Karutomaru's First Fight RP

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"Tradx 2.0 is merely the same person times two. Since he is not a new competitor, he does not qualify. THIS guy, on the other hand, is perfectly legitimate. I don't know how you all contacted him, but I hope you explained the rules."

Tradx 2.0 whips out a giant needle and sticks it in his arm. The reader calls out "Due to void Tradx being from another dimension and only similar in genetic build up, this being is in fact not the same creature as the original Tradx from this dimension, therefor, he is in fact a new competitor and Karutomaru is full of crap."

Tradx 2.0 thanks the analyzer.

"Do you really want to insult me?"

"It is science sir! Science insults you! If you would like you could conjure up another Tradx and we could become Tradx 2.5. Does that sound fun? Either way, we now have two eligible competitors both itching for a fight, perhaps a 3 way battle royal is in order?"

The audience cheers at the prospect.

"This is rich. Do you two know how ridiculous you sound right now?"

"I blame the man hiding behind a robot pissing his pants afraid of two bug people. Am I right audience?"

The audience seems to be caught up in Tradx's fervor and agrees with everything he says, yelling wildly.

Arklixarnathixlikaicrinax appears to look at his watch, even though he doesn't have one. He cannot help but wonder what he did to deserve this.

Tradx jumps on to the wall and begins to march.

"Come on audience! March with me to Karutomaru and we can tell him ourselves! EINS ZWEIS DREI! EINS ZWEIS DREI!"

The arena fills with audience members booing hissing and yelling, they all start chanting "Drei-Wege-Kampf! Drei-Wege-Kampf! Drei-Wege-Kampf!"


The audience's boos and screams at Tradx get louder and louder as the audience-unknown demonstrates his arrogance after being released from a penalty. Tradx 2.0 can feel his body weaken. As he walks along the wall, audience members throw stones and drink cups at him.

"I think it would be better if we had a 3 on 1 tag team match instead. Of course, the starter will be your new member."

Tradx is amazed at Karu's self image as he is not even aware that the audience is booing at him. Of course he can not feel the robot weaken as he himself is not the robot but it really is amazing to Tradx 2.0 who feels empowered with the audience.

"There goes Karu with his delusions of grandeur again. How sad and pathetic."

The analyzer chimes in, "Very sad Mister Tradx sir!"

(Very very last warning. Don't godmod. Realize you're the most arrogant, impolite person here.)

(See, if you continue to retcon what I do, I will retcon you back, this back and forth is not helping the rp at all. Truth be told, this all started with me attempting to get the RP on track by starting a fight and for some reason you decided not to go along with it and instead start this bullshit. If anyone here is being uncooperative and godmodding it is you. I have not been godmodding at all, please show me where in the getting the audience to come down and demand something I was godmodding. Realize that I have been moving this RP along and you are the one dragging this out.)

(Then don't retcon. You have been. Do it again and be killed off. The audience despises you. Your character has a rotten personality, tried to cheapshot the person running the thing before a match even began, they have no idea who you are as a person, and you're acting like you're king of the world.)
A couple of biankies wheel out a large spherical device with yellow plating on its sides. On the front of it between the platings is a grated hole, and on the top, a clear glass dome.

(They came here for a fight, you have been stalling and delaying for the past half hour while they sit there and do nothing. Who would pay to watch Karutomaru and Dante sit down and talk about robotics and their planet in a fighting tournament? Why would they sit back and not want a fight to happen? Tradx is simply offering them what they paid to see in the first place. There is no indication that he is despised at all based on his actions as he has been a real show pleaser throughout. They realize that I am the guy who makes pretty lights and have been attempting to give them a show and have been willing to follow along. Just because you don't like what I am doing gives no indication as to what the audience would want. On top of that, my little story bit had no real impact on any character, you are the one who decided to make it have an impact on people and have been for quite some time. This whole godmode bullshit always starts with you.)

The audience clears out in awe and takes a seat, Karutomaru's robot is back at normal power again.

(I will make you an offer, we go with what has happened so far and just get this fight going, when the fight starts I doubt any of this will keep happening.)

(You sound like a war-hungry psychopath. These may be fights, but that doesn't mean we need to be uncivilized. And Tradx may have been entertaining during his fight, but over time the audience started to see his true colors. Everything has an overall impact. It's not like they're cheering for Karutomaru either. They don't know what to think about his lack of participation or his substitute.)

The Gizoid turns to Ark.
"Let's go over the rules. If you want to tag out with anyone, you must simply touch the palm of their hand with your own. Until then..."

The Gizoid runs a full lap around the entire stadium with lightning fast speed, taking only 2 seconds. It leaves a fine, moderately deep gash in the dirt about 7 feet away from the walls.
"Those who aren't tagged in are not allowed to cross this line. If you do, you'll be penalized... Or worse. Any questions?"

(Everything he has done has been pro audience and he has done more to entertain them than Karutomaru, so why would they side with Karutomaru over Tradx? Simple answer is that they would not. Watch reality TV for a day and tell me that the people don't love an asshole if he is not being an asshole to them. Tradx has never done anything wrong to the audience and thus they have no reason to turn against him. As it stands right now, under my continuity nobody got hurt so leave it at that.)

"Sounds fun, I am fresh and so is Ark, How are you feeling Adrien? In my current form I believe I am significantly faster than the Gizoid but all the same this is going to be tough. I suggest Ark goes first since he has seen the least action so far. Tag me if you need some help."

Tradx moves over to the side of the wall and gets ready, his four arms reach and grab their individual swords, each one like the two he had been holding the entire time. His pockets were too numerous to count with multiple bulges coming out and two very large ones located at each breast pocket. On his back were four guns again like the ones he already had been using. He slammed his cap and his trademark goggles came down and made a quick glow of a magnificent green.

"This will be so much fun."

(To make the new Tradx's abilities clear, his old form could jump at Mach 6. I got that math because I gave him flea legs and after taking all the statistics of a flea, how long it takes for a jump to occur, etc etc, a human would be jumping at about Mach 6 for less than a second. Tradx jumps now at double that speed, so mach 12. Which is about two miles per second. Obviously his jumps don't go that far but if he were to continually jump that is the rate he would be moving. Aside from that, his arsenal has been doubled along with some new toys from the void.)

(New toys from the void? How is that possible? He couldn't have gotten anything there. There was literally nothing.)

"Your arrogance and recklessness knows no bounds. I don't know who's worse. You or Uvogin."

(The void is used as a weapon, and I would imagine you are not the only one to have used it as such. That would mean in his time there, he could have come across various dead people who had been sent there who knows how long ago and taken their weapons.)

"Maybe we should tag team and be awesome together. Too bad you diddn't hire me, I would have been way more fun! Also I would not have lost unlike our hospitalized friend."

(Nope. Just a bottomless hole closed off to the rest of it. Besides, Karutomaru doesn't like to send people there, and especially not keep them there. He only uses it when he doesn't want to kill someone.)

"Uvogin will find a way to overcome gasses in the future. His potential for strength is unlimited. Besides, he's a likable guy if you get to know him."

(meh, fine. Remove the void toys then, it was nothing particularly important anyway,)

"Possibly, but still dumb as a stack of bricks. Had he thrown that rock and attempted to kill me, he would not have lived to get resistant to my gas. Or at the very least he would have lost his ability to see due to the gas getting in his eyes. Of course this robot is immune to gas, though not as horrifically tanky so I think I will have a lot more fun. Maybe I will get to use more of my arsenal than my crowd control weapons.

"The Gizoid is more powerful than any tank."

"You misconstrue what I mean, being able to take a direct hit from my sword is so absolutely insanely resistant to physical damage that I would call Uvogin damned near invulnerable. Whatever magic Uvogin used to enhance his durability puts him way past the Gizoid in those terms."

Adrien has no idea what is going on, having tuned out Tradx and the game master's fight minutes ago. He slips away from the arena floor and explores the stadium.

"We'll see."

While wandering through the halls populated with various audience members coming and going, Adrien passes by a figure in a dark purple robe with a peculiar eye on the hood. The figure just stands there, leaning against the wall. Adrien's sight is brought to a large wristwatch-looking device on the figure's wrist.

"... Interesting."

Adrien retrieves a deck of his own cards.

"Care for a game?"

(From where? His pocket? They'd be burnt, bent, or otherwise destroyed after the fight with Bui!)

Arklixarnathixlikaicrinax crouches lower, picking up a handful of sand and letting it slowly seep throught the gaps in its glove.

"Coward?" it clicks, mockingly.

(Randm, you're lucky I'm letting that slide.)

Back on the stage.
"Don't sell yourself short."

The masked Gizoid stands in the center and clasps his hands together.
"No need for weapons. Let's see how its martial arts has improved."

Tradx hops on the wall and has the audience start to chant.


The audience gives him an A.

Give me an R!

the audience gives him an R.

Give me a K!

The audience gives him a K.







they continue down through his name until all the letters are finished.

GO Arklixarnathixlikaicrinax!

The audience spits back some incoherent word that sounds nothing like Arklixarnathixlikaicrinax

The audience continues to loathe Tradx.

"As soon as you cross that line, the match will begin."
The Gizoid punches its palm.

"Ah. I see."

Adrien puts his deck away and continues his stroll.

As the audience cheers to Tradx's continued leadership, they start throwing garbage at the Gizoid, telling him to get on with it.

To the surprise of everyone, Tradx 2.0 responds in Japanese as well.

はいばかさん。 はじめましょう。

(Try to falsely manipulate the crowd to your side just one more time. I dare you.)
"名前はばかさんじゃない. おれはかるとまる! カードのおさま!

Karutomaru's declaration of his title gets the crowd riled up before the metaphorical gauntlet is thrown.

Tradx then has the crowd do the chicken dance as a celebration of his awesomeness. Afterwards he invents a new dance involving giving Karutomaru the middle finger. They comply and do the new Tradx dance, continuing the throw garbage at Karutomaru's Gizoid for inciting their hero's wrath. Tradx then pulls out a Kazoo from his pocket and plays the Benny Hill theme on it, slowly speeding up the dance in to a climax where they all yell YOU SUCK to the Gizoid. He is so drained now his mother has felt the disturbance in his lack of powers.

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