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"Oh, right. Introductions. Hi, I'm Alan Worthington Armstrong William Michael James, but most people just call me Alan. For some reason they seem to find it more convenient." Alan held out out a hand for Mee to shake.

Paynor allowed his smug grin to leave his face. "Hmmph. It'll have to wait until I'm at my best again, or I've had the chance to kill a few things to get the blood flowing."

He snorted. "We've all got our problems, commando. Alcohol is the easiest way to deal with 'em, although I prefer killing things. It's been too long since I've killed something."


To engage you in conversation.

*In the back of his mind, he hopes he's doing this right. He's not exactly the most fluent with humans at times.*

"Pleasure Alan. I have a feeling that we'll be good acquaintances." Mee said shaking his hand as she had seen other humans do. she then walked over to the range after grabbing a few mags. The sangheili gave the SRS99 a quick look over and loaded a mag, setting it back down.
"What do you use?" she asked.


A feeling crept into Luna's gut, one she had felt before the reapers invaded. She never told anyone about it, she would either be called crazy or... well who could guess. The asari had always thought it was the implants amplifying her powers to feel weird things. They were extremely powerful implants after all, a bitch to get too.

Before she even realized what she was doing, Luna was nearly dragging the Krogan away from the bar. "You'll be doing something similar soon enough if i'm right." she said dragging him towards her hover car.

"Nice to meet you Mee, my first Alien buddy. Who's only short-comming is her poor choice in weaponry."

Alan gave the sniper rifle a nasty look. The sort a central colonist would give at the scent of the cow farms on the outer colonies. "Well I don't use no chicken-shit rifle like that, I use a proper man's rifle. Gods very gift to mankind, the M-45 Shotgun. Firing 8-gauche shells, this is the gun for a true man like me." He lifted the shotgun up like a mother nursing her baby, stroking the smooth black metal like a tender lover.

He slid a couple of shells into the receiver, and shucked a shell into the chamber. He did it all with a sort of care that seemed inappropriate to the crude necessitates that weapons were usually used for.

With the strange tenderness that he used with weapons, he placed the M45 on the shooting range's platform. "But using shotguns on the shooting range is almost as stupid as that rifle of yours, so when I'm here I prefer to use one of these." He reached up and and retrieved a M-392 DMR from the shelf.

As Alan prepared the Rifle, he watched with interest as Mee mounted her sniper rifle on the shooting range's platform. He wanted to see how good a shot the alien was.

As mee got comfortable, she shouted an order to the dumb ai in the range. "Max range, multiple targets, unknown number, blinder. confirm."

The sangheili looked through the sight as a blinder made of black paper came down. A couple of seconds later, it slid up for ten seconds before coming down again. She had memorized the location of each target, then held her breath. Three shots rang out in rapid succession.

She stood up and squinted at them as the blinder came back up too. Soon the targets were being move closer to them for inspection. The first one had a massive hole in its forehead, the second had one in its chest and the third one had a hole where you'd rather not have one, specially if you were a guy.
"What do you think? I was a centimeter off on the second one."

To engage you in conversation.

"Riiigght, well, mission accomplished."

Sierra closed her locker and walked up to the towering Elite. She wasn't sure how to proceed, they were a strange race to fight against, much less become allies. She was so absorbed in that particular moment, attempting to understand why this Elite seemed to be trying to be so friendly that she didn't hear the Captain's warning that they were about to hit slipspace.

She was thrown across the room as the drive engaged, and hit a pile of boxes uniformly stacked against the wall.

I never lose my concentration this close to a mission. Something didn't feel right about that jump this time, and I don't just mean this hit.

Alan winced at the final target. "Now that there lass is just plain dirty," he commented, pulling the targets down one by one and giving them to Mee to keep as prizes. After that he set himself up in a firing position. Legs apart to shoulders width, leaning forward ever so slightly. He readied, with touch to his nose from his left hand and slight twist of his neck to get rid of a crick. "Okay," he said to the dumb ai. "Give me a flavour of what she had."

Four targets appeared, and Alan put body shots through the very center-mass of all of them. Perfect shots through the number 10 circle. "Just like they taught us back in basic," he said happily, taking down the targets and rolling them up. "You want to continue?" He asked Mee.

"Gladly. AI, give me multiple moving targets, unknown number, Fast, Confirm." She said and nestled back in on her rifle.

Ten oobjects were jumping back and forth across the range, random intervals, sometimes multiple doing it at the same time.

She pulled the trigger once, one object turned to dust. 7 rounds. 9 objects.

Second pull, two turned to dust. 6 rounds. 7 objects

third pull, one poofed. 5 rounds. 6 objects.

Fourth pull, two more gone. 4 rounds left. 4 objects left.

They began to speed up, until they were hard to track to the human eye, human.

Fifth pull, one poofed. 3 rounds left. 3 objects left.

Sixth pull, two poofed. 2 rounds left. 1 object left.

seventh pull, one object poofed. one round left. All targets gone.

A surprise flew straight at them, she squeezed and it spit in two, dropping to the ground.

Standing up, Mee had a a smirk, well as much as an elite could have one. "One mag, eight rounds and 11 targets. Done."

Alan had a rather amused.... or was it bemused, look on his face. He let out a sort of ironic bark of laughter and said, "Oh, yes. That looked incredibly easy. Here, I'll show you how a human does it."

He took a firing position, and again requested another helping of whatever Mee had got. Again, he prepared with touch to the nose with his left hand, and a crick of his neck.

"Okay, go!" He tracked the first round. Turned it into dust.

Second one he got with plenty of time.

Third one he was struggling to keep up with the pace, but he managed it.

Fourth was a lucky shot, Alan had to admit to himself.

Fifth, to Alan it was all a blur. But a cloud of dust replaced the object that had been blurring across the range.

After that, he was out of luck. He missed the next shot, and the next, but after that he got a couple of lucky shots and turned a couple more objects into dust. Then his run was barren, a few lucky shots, but nothing reliable.

He had possessed more bullets than Mee. 15 to her 8, but she had far superior reflexes and hand-to-eye coordination.

Two objects remained on the range. Alan withdrew from his firing position to be met by Mee, with a smug look on her Elite face. "Well," Alan began, trying to think up a smart retort. "With that Grizzly I repaired I could have taken out all those targets with a single shot."

Paynor pulled his hand from Luna's, but kept following. "You know where I can kill stuff? Why didn't you say so, commando?"

He stopped long enough to get his weapons from the bouncer, then fell into step once again behind Luna.


*Eaite' stumbles, but doesn't fall at the ignition of the drive. He sees the human fall backwards though, and he racks his mind for what you should do in a situation like this. Finally, he remembers, and starts to quickly stride towards the human, his hand extended in what he hopes is a peaceful looking gesture.*

"Don't worry, for an engineer you're pretty damn good of a shot. I'll help you with your shot, if you teach me about the engineering of what you can." Mee said, patting him on the back like a friend.

"I'm going to sound crazy, but you're going to have to listen to me. Something is going to happen, but i can't promise what. I want to be prepared, unfortunately when the reapers invaded, we weren't and i lost my entire squad. I don't want that to happen, can you trust me?" Luna said getting into her hover car.

"Eh, I'm too old to be a perfect shot. Just give me a adjustable wrench, some bodge-tape and a can of WD-40, and I can repair anything you want." Alan said with a grin. He placed his two weapons back on their shelves. "I'll teach you how to fix a Wraith tank using only a toothbrush and a ball of yarn." He said with a smile.

silver wolf009:

Sierra looked at the hand the Elite had offered her, and stood with his help. Her back felt a bit bruised, that wouldn't feel better anytime soon.

"Thanks... I don't know what to call you"


Usually your kind changes my name to just, "E". For convenience, I assume.

"Commando, you had me at 'something is happening'. To be honest, I was gettin' bored," Paynor muttered as he climbed into the next seat.

It crossed his mind that this asari might be trying to get him killed somehow, but he was confidant he could take her, especially in the confines of a hovercar. Just turn, bite her head off, and try to switch seats before the car crashed. Simple.

Luna took off in the car and flew towards c-sec. it wasn't that long of a flight. She burst in with the Krogan in tow. She made it to the dock manager and pulled her council badge. "I am in need of a ship for use inside of the council space for the time being."

"Umm.. ok." the turain responded before giving her clearance to an extra terrestrial gunship.

Luna took the Krogan with her and got into the gunship with Paynor. She launched from the dock hoping it wasn't too late.

Raels bounded across the C-sec docking bay. His Salarian legs carrying him as fast as he could, which at the moment was not fast enough. "Move, excuse me, pardon me, lovely weather we're having, out of the way, Genius coming through." His hands pushed and shoved crowds, of Asari, Krogan, and Turian's aside. She'd gotten away from him once. Once was far to many already.

Panting, he finally reached the Docking manager. Rael's pitch black stared hopelessly up at the turian. "A-Asari, commando." He quickly paused for breath. "Asari, blue skin. What am I saying, of course blue skin. Unless change in genetic code. Form of camouflage perhaps. Interesting possibilities." The docking manager coughed loudly. Rael blinked, smacked himself on the forehead. "Yes, sorry, forgive me. Thinking to much, can't help it. Genius. Asari which way."

The Turian pointed a finger a gunship that flying off into the distance. Rael stamped his foot. "Damn, damn, have to find other method of purist." He quickly glanced around. He could relieve someone of their a ship, though he wasn't much of a pilot. "Quarian's, majority expert pilots. 76.9 change of a trained pilot. Need Quarian."


Just before he opened his door to his quarters suddenly the whole ship shook and he hand to hold to keep standing. He shook his head. "Marsiani, Report!"

"Anomaly detected!"

What Anomaly?

Jastis ran to the deck and see everyone trying to get ahold of things. "Captain Nassa! What is going on?"

"We don't know, it just happened! We need to bring ourselves out of Slip-space. Marsiani, what will happen if we do?"

The AI appeared. "We should appear near one of the gas planets in this system. I calculate that we shouldn't have any problems, and it will allow us to really look at what is causing the anomaly."

"Do it! Bring us out of Slip-space!" A huge shake rippled through the ship and the ship came to an abrupt stop. Everyone almost flew forward, but they had no time to tell the crew. Luckily the force wasn't tremendous enough to send people flying.

All the lights went off, but some functions were still working. "Systems check folks!"

"Captain, I have some troubling news, we don't seem to be near the gas planet I mentioned..."

Nassa looked at the AI. "What? Where the hell are we...?"

On a monitor an image came up, it was blurry at first, but then it became clear. Jastis and Nassa looked at it. A large ship like structure with 5 arms, it was quite large, and there were many ships around it. "Marsiani... What is that thing?"

"Unknown, from quick outlooks, it doesn't appear to be forerunner, covenant or anything. It appears to be smaller than the data we have on the Ark, and only 10 kilometers bigger than a Halo ring."

Jastis turned to the AI. "Whatever it is, are all the ships functions coming back online?" As he spoke the lights turned back on.

"Yes, they're slowly coming back on as evident. Ships detected, it looks like they're getting closer."

Fastina nar Nushia

Suddenly she noticed some C-Sec people running across looking in a hurry, and then a news outlet suddenly went on in a loud volume. "We have reports of an unknown vessel just outside the Citadel. Attempts at communicating with the vessel are underway. People are urged to prepare for the worst in any case scenario. Although the ship doesn't appear to be Reaper in any way."

The Quarian's went up to the hologram monitor. An Image of the ship appeared, it was slim, had a very streamlined aesthetic but still looked like it was a prototype, and had almost done like part on its upper middle. Then it zoomed in on the words on the side. UNSC Broken Destiny.

"What's the UNSC?" Asked Fastina.

Malco grabbed hold of a door frame as the ship abruptly stopped. "Ohh crap that can't be good". Seems like screwing around was abruptly cut short. Curious as to what happened, Malco turned on his helmet radio to listen in on anything as to the stoppage.

The Broken Destiny nearly jump into the small gunship, causing her to bank hard. She spun around as the comm's broke into a frenzy. She managed to get a line through to the Destiny Ascension. "This is Luna T'sair Asari Commani, Ti'ala, i want the Destiny's main cannon trained on that ship. I'm linking the targeting system now." she said as the Destiny Ascension swung around to bring her main mass driver to bear on the Broken Destiny.

She swallowed hard and tried to cam down. she raised radio comms with the Broken Destiny."This is Luna T'sair, Asari Commando appointed by the Council. Please power down weapon systems and engines. Failure to do so will result in the complete and utter annihilation of your ship; Courtesy of the Asari Dreadnought, Destiny Ascension. I Advise you listen, for the sake of everyone." she said.

Mee didn't stumble, but she stopped Alan from doing so. "We should see whats going on."

Sierra stood and immediately fell back again as the ship cleared slip-space, and again stood with the help of the Elite.

"What the hell just happened Marsiani?"


Alpha began receiving data from the Geth stationed around the Citadel that a possible threat had suddenly appeared barely a hundred kilometers from the docking ports. He immediately assembled himself again, a fact noticed by the patrons of the bar. He headed for his docked ship, many Geth around the Citadel going to their own ships.

The ship just off the Citadel seemed stunned, according to reports, it was like nothing any had heard of, no kinetic barriers to speak of, though they had a scan that appeared to suggest they had enough power to hold an AI, though it's systems were alien to them.There was no trace of Eezo, or a drive core they were familiar with.

The assembled Geth around the Citadel then sent a single message to the ship,

"We are the Geth, surrender now and you will not be fired upon. Do not attempt to jump through the Mass Relay, your barriers are either down or not functioning, you have no chance to escape UNSC Broken Destiny"


"Captain Nassa, we have an incoming message." Spoke Marsiani to the Captain.

Nassa nodded. "Alright, patch it through."

"This is Luna T'sair, Asari Commando appointed by the Council. Please power down weapon systems and engines. Failure to do so will result in the complete and utter annihilation of your ship; Courtesy of the Asari Dreadnought, Destiny Ascension. I Advise you listen, for the sake of everyone."

"Captain Nassa, That ship is quite large, as a Spartan I normally wouldn't advise surrender, but that ship is large, and we have no idea how much damage it could do. For the sake of the crew, we should lay down our arms.

The Captain spun and faced the large Spartan. "I think you're right, plus, what is this Council, and Asari they speak of? Some sort of group? Relay this message back to their ship, Marsiani."

"We will comply, but we must meet with you.


"Lt. Crown, it appears that our slips-space landed us somewhere unexpected, and we're being contacted by some unknown groups who have a fleet. So we're compiling to their demands and most likely are going to be boarded. We will update you as events proceed."

She left the Lt, she suddenly felt she was bombarded by many rocks, if she actually knew what that felt like. It took her a second to analyze what had happened. Which was longer then it normally took her.

"We are the Geth, surrender now and you will not be fired upon. Do not attempt to jump through the Mass Relay, your barriers are either down or not functioning, you have no chance to escape UNSC Broken Destiny"

Geth..? This is quite interesting, they appear to be sentient machine race... Are we sure were in our galaxy? We surely would have encountered them before...

She decided to send a message back. "We're already surrendering to the Destiny Ascension, Geth."

Luna was beginning to get worried from the small armada of geth forming behind her, until one sent her a blueprint of the ship. "Preliminary scans of your ship show adequate room for our landing. requesting permission to dock in the hangar. Mind those aboard this gunship are soldiers, not diplomats. We will be armed."Luna said, getting a breather ready.


Nassa responded. "Alright, we will meet you there, the way in will be opened." With that she stood up and nodded at the Spartan.

"Marsiani, notify the ship, we have arrivals. And get a squad together on standby in case of anything, me and Jastis will meet with these people."

Together Nassa and Jastis made their way down to the hanger where the door was opening up to let them in, with the new technology, even when it was opened, they could still breath, it was similar to how the Halo's oxygen worked, though it gave off a slight blue light to signal that it was working.

When they arrived, some Marines were waiting outside the door to the Hanger, and some inside, but only Nassa and Jastis moved to the center of the Hanger and waited for the ship to arrive, not knowing what to expect.


"Thank you Marsiani, I will be at wherever we will be receiving the boarders." She took her pistol and strapped it to her leg, no point meeting possibly hostile forces unarmed.


The Geth received Marsiani's message and quickly conversed among themselves, and sent back their own reply.

We will be sending our own representative, AI, we find you...intriguing. Expect a Geth aboard, your organic passengers will refer to them as Alpha, he will be sent in a frigate, expect us shortly

Alpha boarded his frigate and felt a strange emotion he believed to be pride from organic study.
He arrived behind the Asari ship and landed in the hangar on a shuttle from the frigate.

As the gunship came into view, it slowed, until it coasted into the hanger and set down. The door opened to reveal Luna sanding there with a re-breather on. She did a quick sweep of the room with the rifle before putting it on her back. She then did an atmosphere check on the room and took off her re-breather.
"It's ok Paynor, atmosphere is breathable." she said and stepped down.

Mee arrived in time to see the strange blue figure step down and Approach Nassa. "What is she?"

Luna held out her hand to Nassa. "I'm Luna, the one you spoke with Captain Nassa." she said and cought a glimpse of the spartan out of her eye. It brought back memories of fighting Cerberus, an instinctive light blue glow began around her as she remembered tossing one particularly large one off the side of a cliff.

Alpha arrived on the shuttle with two other Geth, Platforms XJ98 and TSE1I0T. All armed with Geth Plasma Shotguns and readied for any hostile action.

He was surprised to see what appeared to be a human, easily the equal of the krogan that came out of the gunship to his left with the Asari in terms of size. Standing next to the human-shaped man, was a woman, apparently human, but until they understood them more, they couldn't be sure. Also there was a strangely shaped alien among them, full armor, but they seemed similar to a fusing of the Turian, Batarian, and a small bit of the Elcor as well.

"Where is your AI, Commander? We wish to speak with it concerning your arrival this close to the Citadel."


He looked at the girl that was named Luna, she was blue, looked almost human, but had a weird back part to her head and had no hair. What was she?

"Nice to meet you... Luna. May I ask what are you?"

As she spoke robot looking creatures arrived and that made both Jastis and Nassa look at each other, and then they spoke. "Where is your AI, Commander? We wish to speak with it concerning your arrival this close to the Citadel."

On a little stand, where there was blue circle pad, Marsiani appeared. "I am here, Geth, I assume you're Alpha?"

"This Platform is known as Alpha to organics, yes, who were your Creators Synthetic Marsiani? May we ask where the rest of your kind are, did you rebel as well? We will happily exchange OSD's should you need them"

"I am an Asari, a citadel race. You are human, the one standing next to you is human i can only assume. Though I must ask them to remove their helmet please, not a formality, but a safety check." Luna said then saw the A.I. "Your ship also has a V.I.? This gets even more confusing as it goes on."

The Asari then began to pick around in her omni tool as it opened. She selected three files and they opened into 3-d holographic images standing on the floor, life-size. The first one was of a husk, the second of a banshee and the third a marauder.

"We are a few years out of a war with these abominations, created by an advanced race. This one is of your kind human." she said as the Husk was moved forward a foot for inspection then slid back. The Banshee then slid forward. "This one is my species, a special group in my species. The other is Turian. They took our bodies and morphed them into those things, so a little precaution for anything or one modified is understood, correct?" she said deactivating them.

Quintus was sprinting back towards the docking bays. Everyone from his Unit had gotten a message about a mystery ship, and after the war with the reapers, no one was taking chances. He arrived, out of breath, to find a team of C-Sec officers had cordoned off the area. Pausing to catch his breath, he identified himself, and asked the Human officer what was happening.
"Don't know anything, just that they aren't necessarily hostile, so with any luck, you won't be needing that." gesturing to the weapons that Quintus carried.
"Old habits die hard, besides, I'm authorized to carry them. When the rest of the squad arrives, tell them to hold here and await orders from either myself of Captain Oraka, I'm going to check this out." With that, he moved off to find out about this alledged "mystery ship".


"I am sorry, but I can't take off my helmet. We have never seen such beings, and you know of us as being Humans. What is this Citadel, Turian, or anything. Where are we exactly?" asked the Spartan.


"I am confused, my creators are Humans, we aren't a race, and we have never rebelled in any sort."

Quintus entered landing bay, and as he surveyed the bay, looking in suprise at the Human bigger than any he had ever seen. "I'm a Turian. Lt. Quintus Arctus, and yourselves?"

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