Karutomaru's First Fight RP

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Using the blood on Hideyoshi's palm as a lubricant, Dante attempts to free himself from his grip.

While doing this, he attempts to kick off the helmet, using his steel-toed boots.

(uuuuuuhhhhh.... Helmet?)

Isn't that what he has on his head?

(That's hair.)


Ok, he aims for the lower portion of the face, then

(I have a better idea)

Dante swings his foot upwards, attempting to kick off Hideyoshi's "helmet". The foot merely brushes against his bizarre hair.


Dante kicks again upward on Hideyoshi's chin with adequate force, and Hideyoshi does nothing to avoid it. Hideyoshi's chin goes straight up, but otherwise he doesn't react.

Karutomaru clenches his fist with enthusiasm.
"When it comes to brute force, my team can't lose!"

"So I see."

Dante quickly reaches into his coat, and pulls out a grenade from the inside.

"Have some fun!" he yells, as he throws it toward Hideyoshi

Hideyoshi blocks with his left hand. And is briefly engulfed by an explosion. In a small smoking crater, Hideyoshi steps out.

Karutomaru snickers.

"The guy blocked an exploding cannonball as big as he is. You thought that puny thing would do any good?"

"Motherfu-. How the hell am I supposed to stand a chance against this guy!?"

Dante reaches again into his coat and pulls out...

(OOC: I'll let you choose the weapon)

(No. That's your job. You'd better have something good and use it strategically.)

Dante pulls out a crowbar from the trench coat, and stays light on his toes, ready for his opponent to move

"Do you really think that little thing will make a difference?"

"It's the small happenings that lead to the destruction of an empire."

With all his might, Dante heaves the crowbar in a circular arc, directly aimed at Hideyoshi's eye.

Hideyoshi casually grabs the crowbar out of the air and bends it with his single hand.

Karutomaru yells at Hideyoshi from the sidelines.
"Hey! Hideyoshi!"
His voice briefly becomes deep and bloodcurdling.
"Finish him!"

(Sorry, but this needs to be put: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdPoKlCsHZo)

Dante quickly looks from side to side, to find anything else he can use against the tank-like man

"I am giving you your very last chance. Surrender and live to see another day, or be killed right here, right now."

"I am not sure I can let this happen, ugh... dante..."

"Go for the balls!"

"should I save him if it comes down to it?"

"Let him fight. He knew what he was getting himself into."

(If he dies, he'll be booted off the RP unless by some miracle someone resurrects him through some means, which wouldn't happen anytime soon.)

Dante was prepping his blade with poison from a vial he had from his coat, when he heard the offer given to him.

"Thanks, I guess... but I cannot."

Dante leaps into the air, the blade aimed at the cut he had given Hideyoshi earlier.

Hideyoshi simply blocks the blade with his gauntlet. Again. (the cut is on his right palm).
"Never recklessly attack unless you have the power to back it up!"

"Now, how about that?"

Dante attempts to run behind Hideyoshi and attack from the back.

"You're nothing compared to a ninja!"
Hideyoshi does a quick 180 by twisting his foot (you ever do that?), and puts his fist down mid-rotation without it touching the ground, somehow causing an upcropping of narrow rocks to shoot out from behind him in a path made by his fist. Dante narrowly jumps back. Afterward, Hideyoshi sweeps the rocks out of his way.
"What's that you have on your sword? Poison perhaps? How dare you fight with such dishonor! I shall kill you here!"

Dante drops the sword, and throws knives that he stored in his coat, at the base of the arms and at the shoulders.

Hideyoshi successfully swipes away two blades while the other two loosely lodge themselves in each shoulder. He doesn't seem to react to it.


Dante, swallowing his pride, kneels on one knee.

"You have beaten me fairly. I surrender."

Tradx buries his feet in the dirt, watching the man towering over Dante intensely.

Adrien whispers softly to Tradx.

"What is the plan?"

Dante looks at his teammates, and says this to them

"Mates, you guys have been some best people I ever met. If I am to die here, remember this: Hold the Line. Win this thing for yourselves, and be merry."

Dante proceeds to sit down on the ground.

"Today would be a good day to die... the crowds, the weather, etc. It's pretty nice."

Dante then looks at Hideyoshi's eyes, straight on.

Tradx says softly "I am going next, and how I mark it depends on what hideyoshi does here..."

Hideyoshi pulls the knives out and looks at Dante with fury.
"You made the wise choice."

He walks back to his team's side, where Karutomaru is drooping in disappointment.
"I was hoping we'd see a fatality.... Wait... Maybe we still can."

Karutomaru pulls out touch pad and fiddles with it.

Uvogin looks over his shoulder.
"You got something special in mind?"

"Yes. Our prisoners will make for a spectacular blood shower. In the meantime..."


A group of humanoid robots armed with shovels and pickaxes walk onto the arena and start to fill in the craters and break up the rock upcroppings.

Dante looks up for a second, and then goes to his teammates corner

"Prisoners? What's that all about? And sorry we got off to a bad start. Guy was like hitting a steel wall."

Tradx lowers his stance, he walks over to Karutomaru and says, "Alright that cuts it, im going next and I know who I want to fight." He points to Uvogin and says "You look interesting, unless your master would prefer to send another lamb to the slaughter?"

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