Karutomaru's First Fight RP

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Onox flies straight up into the air just enough to escape the sandstorm.
"Now there's only one direction he can strike from."

OOC: I thought the arena was only 10 feet high?

Using the sandstorm to mask his movements, Nex rushed over to where Onox's flail was stuck in the wall.
Calling on the roar of the crowd, he was able to remove it from the wall. It's heft was not to be underestimated.

It took him calling on his vast reserves of strength, but Nex began twirling on the spot with the massive weapon, the momentum building until it was moving as fast as was physically possible.

All this action caused the dust to disperse, revealing his whereabouts to the beast.

(The DOORS are. There's no roof.)
"I see you."

Onox spews a large stream of blue fire directly at Nex.

Nex saw what was coming, but Onox did not.

As the flame came closer, he released the massive weapon, it sped towards Onox with vicious speed, it's trajectory cut path through the fire, that Nex was quick to exploit.

He flew after the flail, beating his wings with every ounce of effort. The flail emerged from the flames, and it went straight for the beast.

The ball goes straight into Onox's mouth. Onox, shocked, falls to the ground on his belly. Dead(?)
Only his stomach twitches and jiggles.

Nex lands on top of the beast's abdomen, his blades extended.

"No mercy"

He began a series of violent stabs and slashes at Onox's stomach

"Well, that worked...I think."

"I don't think anyone will miss him."

As Nex continuously sliced open Onox's belly, one of the openings spews forth a violent smog of purple gas. Nex backs away coughing.
The gem on Onox's head glows, and his cuts vanish.

Nex recoiled in shock as the wounds knitted themselves.

He saw the light emanating from the gem, and proceed to attempt to stab his wing at it, piercing straight through it into Onox's skull.

Onox gets back up at once and glides over the audience before quickly spitting the iron ball out.
"I'll bet you didn't expect my weapon to spew poison gas."

"You're right, I didn't..."

Nex examined his surroundings, pondering over the next course of action.

"I grow tired of these pathetic games"

He looked over at his teammates.

"I don't suppose any of you could suggest anything?"

Onox's arm stretches out, and his hand slams Nex into the dirt.

"Hitting him in the brain or the heart would make him unable to use his healing move..."

"Or you could just hack him to pieces."

"Onox!" Karutomaru yells.


"You may want to consider using the darkness technique!"

"No! I have him on the ropes!"

"Yes, but he's resistant! If he figures out your weakness, he'll probably win! Finish him quickly!"

"That or...maybe the gem is a giant glowing kill me light? Maybe if you break that he wont be able to heal if that is possible."

"Why didn't I think of that?"

Onox scoops up Nex and holds him in his claws.

Nex extends his arm blades, cutting Onox's fingers, and causing him to loosen his grip. Taking advantage of the situation, he climbed up Onox's arm and use his wings to stab him in the eyes, whilst using his forearm to pierce the shining gem

"Yes, that's the ticket."

The second sword slides against the gem and only scratches it.
"I think I see what he means."

Onox whips his head and flings Nex off of him. His eye heals. Onox glides to the other side of the stage above the audience and faces Nex.

"I didn't want to have to do this, but it's the only way to be sure! I've got plenty of energy, so this shouldn't be fatal."

A dark presence surrounds Onox. As if some malevolent essence were consuming him. Nex can see black flames trickle out of his nose.

Karutomaru looks on.
"He's going to do it... Ha! There's only one person who has EVER survived this attack, and he's on MY TEAM!"

"I have a feeling their team is composed of braggarts."

OOC: Jeezus, not again.

OOC: Oh no, not again. I guess this is postponed...what a shame

OOC: Karu says to continue the RP while he sorts this out, also, Hideyoshi and Bui arent braggarts.

"Three out of five spoil the bunch."

"I have hidden depths as well!"

Nex stares directly at Onox, his hand beckoning to him.

"Come at me, if you dare!"

The air around him begins to ripple and fade, the very reality around him is warping

Onox cranks his head backward as flames spark out of his mouth.
"Now you..... DIIIEEEEE!!!!!"

With his last screaming breath, Onox unleashes an immense stream of black and purple fire in the shape of a dragon. It roars with a deafening low voice as it heads directly for Nex. Onox falls to the ground on his back in exhaustion.

"We win." Karutomaru brags.

OOC: As of now, karu is sending me messages of what to post.

As the flames of oblivion head towards Nex, he raised his arm blade, and calling on his reserves of power, slices the air and cuts a hole in the very dimension itself .

Nex then proceeds to walk through this hole, vanishing from sight. The flames hit empty space.

A slash of light appears above Onox, whilst another appears on the opposite end of the arena. Nex appears from the latter .

" Fool... Did you really think you stood a chance? Feel my wrath ... "

He raised his hand, the hole above Onox began to widen and shake, it began drawing in everything around it, including the now still Onox .

Onox starts to float into the hole along with a good deal of the audience, who are trying to get away. A number of audience members boo Nex for disregarding them, slightly weakening him.

Karutomaru doesn't seem fettered.
"Don't worry guys. I think we still have this one in the bag... I really should have banned dimensional bending, but I didn't think anyone would be cheap enough to."

"I have no idea what just happened, nor do I want to know."

"The game's over, I am the victor"

Nex calmly strode over to rejoin the rest of the team, whilst the black hole engulfed Onox.

Karutomaru wags his finger.

"Uh-uh-uh. Onox has yet to give up or die. Until one of the two happens, this match is still on."

"Then tell me when he's dead. This fight feels like it's been going on for an eternity"

"Onox will be considered dead when I see his unmoving carcass on the arena floor. Until then, you are still in this. Get back onstage."

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