introduce yourself too?"

The armored man says nothing.

"He's just a little shy. This... Is Bui! Hahaaaaa. These two guys alone are among the most powerful people I know! All of my teammates are taken from different worlds and different realities, and fight for the rewards I offer them! I'm just too good!"

Hideyoshi "lightly" presses down on Karutomaru's head, to which Karu turns around to face him.

"Aaaaah, but of course, I won't be the one doing the work here, will I? You two and the other two are the ones who deserve the credit. YOU're the ones doing the brawling."

Hideyoshi looks down on Karu.

"And when our work is done, you will keep your promise?"

"Of course! Why wouldn't I? It's not like you're asking for my life. BUT... remember... If, for some reason, two of you guys lose and the other two win, I'll be forced to fight, and if I fight, I might die, and if I die... my rewards die with me. So don't lose."

"this just got fun" the pirate hatted man said. "Since we are in the middle of introductions, I shall introduce myself! You may refer to me as Tradx, I am not sure where the others are but I sure this will be most enjoyable." Those poor aliens next to me probably won't stand a chance. Just like Mardin Prime all over again. He thought to himself as he looked for his remaining allies.

"I am Adrien of Hyères. Servant of the House of Valois. If it is a fight you want, I shall give it to you."

"My name is Dante, servant to no one. I walked the plains of my world, looking for a challenge to die with some honor. Hopefully, I will find it here."

His eyes scanned the battlegrounds, waiting for any slightest action by his opponents

Karutomaru stands with his arms crossed and his head down.

"How long is it going to take for the rest of your team to get here?"

"Pardon my ignorance, but shouldn't you know? This is your game, I presume."

OOC: PM the guys who didn't get on the list.

"This may be my game, but it's YOUR team."

"Oh yes, of course. Je suis arrivée et j'ai été disgracié. As if I expected you to show courtesy."

Karutomaru walks over to the other group on the opposite side of the arena and looks at Adrian.

"Hoy. Eego wo hanashite kudasai... Furanzu no bakayo."

Karutomaru walks back to his team's side.

Adrien shrugs his shoulders.

"I think he likes me."

Dante chuckles at Adrien's comments

"If he REALLY liked you, he wouldn't have made us have to kill him."


Adrien shakes Dante's hand.

A new figure enters the arena.

A tall...man? Yes man. He has ashen skin with a purplish hue that seems like natural armour that covers his entire body. His eyes are golden, and his pupils are black slits.

His fingers end in vicious talons, and attached just above his wrists are blades that fold like those of a praying mantis.

On his back are two skeletal wings that fold, and can be used offensively to spear his enemies.

He silently looks at those around him and speaks in a booming voice.

"Prepare to bow down, meagre creatures..."


Adrien shakes Dante's hand.

Dante gave a hearty laugh to the Adrien. He had a feeling he would enjoy fighting with him.

Tradx snaps out of his trance of observing the imminent foe and casts his gaze back at his team, a new one had entered at some point. "Well this guy sure looks interesting" he said almost under his breath. He was tired of waiting, he could probably shoot one of the people in the crowd if that were an option...was it? Probably a poor idea to ask as the damned chip in his head gave him increased power if they cheered for him and he would prefer not to give them a reason to boo him instead. He saw the two swordsmen being friendly with one another and it made him curious to see what exactly they could do. Being melee in this would be a serious disadvantage from the looks of his opponents and he for sure did not want to be at the receiving end of a punch from the big guys. Their armor sure was bulky too...he reached around and flipped a switch on his guns changing the round type, he would need to.

(You don't need to go into that much detail. Just explain what you do. Anything else you can act out.)

"Have another fighter to show do you? Well so do I. Both of you come out."

A very large and muscular man walks out of Karutomaru's side of the stadium.
"It's about time I got some attention. Let's go."

Behind him, an equally large man covered in armor and holding a mace trods to where the others are standing, making an audible clank with each step.

"I'm just as ready."

Karutomaru strikes a pose with his hand up.

"And so am I! Let's get this fight started! Don't worry about your only 4 members. As long as your fifth teammate joins before the fifth round (if there is one), you won't be disqualified! Aren't I fair? Now then... Choose your first participant!"

"Tell ya what, since there are less of us right now, why dont you send the first guy in? I have my sights marked on someone right now..." While he could hardly stand the itch of it all, that someone seemed like a challenge and since everyone else used blades...

"Which one of us wants to go first? They look as anxious as we do to get this thing started."

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