A City Adrift: An RP of Tyranny, Superhumans, and Eldritch Abominations

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Here's my first crack at a character sheet. Let me know if anything needs fixing.

*High Five*

Yeah, you really need to be in on this. Message to GM, pick this guy, please!



Here's my first crack at a character sheet. Let me know if anything needs fixing.

Love it. The whole take on the matter from a religious stand point is quite well thought out. I never would have though to take it that way. May the lord bless this profile with his holy light. I just imagine ever post opening with...."In the year of our lord 1930, something ungodly swept across the great city of New York. A portal, opened by Beelzebub himself, unleashed a new kind of horror upon the city. An unholy horror that cursed many of the lords chosen. I was cursed with this sin as well. Yet with this sin, I shall do the work of the saints."

Hmm ... Alternate history, 1930, Tesla-tech RP in which we play Super Heroes who will eventually fight incomprehensible Eldritch beings in a world without physics.

... I'm excited. I'm gonna throw a weird one your way. I think he'll fit. Let me know.

Here's my sheet for now, I'll work on his background later.

What the -fuck-, Khedive. I thought Kingston was the only one taking peyote. That said, I think I can guarantee you a slot. This will be very, very interesting.

Alright, I'm probably going to start this RP on the 1st. (Mah birthday) Anyone still wanting to join, drop your sheets in the bin and I'll examine them.

Oh dang, here's my sheet for what it's worth.

Give me a poke if there's anything you'd like me to change.

"And Eisenhower became a spider."

Ahahahah. So many of these characters are just fantastic. This looks like it's going to be a fun group.

"And Eisenhower became a spider."

Ahahahah. So many of these characters are just fantastic. This looks like it's going to be a fun group.

I feel my chances of getting in are now rather slim.


"And Eisenhower became a spider."

Ahahahah. So many of these characters are just fantastic. This looks like it's going to be a fun group.

I feel my chances of getting in are now rather slim.

I feel the exact same way. Stupid lizard man. Should've given him a top hat.

And also, damn.

Ooh I can't wait to play my Irish-American, former surgeon, former florist, turned necromancer enforcer, with suicide headaches. And see how he stacks up to everyone else. Also if you've got a problem with descriptions of gore/ the undead, you might want to only skim my combat posts.

I withdraw

Three things, Evrant. One, no, you do not get to make up abilities throughout the RP. As the RP progresses, characters will grow stronger, yes, but each evolution will be a collaboration between me and the player. Two, change Shadow Form. He can go into it once per encounter. If he's already blown it and he gets into serious danger, he can't just shift into it.

With bloodsucking, he can't absorb souls. Recent memories and knowledge related to them, but he can't walk up to Tesla, drink his blood, and suddenly become a genius on par with Tesla.


Three things, Evrant. One, no, you do not get to make up abilities throughout the RP. As the RP progresses, characters will grow stronger, yes, but each evolution will be a collaboration between me and the player. Two, change Shadow Form. He can go into it once per encounter. If he's already blown it and he gets into serious danger, he can't just shift into it.

With bloodsucking, he can't absorb souls. Recent memories and knowledge related to them, but he can't walk up to Tesla, drink his blood, and suddenly become a genius on par with Tesla.

Very well then, if there is still time, (since its currently 8:33 AM GMT when I edit this message), then I can redo this character.

Finished this in between fretting over research papers. It was a welcome distraction, but I really should be getting back to those...

Just in time (I hope)

One year to the day since the Shift. One year to the day since the city was cut adrift into her new, hellish universe. But Manhattan still stood strong. Her beauty had worn away, replaced with scars and decay, but she still stood triumph. Dark, cold, and brutal, but strong.

For some of the city, this 'night' would be a little less cold than the last, but no less brutal. In the central districts, a massive blast tore apart the street under the Empire State building, spraying concrete in all directions.

Within moments, the City Defense Forces and Hearst's own Elite Guard moved in, securing the area and beginning the search for the culprit. But the only evidence they'd find was one revealed by the blast - an entryway into a tunnel network. One side was collapsed, but the other appeared mostly clear.

Within the hour, Team Seven arrived - the nominal albeit highly doubtable leader, Arthur Rockefeller, Master of Magnetism. Murphy Kingston, team medic and lord of the dead. Novy, the Illusionist and his...assistant Eisenhower. Cedric Malony, the unit's chaplain, besides his more esoteric skills. Frank, the heavy lifter. Marika Skarbo, the scandinavian Ice Queen. Lord Edward Faraday, the group's technical specialist. And Morgan 'Morrigan' James Ashley, the infamous Crow Girl. The eight of them formed the new Team Seven. Perhaps the most powerful of the seven superhuman teams formed to date, but also the least stable, owing to the fact that it was formed mostly of castoffs and rejects, the people unwanted by other teams for one reason or another.

Mayor Hearst's instructions - relayed down the chain and recieved from Colonel Alan Bauer, their usual handler - were quite simple: Figure out who the hell had set off that bomb and make sure they never do it again. Bauer had added 'With extreme prejudice', as was his wont.
Their first assignment. Crawling around a tunnel looking for a bomb-wielding lunatic.

This was going to go -swell-.

* * *

The Team stood assembled under the shadow of the Empire State building. There is a massive hole blasted in the concrete, leading into a tunnel. The entire area has been cordoned off by Hearst's Elite Guard, men in black armor carrying various Teslatech weapons. Colonel Alan Bauer is here. Captain Eric Lansing, commander of the Twelfth Guard is here.

Exits are to the South and Tunnels.

First thing Murphy noticed when he stepped out of the car was the giant gaping hole in the ground, for obvious reasons. Second was that it had been two days, three hours, and 27 minutes since his last head-ache, and he prayed for another day. Third, someone had moved all the bodies away, he was thankful for that. Despite his title as a surgeon and the abilities that had been given to him, it had been years since Murphy could look at a corpse without feeling nauseous, he had simply seen too much of it all.

He retrieved his brief-case and hat from under his seat, and checked to see if his Luger was loaded and ready. He was nervous and his shaky hands showed it, he had no idea what was waiting for them down there. He stalled for a few minutes by pretending to check his gear before he began to focus on the matter at hand. He got as close as he could to the blast without having crossing the guard line, and took a good long look for himself before searching for Colonel Bauer.

"Colonel, do we know if those tunnels are part of the subway network?" Murphy asked, hoping that they at least had an idea of what they were walking into.

Cedric stepped through the circle of guards and peered down into the jagged hole. Whatever the purpose of the tunnels it opened up to, he believed it was unlikely to be a noble one. He could see Dr. Kingston speaking with Colonel Bauer a bit of ways off and considered joining him. The hole looked safe enough though, it couldn't hurt to search the general entrance for any survivors that may have been missed. Without really consulting anyone, he entered the tunnels. The culprit was likely already long gone thus Cedric had little to worry, so long as he didn't venture too far that is.

He took a moment to examine his immediate surroundings just inside the tunnel entrance.

Measured, militant, marked and slightly manic steps stole Novy with absolutely no delay to the nearest frontiers of the cement carnage, rubble and rivets reminding of the boundaries between civilized post-apocalypse and the dark rift to the world below. A thin haze drifted aimlessly at the border, the derelict remains of overpowered masonry taken to the air in fear. The dust clasped to Novy's navy blue peacoat, but its owner was past the ring of ruined street in a second and perched low leaning on his bent knees, not quite sitting, never quite sitting, staring frozen into the darkness of the tunnel.

Novy stared through the blinding dark. He had to call it dark, it wasn't blackness anymore. The pale green light of his world's new sky changed every color on the ground, just lightly. He'd had a fresh apple a month ago, the silhouette of things that shone was never white anymore, but green. The shadows, what few of them there were these days, all held red affections. Novy didn't suspect in his wildest dreams that another member of the city had noticed. He hoped that maybe somewhere in a dark corner of a dark room there was an artist that knew exactly what he was talking about and was equally excited to see everything, everything, in this new city. As it was, Eisenhower didn't even see the difference. Then again, Novy didn't know if spiders saw in color... Now black and white vision ... that would be a fascinating way of seeing things ...

Novy focused away from the gaping hold to see the rest of his team. He tried to see them in black and white, and then remembered that he probably shouldn't. He heaved a deep sigh of frustration before straightening his legs and returning to his stark straight posture. He couldn't even imagine freely these days. If he saw anything clearly, it became that way. And that made everything he saw someone else's problem. It was infuriating. He'd been in this city too long... Far too long ... How long had it been? ...

It wasn't clear how much time passed but Novy knew he hadn't moved and when he felt Eisenhower's prickly leg poke him caringly in the small of his back he noticed that his fists were clenched. Novy loosed his fingers and breathed deeply before turning around to see Eisenhower, his front right leg still suspended in the air, prepared to deliver a second poke. The huge white spider's deep blank eyes seemed to suggest to Novy concern. And so he answered appropriately.

"No. But I will be alright. Thank you."

Eisenhower stared for a moment before lifting himself higher off the ground, straightening his legs beneath him before returning to a comfortable pose. The former US General twitched his fleshy fangs and turned in his odd rotation to face the hole directly.

"I agree." Novy said. "We may get lost. Will you lay a line? Take the eastern wall and we'll stay toward the left."

Eisenhower tensed noticeably and shook his abdomen and when he'd finished comfortably there was a silken puddle on the ground beneath him that sprouted a spire of pale smooth cord the thinness of a human finger that ran all the way to the tip of Eisenhower's abdomen. The spider raised and lowered one more time before taking the drop into the tunnel, stalking down the wall effortlessly and turning to follow the curve of the tunnel. Novy slid down the incline ungracefully but unharmed and landed near the off black darkness. The edges of Eisenhower's white form glowed minutely in the dying green light.


Novy and Eisenhower enter the tunnel. Eisenhower remains on the wall. Novy draws his hook.

The slow, heavy stride of Edward's MASC armor brought him to the edge of the tunnel as he too peered into the gloom. While sturdy the armor was hardly stealthy and in those tunnels its metallic footfalls would echo long and loud wherever he went. Combine that with weaponry that had "accuracy" as a secondary trait and Edward could foresee that caution would not be ill-advised. Once Kingston had spoken to the Colonel, Edward decided that he ought to volunteer as the pointman if not the rear guard.

"Looks like quite a spot of bother doesn't it Reverend Molony?" Edward's voice was tinny and muffled from within his suit as he yelled down at the fading figure of the priest as he went into the tunnels.

"Unless the culprit is insane, the blighter probably would have legged it even before the explosives detonated but then again gross destruction of public property is hardly the doings of a sound mind." Edward was about to continue when Novy and his giant arachnid companion descended into the tunnel. Sometimes he wondered where the man found such a specimen, Australia? Edward had heard stories from friends that the wildlife there had to be seen to be believed. "Hmm, I think we better follow the good Mr Novy before he and the General get too far ahead of us. Captain Lansing do you or any of your men happen to have a good portable light source, I would be obliged if you would lend it to us for the nonce."

The British lord stood at the edge of the hole as he awaited the rest of his companions. Considering how difficult it was for him to climb up and down surfaces, he thought it would make more sense if he waited for everyone else.

Bauer shook his head at Kingston. "I sent a patrol into the tunnels. It's pretty slipshod. Best guess it was probably done with pickaxes. 'cept for the entry point which is pretty big - no surprise, it was obviously blasted out with something big - Tunnel's about wide enough to crawl through until you go about a quarter mile in, when you come to a cavern. Looks to be a natural formation. But my scouts said it was strange. They couldn't describe it very well. Definitely not from our world, though."

* * *

Novy and Cedric were in the tunnels. It's a rough-hewn path cut into the granite. The tunnel is inclined downwards, heading west. A few rats scurry around at your feet, several of them bearing bizarre mutations, like a third set of legs, many eyes, or a secondary jaw. There is a narrow crawlspace ahead, and you can see a faint greenish light at the end of it.

Crow Girl. Not Morgan's favourite nickname, but the one that the aware public-- and even most of the other CDF--adopted for her. She wasn't certain where it came from--as far as Crow Girl knew, crows didn't have tendrils for hair, or blue-tinted skin, or blue eyes, but the long talons and kleptomania sealed the name.

Right now, Crow Girl was crouched at the edge of the crater, peering down into the darkness below. Her usual wear was replaced by more mission-worthy accoutrements: a waxed tan canvas jacket clipped short at the elbows, a pair of jodphur-style trousers clipped off at the knee, various ropes, a pair of goggles on the forehead and a gas mask presently in a bag at her hip. On the other hip sat Grim, her massive revolver.

Crow Girl was a newcomer to the team, and officially sat in the role of 'striker'-- when a threat was identified, it was Crow Girl's job to move in and take it out. This was partly due to lack of any other viable skills. This was also partly due to her tendency to nick any shiny thing that wasn't nailed down unless supervised. And so Crow Girl tended to be kept at the middle of the team's formation unless needed.

Right about now? She wasn't expressly needed, but seeing the two pointmen head on down left her antsy. She glanced up and to the left at Bauer and Kingston's conversation, listening in. She had good senses. Possibly the best. But being jumpy and easily distracted meant she was a poor scout.

"They.. couldn't describe it?" Crow Girl wondered. "Want me to check it out? I'm probably quicker than the others, and, and, I don't have bulky armour or anything. I can squeeze." So eager for action, our little mutant, but not self-assured enough to just act. That's a good trait in a minion. Do what you're told, little mutant.

Arthur emerged from the car to see a scene littered with both rubble and with members of Hearst's CDF scurrying around the debris. He walked carefully over to the lip of the hole where Novy and his... pet... as well as Cedric had already climbed in.

"It's good to see you following protocol," Arthur said sarcastically down into the hole. "At least Crow Girl here has the decency to ask permission before she leaps in." He leaned his head back and sighed, knowing this berating would have little to no effect on his comrades. "Don't go any further at least or I'll see to it that you end up back on the streets where we found you. Except for you," he said pointing at Eisenhower. "I don't care if your vermin wants to go scout ahead, in fact, I'd welcome it." It was Arthur's personal hell leading this team of filth and degenerates. He clenched his fist and raised a bolt from his pocket and began to make it slowly orbit around his hand, a method he'd found quite useful for dealing with stress.

He turned and faced in the direction of Murphy and Colonel Bauer and shouted, "Murphy, what do we know?"

Cedric heard an unintelligible muffled shouting of words from behind him, most likely Edward. "I'm afraid you'll have to speak up Mr. Montgomery. That contraption of yours seems to be hindering you once again." Cedric was convinced that mish-mash of technology Edward wore was going to either get himself or one of them killed one day.

Novy and his spider companion, Eisenhower, were soon in the hole with him as well. Their commander berating them for taking initiative shortly after. He quelled his aggravation with Arthur and instead turned his attention towards the tunnel, where Eisenhower was perched along the wall further ahead. "Your companion," he began addressing Novy, "I seem to recall you saying that he was once human. I've seen some rather interesting mutations in the last year, but none so complete as Eisenhower's. Did he...suffer during the transformation?"

The tunnel below the massive building looked cold. Sure it had been opened up with a flash of fire, a massive of explosion, but all that remained after the fact was a cold husk of a cavern under the towering skyscraper. The broken stone and the faint drip of water, probably from a pipe broken during destruction. It added up to one thing in Marika SkarbÝ's mind. Home.

A year. How could it have gone by so fast? And I am still no closer to returning home. Or getting these accursed runes off of me. Even with the great power afforded to her by housing the ancient markings all over her body, Marika still wanted them off. They marred her skin, they marked as something not from this time or place. She looked over at Crow Girl, she was fidgety, waiting for the opportunity to push forward. The scales, feathers and generally unnatural combination of features only reminded Marika one thing. It could have been worse I guess.

The "leader" Rockefeller was barking orders already, with threats of homelessness to back it up. Ha. How can you make such threats. I am already homeless. Amazing you feel superior just because you can twirl some metal around and come from a rich family. Money doesn't equal power. Not here. Shame you still haven't learned that.

Marika edged closer to the hole, peering down. The spider was already down there, scuttling around. Marika wanted to go down there, but her place in the team demanded hanging back, playing defence. It irked her, this was not her role back home. In Norway, she traversed caves twice as dangerous in hopes of finding neglected artefacts. She worked best alone, not enjoying a proper partner since her dear father was taken away from her. But then again, Norway didn't have mutated beings of horror waiting below.

Marika turned to the leaders and Rockefeller, still debating on what exactly they were doing here. "Can ve get someting figured out soon here? It vould be best to go after who or watever did dese tings as soon as possible, ya? Get anoter of deese forsaken monsters off de streets? Or out from under dem?"

Angela stood behind the team leader barely hiding her distaste for their supposed leader.

'Such a disrespectful man, reminds me of that bastard Edison. Thank god this job pays well or I wouldn't bother putting up with him'. She thought before walking over to look down the hole, contemplating following those who had already climbed down purely out of spite for Arthur. Eventually she thought better of it, if only because it might endanger one of the few sources of decent work left in her opinion. Hearst owned this town, and being apart of it was enticing to her even if it meant putting up with their leader.

"I have to agree with Marika. I think it would be wise to continue with the mission as opposed to bickering over the order in which we climb down the hole." She replied as she looked over it.

If it would not have taken a certain amount of undue effort, Edward would have cradled his head in his hands. People standing next to him generally could hear him just fine but it was clear that the priest was too far away to make out what he had to say. The first chance he got, Edward swore to himself that he would install some sort of audio device to make his voice heard as more than a tinny echo. Along with dozens of supposed improvements that he had for his suit, this one might as well be stillborn. Resources were scarce enough that he could hardly justify using precious metals on what was ostensibly his personal accoutrements. Even if one of them was "make it possible to turn my head when in armor".

Guilt tugged at him again when he heard Angela's voice. The details were sketchy but Edward understood that she had been in the employ of Edison during the tragic accident that killed him and burned down his lab. The woman had been in that lab and it was by the grace of God that Angela was alive to talk about it. Edward had always thought of the rivalry between his mentor Tesla and Thomas Edison as some sort of great game. Faraday money had helped fund Tesla's research and Edward himself was a participant in a duel of intellect between two scientific greats of their era. The thought that someone had come to bodily harm was sobering and Edward could not help but place some responsibility on his own shoulders. First the portals and now this. They were just two men of like minds trying to tame lightning much like how the Wright brothers had allowed men to fly. Surely no harm could come of it and yet the consequences of their research seemed to be so much more sinister than they had ever envisioned. Where had they gone wrong?

Shaking off his maudlin thoughts, Edward flipped the two catches that held his helmet down and doffed the bulky thing with a hiss of released pressure. "My apologies Reverend Molony," Edward yelled in the faint hope that the clergyman could hear him. "Do keep Mr Novy and the General in sight. We will hopefully be with you shortly."

Turning bodily to address the three women around him, Edward decided to take advantage of the fact that his helmet was off for the moment. It would make conversation easier at the very least. "After our intrepid leader has seen fit to dispatch us, would any of you require assistance climbing down?"

It was a question rooted in his sense of gentlemanly conduct. Morrigan could leap down far more adroitly than he could while Marika tended to be very independent minded as far as Edward knew. He honestly had little idea how she would react to such an offer, the Norwegian rationed words as if they were diamonds and Edward's understanding of her character was pretty scarce. As for Angela, the chains of guilt meant he was rarely all that comfortable in her presence in the first place...

"I'll be fine," said Crow Girl, cheerfully. "I'm more worried about Novolovy and doctor mister priestly-fellow! I'm sure they'll be fine and won't have their flesh ripped off in bloody streamers by flesh-eating sewer rats, though. I mean, they do have a giant spider, after all."

Experimentally, the mutant tiiiilted forward over the edge of the hole, remaining anchored around the edge simply by virtue of her talons' grip on the broken concrete. Those huge blue eyes stared down into the darkness below.

"So, boss," Crow Girl turned her head toward Arthur. Strange angle, that. "Assuming they DID go off ahead, should I..?"

Novy stared down the dark thinning passage with all the entranced severity of a mouse presented with a mouse trap. It was right there! All the ... anything he wanted! He'd been above ground for a year now! Sure, he'd altered portions but it all still looked like it belonged above ground. The things he might find underground ... well ... they would belong underground. It was hard to explain, but Novy just couldn't look away from all the things he couldn't see.

The echo of their cantankerous leader echoed down the tunnel. He was threatening homelessness. Novy didn't really pay it much mind. Arthur Rockefeller was upset. He was always upset. That was his way. Novy doubted that this little, really almost minuscule, display of disobedience would excite Arthur to punishment. Novy had already gotten away with so much. And it had only been a week...

The pressure on Novy's forward foot lightened just lightly. He'd go quick. It wouldn't be a big deal. There was so much empty that way how could he not go inhabit it? And the rest of the team would catch up. Maybe he'd just ... change it a little. Just a little. He could almost see-

"Your companion," The cleric, Cedric, proposed from between Novy and the darkness. He was arguably in Novy's line of sight. The blue peacoat tightened as Novy breathed a sigh of abandoned frustration. The man had broken his concentration. Novy was probably staring at him. People always take that so indelicately, it wasn't a big issue. Novy always associated people's discomfort toward -

"I seem to recall you saying that he was once human. I've seen some rather interesting mutations in the last year, but none so complete as Eisenhower's. Did he...suffer during the transformation?"

Novy blinked cogently, flustered... Had that been a single sentence? Novy suspected he might be guilty of impoliteness. So he locked eyes with Cedric.

"... I'm not certain. I wasn't there. When it happened I was out purchasing produce. When I returned to our lodging he had already changed. I found our mirror and all of our light bulbs shattered along with all of our linens ripped, there were sheets of something resembling shredded skin on the ground and Eisenhower was perched on our banister beneath the window... He was smaller then of course..."

Novy directed his attention away from the priest and to his oldest friend.

Very slowly, slightly somber, he declared "... I suspect it hurt..." On the wall Eisenhower raised and lowered lightly. The pair sat perfectly immobile and perfectly silent as nothing filled the air. Eventually, Novy returned sharply to Cedric.

"Do you know if Arthur Rockefeller has the authority to fire us? Hearst organized our group didn't he?"

Before Cedric could answer Novy had turned and was shouting up to the remains of the team. "Mister Rockefeller? What is the protocol for adoption and termination of crew members? Is there a book of statutes I could read through?" Novy returned his attention to Cedric. "I'm fairly certain he doesn't have the authority to fire us."

Against the wall Eisenhower flattened, twiddling his fangs.

Novy's eyes narrowed. "... Perhaps you have a point."

Murphy wondered briefly why Arthur didn't just ask Bauer to repeat himself, but he had a feeling it had to do with keeping up an illusion of delegation, " The tunnels were dug by hand, it's a lot small than it looks, there is about a quarter mile of of crawling before it opens up to a cavern, which seems to be natural but not from our world. Which I assume means it wasn't there when the island shifted." He told Arthur anyone else listening, "I'd suggest bringing a flash-light."

Without paying Arthur any more attention Murphy went about preparing to enter the cave himself. He found some supplies left by the first team who went in, and helped himself to a flash-light, two flares, and a miner's helmet to replaced his hat.

Since we need a Character Listing, here it is. Can't fit it in one post, so had to break it apart.

"Not as much information as I'd like, but it'll do. Edward, get down there and see if you can fit through that hole, if not, carve out something you can fit through and take point. "Arthur turned to Crow Girl. "You go in behind Edward, you, he, and Frank should be able to handle any trouble that comes at you." Lastly he turned to Angela and Marika, practically feeling the hatred of his very existence emanating off of them. "Angela, you join in with Cedric and Murphy, you three should be able to hold out longer than the rest of us should something happen. Marika, you, Novy, and I will bring up the back while, hopefully we'll be able to put up a shield should something follow us in. Lastly, the vermin will take the rear, it should be able to mark the way well enough."

Arthur turned and sighed, it was really a 50/50 shot on whether or not they followed his orders, they just saw him. It seemed to him that they were unable to comprehend his rules as being to their benefit, after all, even these ingrates had their uses and he couldn't just have them dying off.

"Alright now we are getting somewhere." Angela said before looking to Edward.

"I would take you up on the offer but it seems you go in before I do. Thank you though, not often someone remembers to be a gentleman these days." With that she pulled her flashlight out of her backpack, waiting for the others to climb down before turning it on to follow. Though if it took too long for her liking she left the option open to simply climb down and disobey an order.

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