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Kinda hard to do that when they're supposed to be some kind of engineering gods. I don't know what it is about them, but they still scare the hell out of me.

Quintus nodded, the Geth had been a fearsome galactic mystery for centuries, and only now was that starting to change. "Just wait 'till you meet one of the big ones, giant sentient tanks, with a plasma cannon for a face." Althought it was unlikely to qualm her fears of the Geth, at least this way she'd have some warning if she ever came across an armature.

He leaned back, getting caught again in the action unfolding before them. Although for the most part, they hadn't worked together before, they were overcoming that admirably.

"Hey! Who's been stealing my popcorn?"

"Umm..." Adam seemed quite concerned with the 'theft' of his popcorn, and Quintus was unsure how to respond, maybe this was an individual thing, or maybe this was a cultural affront among the foreign Humans. He gestured vaguely in the direction of Lt. Crown, "I think she said that she was grabbing a handful, I didn't think that it was a big deal." He said, hoping to defuse what might be a situation, or maybe just Adam being naturally loud.

"Hey! Who's been stealing my popcorn?"
"I think she said that she was grabbing a handful, I didn't think that it was a big deal."

"What he said, you just left it out there for anyone to take. I just took advantage of its open position." She smirked at the man as she ate the final piece of popcorn in her hand.

"Just wait 'till you meet one of the big ones, giant sentient tanks, with a plasma cannon for a face."

"Wait a sec, you mean to tell me...they come bigger than that? Oh, we've just stumbled into a right happy and beautiful place. And here I thought the Brutes and Prophets were the worst things I'd see in my career."

Everett had stuck to the cover along the eastern side of the area that Red Team was currently in, keeping to the shadowy areas to avoid detection. The security in this area looked a lot smarter, their patrol routes were alot more wide covering, leaving few opportunities to get a quick and quiet entry/exit point.

Looking over the schematics of the target in front of him, the exhaust port of the Wraith would be the easiest spot to deploy the plasma grenade. Timing his run carefully, Everett activated his camouflage, and quickly ran towards it, ducking behind a crate to allow him to cover more ground. Fortunately, the Wraith appeared to be not moving, having its weaponry facing frontward. The shadow of the mortar tank allowed him a bit of privacy, meaning he could toss the grenade in, before making his way back to cover.

"Sir, the package is in the mail slot." Everett said quietly over comm link to Jastis.

"Taking advantage of the situation, my left testicle," Alan replied grumpily, getting his bucket of popcorn into a more secure position. Right on his lap, where nobody could pilfer from it. He looked around accusingly, as he went back to nomming on his popcorn, and keeping an eye of Lt.Crown, as she slowly massaged his salty balls with her mouth.

"And if we lose biotics, we've won plenty of battles without them."

"True" Sarah said "it's still a concern though" she said as she motioned her team to move out, coming to what looked like some kinda loading zone "nice wide open area, yeah, probably a sniper or two here" Sarah commented having a look around.


Jastis signaled to Everett that he got the message. Just then the grenade exploded and engulfed the Wraith in a fiery demise. "Kenneth now!"

With a quick charge up, Kenneth unleashed his biotic powers on the enemy group below, as they felt an increased pressure of gravity.

The grunts were easily forced to the ground, as the elites stumbled and fell to both knees, gasping at the sudden gravitational increase.

The brute fell to one knee and but was slowly getting back up.

"Get your asses moving before I get tired out!" Kenneth breathed through the comm, his mind more concentrated on the enemies below.

SSG Murphy

"nice wide open area, yeah, probably a sniper or two here"

Murphy went prone and looked out. What he saw was not pretty. The nearest cover was about thirty meters away, and a rooftop looked like it was home to snipers. Pulling out optics, Murphy confirmed that there was at least one sniper.

"Sniper, high right." He said, eyes not leaving his spotting scope.

Ground forces consisted of two elites, about six grunts, and four jackals. Murphy's jaw clenched. He squirmed his way back to the team and relayed the information.

"Here's what I'm thinking. Eli, give me two of your grenades. Luna, on my go, use your magic shit to throw me across the bay and into the wall on the other side. I'll drop the grenades as I go. They'll all be shooting at me, so you guys should have an easy enough time picking them off. The sniper is silhouetted, so it's an easy shot for Mee."

Murphy looked at group. He knew the plan was crazy, but in war crazy works.

"Sound good?"

"if you go something you can use to keep Murphy from getting shot full a holes i suggest using it" Sarah added

"just give the word" Sarah said as she readied her self to move

Alan blinked. He seemed to have lost sight of all the people in the VR room, except for two, who were looking equally puzzled at the disappearance of the rest of the players.

"Hey! Where the hell did everyone go? Is there a episode of Brute Balls in Jersey Shore on?"


Jastis quickly shot both the Grunts killing them before they could react, but the Elites were quick to do so, but with the weight of the biotic on them it was hard for them to even bring their guns up or move. Quickly he began to shoot at the Brute but its shields were holding. "Lincoln! Me and you aim for the Brute! Take him down!"

Everett quickly saw the Biotic display that Kenneth showed, managing to slow down the enemies to a crawl due to their increased sense of gravity. Jastis soon gave the attack order and took out the two Grunts, whilst he and Lincoln then focused on the Brute. Thanks to the gravity, the Elites were having trouble getting their guns out, and Everett decided to capitalize on this. He aimed at the first Elite that crossed his sights and began firing at them.

"Kenneth, whenever you feel like doing so, give me a hand with these Elites, please." Everett said over the comm link.

"Kenneth, whenever you feel like doing so, give me a hand with these Elites, please." Everett said over the comm link.

"Roger that...." breathed out Kenneth again. Reaching for his Mattock, the biotic field lessened in intensity as it allowed the Elites to grab their weapons with a bit more ease. Top 15%... Time to show them what for! Kenneth then fired at the Elites with his rifle.

SSG Murphy

Murphy turned to Luna, tucking his weapon close to him in what resembled a bear hug.

"Alright, launch me!"

Kenneth had lessened the biotic field so he could reach for his rifle; this had the unfortunate side effect of allowing the Elites to grab their. Everett had managed to tag one of them in the shoulder and head, causing them to disappear amidst a flurry of holographic pixels, but was beginning to get shot back. Fortunately, he had postioned himself behind cover so he wasn't feeling the heat as much.

A well placed grenade had managed to scatter the remaining Elites, meaning that their shots wouldn't be so focused on a single point.

"Come on Everett, you can do this; they are just simulations." He told himself as he continued to shoot back.

the Asari began to glow pale blue "hold on Staff Sargent" as she lift Murphy up and tossed him across the loading bay to enact his plan


Mee was setting her self up next to Eli to snipe the snipers

remained at the ready, waiting only for the first grenade to drop before she opened fire

Lincoln-Geth-VR Room

"Acknowledged!" Lincoln responded as he switched for his shotgun to take down the brute. Since his shotgun could be charged he took advantage of it as he ran towards the Brute and got as close as he needed. He fired at the Brute and caused him to stumble. However, when Kenneth weakened the field the Brute was able to grab his weapon and fired on Lincoln. Lincoln ducked behind some cover. The Brute was much less affected by the Biotic Field and slowly was able to get up to Lincoln's cover and grabbed him by the head of his platform.

Quickly Lincoln activated his Omni-tool and shocked the Brute by the head until he was released than ran to another piece of cover and continued firing with his shotgun.

SSG Murphy


Time seemed to slow for Murphy as he flew across the open space. The grenades dropped out of his hands and he thought he saw one of the land near a jackal. Murphy twisted his head to spot the landing that was coming all too quickly. And every gun was pointed at him.

Murphy hit hard, rolling across the hard surface of the loading dock. The dock was polished smooth, so he slid a distance before coming to a squealing halt. His head spun from the impact, but Murphy had already spotted where he wanted to go - a group of boxes that looked they would provide pretty good cover for a while. Sprinting to them, Murphy ducked into cover just as the air around him became charged with plasma, most of it flying towards him. Closing his eyes, Murphy cleared his head and stopped the spinning.

"Well, that won't get me any points with the ladies." He thought to himself as he readied his weapon. It was a fairly ungraceful performance, but it got the job done. Murphy could only hope that his teammates would take down the OPFOR before he was turned into an ash pile.


Mee opened fire on the sniper soon as Murphy was air born, taking the top if its head off in the process. "Sniper down"


after throwing Murphy, Luna brought her rifle up and the grenades exploded, taking out one Jackal and four grunts and wounding an Elite. Luna took aim at the wounded Elite, finishing the job the grenades started.


Sarah took out the remaining grunts before focusing on the Elite, she had an idea for the remaining Jackals "try and push the Jackals into each other so they got them selves covered from both sides" she turned to Mee and tossed her, her Plasma Grenades "Mee, cloak and sneak around, and crater them when you have an opening"

SSG Murphy

As soon as his team opened fire on the OPFOR, the fire on Murphy lifted. He broke cover and saw that the Elite was taking fire, so he scoped in the target and joined in. The shields quickly broke, and the Elite dissolved into nothingness soon after. Now the Jackals remained. Murphy stayed still and focused while he waited for Mee to take them out.


Mee caught the Plasma Grenades, hit a button and vanished from view. she snuck around and waited for the Jackals to be in a favorable position and with all the fire they where taking it didn't take long. she activated and stuck both PGs and took cover before the exploded, taking all 3 out in the process.

when the smoke cleared she de-cloaked and walked out a bit giving a friendly wave


"how you holding up Murphy?" she asked as she approached Mee, giving the female elite a pat on the shoulder as she past, meaning it as a 'good work' gesture.


Luna followed Sarah, though still looking around in case they missed something

Quintus broke out laughing. When confronted by such a problem, only a human would decide Being thrown into the air, through a hail of enemy fire is the best solution. Of course, that was what made the difference in the Reaper War, because you could never anticipate crazy.
"Hey Alan, you never mentioned that humans can fly where you come from," he joked, still trying to contain his mirth.

SSG Murphy

Murphy stood as Sarah approached him.

"How you holding up, Murphy?"

Murphy laughed, "That was fun. Just like dropping from a banshee." He rolled head back, and his neck popped in protest of its recent flight and impact. In fact, much of Murphy's body ached most of the time, and recent shenanigans did nothing to appease its protest. "But let's not do it again."

Murphy moved to the side of the building and set himself up to breach through the door. He signaled to Sarah that he was ready, then turned and waited for her hand to go up on his shoulder and squeeze to tell him to blast through the door.


Sarah chuckled,"no? well so much for the 'flying staff Sargent' strategy she said sarcastically as she got into position behind him rifle at shoulder level and at the ready, hand on his shoulder, then gave a light squeeze as soon as Luna and Mee where in ready position

"Wait, what?" Alan asked, as he saw a Elite totally crush the Spartan-IV who had been creeping up on him. "Spartans are supposed to be awesome!! Why is that one being pasted by that damn split-lip!"

Everett continued to fire on the scattered Elites, taking out one and weakening another. He looked over and saw that Spartan Jastis and Lincoln were busy dealing with a Brute; who despite taking damage that would kill most things, was still standing. Kenneth, despite being effectively new to these soldiers, was handling them well.

"We've almost got them Kenneth, just a couple more to go." Everett remarked, not noticing that the Elite he had injured earlier had stood up, activated his Energy Sword, and was heading straight for him. Briefly switching to his pistol, Everett fired shots at the Elite, hoping to pierce its shields, with little luck.

A moment later, the Elite leapt at him, causing Everett to fall on to the floor, and a Energy sword just inches away from his face. Thinking quickly, Everett kick the Elite in the chest, causing it to stagger; giving him time to recover, and kill the Elite with several shots to the head.

'Well, you were certainly a tough one.' Everett remarked, as he went back to the other Elites.

OOC: Once more, this time with GM approval.

As the UNSC Broken Destiny continued its course to Ronokis, another, much smaller ship, not much larger than a fighter/bomber dropped out of FTL with a blue flash some distance ahead. In the dark cockpit, a humanoid figure sat in the pilot's seat, running its hands over the control holo-screens and hummed with satisfaction as it noted the co-ordinates given.
"RV point reached. Now, where is Rafik?" It said to itself in a low pitched voice with a curious reptilian buzz. As it steepled its ten fingers together and waited patiently, the onboard VI chimed up.

"Incoming signature detected 15 points to starboard." The pilot glanced up sharply at the display.

"Allegiance?" He snapped.

"Unknown. It does not appear to belong to any ship of the Illuminated Primacy, nor any of the Council races. In fact, it does not match the energy signature of any ship on the databases at all."

"Curious. Could it be Rafik's vessel? I did not think the human had the brains to steer clear of patrol ships, let alone alter his signature."

"Do you wish to investigate?" The pilot considered this question.

"Yes. But we must be discreet. Shut down all drives and unnecessary heat sources. Scan them from a distance."

SSG Murphy

Sarah's hand squeezed his shoulder and Murphy went into action. His foot planted on the door frame and he sailed inside, making a hard right and driving that corner. To his left, he heard the crack of a rifle, and heard rounds spin by his head. He didn't bother to look, that was Sarah's corner. In front of him was a Jackal, trying to get behind a shield. Murphy never slowed down as he gunned down the jackal, then turned towards the center of the room, staying in his fire zone. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a Spartan engaging Sarah. Murphy kept driving forwards, gunning down another Jackal, clearing his area.

"Clear" He shouted.

Murphy's attention shifted to the Spartan, who's shields were already dead. It looked like Sarah was engaging. All in all, about five seconds had passed.

She is fucking good. Murphy thought to himself as he pressed in on the Spartan.


Sarah took a hard left and came face to face with another Spartan and opened fire instantly, the Spartan's shields registering the hits as 'he', pulled back around the corner for cover 'they're getting smarter' she though as she had no choice but to give chase, switching her rifle to her odd hand as she ducked around the corner, her shields taking a few hits in the process, she continued firing till she saw 'his' shields give out. by then 'he' drew a combat knife, and lunged when her rifle 'clicked' signaling it was empty 'right, knife, your in my house now asshole'. in one fluid motion, she took a half step back, grabbed the hand the knife was in twisted around the enemy Spartan and, buried the knife in the back of 'his' neck, with 'him' still holding the knife.

"Clear" she said as the Spartan dissolved while she reloaded her rifle.


Mee went up the middle, quickly dispatching one of two Elites with her Energy Daggers before it could get a shot off.


Luna was in the door, as Mee took one Elite, she dispatched the other with a full clip to the head "Clear"

As the small personal cruiser turned to face the Broken Destiny, the pilot leaned forward in his seat, his black eyes widening in shock.

"Arashu's mercy, that thing is enormous!" He gasped. "What race could have built such a machine?"

"Records do not provide any evidence for construction on that scale. If it is organic in origin, then it belongs to a race not previously encountered by the Council, or any organistation of the Terminus systems." the VI informed him.

"It dwarfs anything I have seen before, even the largest Reaper battleships." The pilot said, more to himself than the computer. "But it doesn't look like Reaper design. It is closer to Systems Alliance models if anything, but they don't have the capability to produce such a ship, do they? Could it be an independant organisation?" His caution was partially overcome by curiosity and, overriding the VI's control, he sent a brief pulse through the thrusters, causing his ship to drift closer.


The Brute fell to the ground bloodied and dead. Everett had taken out an Elite and the remaining were quickly finished off. Once they it was clear they regrouped once more and pressed on forward. Instead of simply continuing on the top, they went underground into the complex. Then they stopped but not after a Jackal spotted them from above, it had just been out of his VISR range and thus undetectable. Jastis ducked from one round from the Jackal and shot it with his BR killing them. The place was on alert now.

They entered the next room, a large open area with various machines hanging about and some on the ground. Alongside many crates and metal boxes lurking about to make for cover. From out of cover an enemy Spartan arose with two Elites, one Brute, and two Jackals. "Alright," Jastis spoke on the COM channel to his team as the rounds of plasma and bullets rained down on them. "We don't have much choice here. I am going to distract those Elites and Brute, the rest. Act on your own free will, take down that Spartan and Jackals."

He jumped out of cover and shot at the Brutes and Elites whose shields took most of the damage but it worked. They began charging at him while the Spartan and Jackals went for the rest of his team.

Captain Nassa

"Captain!" One of her crew spoke aloud.

Nassa walked over to the Surveillance Officer. "What is it?"

"For a moment I detected something ahead of us, a faint heat signature but then it vanished."
Nassa crossed her arms. "Vanished? Can we get a visual on it?"

The Officer nodded his head and after a half-minute they got a visual on the screen. It was a bit away but the camera zoomed in. It was a small vessel. "Orders?" He asked.

"Hm... They didn't say anything about this, going to assume the council has no idea who that is. Try and get me in contact with that ship."

"Yes Captain, and if it doesn't hail?"

Nassa thought for a moment. "If it doesn't then we will have to take matters into our own hands."

When the comms system started beeping, the pilot of the small cruiser started almost hard enough to knock his head on the low cockpit ceiling. Even as the light flashed and the beeping continued, he first noticed the heavy armament running along the flanks of the hulking ship, and then the name USNC Broken Destiny stencilled in big white letters near the bow. He thumped a clenched fist down on the armrest.

"Damn! They're military, I knew it!" Typing a series of quick commands into the GUI interface, he swung the bow of his own ship around with a single quick burst of the navigating jets so that it faced away from the ship, ready for a quick getaway.

SSG Murphy

"Sarah, we're all clear!" Murphy called out.

Suddenly, Murphy froze, signaling for the rest to do the same. From the hall at the far side of the room came the familiar heavy steps and grunts of a brute. And it sounded like he wasn't alone. A moment's listening revealed that there were at least two brutes on the far side of the hall. Murphy looked up to Sarah, she had heard it as well.

"What's the plan, boss?" He said walking up to her, changing his magazine.

Captain Nassa

"Captain the ship is escaping! I suggest we send out a Longsword." The Officer told the Captain.

"Do it, send Spartan-032 with it."


He had been with Fastina but as soon as he was hailed to go, he left the room without a word. Leaving her confused. Within a minute he reached the hanger and hopped into the Longsword. A pilot was already in it. The ramp closed and they exited the Broken Destiny. They began to close the gap between the ships. Raynor sent another hail with a message. "This is the UNSC Broken Destiny, Longsword, we don't know who you're but we can't let an act such as what you did go without question. Stop, and you will be spared."

As the cruiser set off, the plot glanced up at the rear monitors, his full, scaly lips parting in a snarl. The cruiser might well have had the speed and maneuverability to evade the fighter, but it had no heavy weapons and no countermeasures. In any case, he had other methods for dealing with smaller aggressors besides a hard dogfight. Grinning mirthlessly, he throttled back on the thrust drives and allowed the cruiser to drift freely, before slipping out of the pilot's seat and into the murk behind the cockpit.

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