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Quintus paused for a moment, he had never truly considered the origin of that expression. "Uhh... I don't really know, but I believe that it comes from someone being nervous."

Luna had followed the Captain back to the ship. And was waiting for her and Mee to finish their conversation.

"If it help ease tension, i will gladly do it. Just have Marsiani send me their hospital's location." Mee said standing up. "Now if you excuse me captain, i must go get armored up, i plan on making a few upgrades while we're in port." she said then went down to the armory.

Seeing the conversation had ended, Luna stepped forward."I will gladly answer any questions you may have about asari culture and our involvement with galactic affairs, Captain."

SSG Murphy

Bored beyond belief, Murphy started idly flipping through the tech logs. He noticed that many pages had drawings on them, just doodles of buildings or parks. They were quite good, causing Murphy to wish that he had artistic talent. His communicator buzzed.

Shore leave reinstated.

Murphy leaned his back; he should know better than to piss off officers, but he just loved having fun. The door came open, and Murphy stood in the center of the pathway, blocking it. A young ensign stepped into the engine room.

Murphy looked over his shoulder and called out "Officer on deck!" then turned his attention back to the ensign. "Sir, this is a classified area, I'm going to have to see your credentials before allowing you past."

The ensign sighed, he was used to people snapping to attention and immediately respecting him, but these were SOF Marines, and they only truly respected their own. He pulled out his CAC card, showing that he was allowed in the engine room, with the orders to relieve the Marines floating on it.

"You are relieved, Sergeant." The ensign said, saluting.
Murphy returned the salute. "I stand relived." He turned back to the rest of the Marines looking on, "Marines! Let's go back to that bar!"

A chorus of "hoorah's" met him. They departed, leaving the ensign in the hot and boring engine room. When they reached the SOF quarters, Murphy checked the foward hold log and saw that their training rounds had not arrived. They had a maneuver and re-qualifications scheduled, so Murphy headed to the armory to sort out the mess.

Mee was getting suited up as Sgt. Murphy walked in. "Sargent, taking shore leave soon i presume? Anything i can help you with in the meantime?" she asked. Seeing an elite get suited up in armor was a weird sight, many interlocking parts and weird shapes. This was even more so to account for the female shape underneath it.

Murphy had never seen an elite get armored up, so the sight was a bit of a shock to him. He wasn't whether to blush, laugh, or be reverent. He decided to just relax and go with it.

"I'm hoping to hit the bar soon Mee. You want to come with us?" A Marine asking a Covenant Elite to the bar was basically unheard of, but Murphy figured what the hell. "Also, I came looking for the forward hold Petty Officer, we need our training rounds for re quals. You should come and run the course with us."

"I snipe, the only close quarters i get is with my blades. But i'll head to the bar with you guys after i get medical work done. They want info on my species." Mee said, grabbing her helmet and rifle after putting her energy swords in their leg holsters.

"Do we have to all get stuck?" Murphy asked. He hated needles. "Scout/Sniper was my MOS, then I became a breacher. Hell of a lot more fun than pissing in a jar." He looked at Mee, who towered over him. "You should give it a try sometime."

Murphy turned to head out the door, he didn't want the other Marines to get too far ahead of him on their blood alcohol levels. "I'll buzz you with the bar's location."

Murphy left a note for the Forward Hold, then headed out into the city.


Jastis made his way down to the Presidium commons as he noted it was called. While he did see some other big aliens such as the Elcor, he got many strange looks because of his armor and his size compared to the average human. Plus his armor didn't look like any of the armor that other soldiers were wearing. Though no doubt an image of him had been leaked on their way to the council and had spread all across. He wasn't too fond of getting much attention so he tried to ignore it and think of other things.

Fastina nar Nushia

They had all sat down at a table nearby and looked over all of the information that had been leaked, but truth be told there wasn't much. For the most part, information on what the UNSC was or why they were there wasn't known. All that was known was that the UNSC was the United Nations Space Command and was apparently from Earth... But that didn't make sense since all the other humans they saw had no idea what the UNSC was. As they discussed she turned and then spotted the man wearing white armor with some tints of red and a blue visor. It was the man who was from the UNSC ship.

Everyone else saw him as well and they decided it would be best to talk with him.

SSG Murphy
The bar was already buzzing with excitement when Murphy arrived. The Marines were being quizzed by locals about where they had been and what they had seen. Every so often the Marines would break out into song, drunkenly singing cadences trying to get the rest of the bar to join them.

Coon skin and alligator hide
Make a pair of jump boots just the right size
Shine 'em up, lace 'em up, put 'em on your feet
A good pair of jump boots can't be beat

Murphy joined in the song, it was an old one that he knew well. He wondered if the Elite would actually join them, and what she would think of the hell-raising that ensued.

"Murphy!" The Marines yelled and whooped when they saw him. A fellow Marine draped his arm around Murphy and led him to an attractive looking girl with blue skin and what looked like flattened tentacles forming hair.
"This" the Marine said, voice slurring due to alcohol, "this is the man I was telling you about. He's the toughest sonabitch that ever walked. You see that scar on his face? He killed the Covenant who gave it to him. That's right, he killed an Elite with his bare hands. He's a tough sonabitch."

Murphy smiled awkwardly as the Marine left him standing with the girl. He turned to the bartender, he needed a drink.

After spending several minutes trying to give a fair explenation of the Geth to the UNSC Marines, Quintus gave up, hopint that Alpha would be able to properly his people to them. Stepping back he observed the Giant human passing through the commons. Turning back to the Marines, he decided to try to find out more about the giant.
"So, what's with the giant armored human over there? he looks like he could win a fistfight with a Krogan."
"That's A Spartan, they're a group of Special Forces operatives, not sure how much more I can tell you."
"How about a name? The Giant Human sound's sort of silly."
"Well, I suppose I can tell you that, he's Jastis-015."

That gave Quintus pause, the numerical designation more in keeping with machines like the Geth, not organics. He resolved to find out more about these "Spartans".


A couple of people in what appeared to be suits walked up to him, he noticed they bore only three fingers and their legs went somewhat back a bit and they wore what seemed like breathing masks. "Are you from that ship the UNSC Broken Destiny?" Asked one of them.

"Correct I am Spartan-015, and you're?" Asked Jastis.

"I am Fastina nar Nushia, and these are Nisat nar Rainsa, Dorin nar Yisiv, and Mashija nar Objsoa. We're happy to meet you, we heard of your ship on the news."

He assumed after the nar part that Rainsa, Nushia, and such were their last names, but he wasn't sure what they were exactly. "Sorry, if I may ask, what race are you? Where I come from there are no one of your race."

While he couldn't tell their expressions with their visors, he assumed he was getting some confused looks as some of them looked at each other. Fastina continued to speak. "We're Quarian's from the world Rannoch, and what do you mean where you come from? I assume you're Human so you must know of us? At least you must have heard of the Reapers?"

Jastis shook his head. "Sorry Ma'am, but where I come from none of those exist."


A call from huerta memorial hospital sent Athame rushing from her ships medibay to greet what appeared to be a species from a parallel universe. In her 680 years she had never heard of anything such as this. Sure new species were being discovered all the time, recently with humans, and the Yahg, but never from a completely new dimension.

The myriad of small objects orbiting her in a biotic field almost dropped when she heard the news. The media wasn't very forthcoming with any specifics about the nature of the ship or its occupants, and she had missed the council chambers live feed. When her old assistant tasked with dealing with the medical study of this alien creature from the UNSC called, she just had to find out what kind of creature it was.

"So pleased to see you Athame" said Daniel as they met. He looked like he had just seen the goddess herself walk through the door. And indeed whenever he had felt out of his depth and Athame stepped in to help he did refer to her as "The Goddess". Daniel had the makings of a good doctor; determined and intelligent, but just a little bit naive, believing he could save everyone all the time, and taking any losses hard.

"You too. What exactly is it that we're dealing with here?" Athame said cautiously. She was of course open to the idea of new species, variety is the spice of life, and Daniel was one of her closest friends and he was a human, but she was worried because the last time a completely new species appeared from beyond the furthest reaches of the galaxy it decimated entire civilisations taking billions of lives along with it.

Her datapad quivered in the field as she remembered the horrors of the reaper indoctrination. Harvesting live people of all races and turning them into, vicious abominations for which there was no hope of healing.

"An entirely new race!" Daniel exclaimed, breaking Athame out of her memories. "And not just one that's been discovered on an undiscovered planet, she is a fully evolved life form. I just knew you had to see this" He petered out at the end. It was clear he was honoured as well as terrified about the whole situation.

"It's ok Daniel, We'll do this by the book, record the data we need, no need to go making the patient feel uncomfortable. Has she submitted herself to be examined yet?" asked Athame

"We sent the message, and she seems to be happy with it." replied Daniel.

"Good. I really want to get a chance to talk to her. Imagine. An entirely different universe. It must be a bit disorientating for her... Make her feel at home, did you even get her name?" Athume scolded.

"She said to call her Mee, Apparently humans have difficulty pronouncing her name."

"Any idea on when she'll get here?" Athume asked

"She should be here any moment now."

Lieutenant Kenneth Senshi calmly sat at a bar filled with activity. He glanced at some marines happily singing while drinking.

Taking out his dogtags, he found an extra tag attached. It read Amy Carter.

Kenneth sighed. Though being in the Alliance Military meant seeing alot of death and destruction, he still couldn't forget the time went Amy had died in his arms during the final Battle of Earth.

He asked for another drink, remember a few events from the day, such as a few new alien races.

Mee entered huerta shortly after the conversation had taken place. She was fully armored, proudly displaying her achievement for all to see. being directed towards Daniel and Athame.

"Greetings, I believe i am supposed to meet you two. My name is Mi'T'Da, just go by Mee for the sake of ease." She said looking at the blue species. "I still haven't understood how all of the races can be so similar in height, what you would consider them as humanoid. Such a diverseness, but all still bound to the same average height"

Quintus said goodbye to Alpha and the Marines, and wandered off in the direction he had seen the Spartan going. Shortly thereafter he saw the Spartan talking to a group of Quarians. He approached and took a gap in the conversation as an opportunity to introduce himself.
"Hello, Lt. Quintus Arctus. I don't mean to intrude, but I hope you'll forgive my curiosity. It isn't often that something as... unusual as your arrival occurs."
He looked to the Spartan and the Quarians, waiting to see how they would respond.

SSG Murphy

Murphy saw the man beside him pull out the dog tags and look at them. There was one extra, a name that Murphy couldn't make out, but Murphy could tell from a glance that it was from a fallen comrade. He'd seen this before, and knew the dangers it could lead to.

"Drink to have fun, sir. Not to drown your sorrows." Murphy held out his hand, "Staff Sergeant Murphy, 10th Battalion. Helljumpers."

Downing a drink, Kenneth glancing back at the man. He obviously looked human, but the Battalion known as the "Helljumpers"? Never heard of it.

Maybe he's part of the new alien race that the news has been talking about. Kenneth thought. Still, Kenneth was slightly annoyed by the incoming company.

"Lieutenant Kenneth Senshi. Biotic Company. Vanguard." Kenneth said, turning back towards the bartender. "And it would help if you were to define 'fun'..."

SSG Murphy

Great Murphy thought to himself, an officer with emotional issues. Murphy raised his glass to the Lt. and said,

"Sir, the point of drinking for a Marine, especially door-kickers like me, is to enjoy each other's company under the socially liberating effects of alcohol." He gestured to the Marines who had now formed a kick line in an open part of the bar floor, "Lieutenant, we cannot be eternally locked in the struggles of war."

Murphy stepped back and surveyed Lieutenant Senshi's face and posture. He had obviously seen combat, and had the posture of one who had fought for his life. Murphy knew his pain, as he too had lost good friends and had been in numerous fights he should have never survived. But Murphy liked war, and was good at it. That's what made his outlook so different than most. That's why his scar never bothered him - he considered it a badass tax.

"But I can see that you wish to be left alone. So, I shall leave you to your drink, and link back up with my squad. 3-6 out!"

Murphy left the officer to his drink, sincerely hoping that the Lt got some help before he got killed, or worse, got those under him killed.


"It's quite incredible, I suppose bipeds with opposable thumbs make the best candidates for advancement from the primordial ooze. Although saying that, have you seen the Hanar or Elcor yet? Also the keepers who look after the citadel are vastly different from any other known life form." Athame explained

By the goddess, an entirely new sentient species standing right in front of me. What majestic battle armour Athame thought as she saw it shimmering in the light. From a parallel universe in which an entirely different path of advancement into space had been taken, no Protheans, no mass effect relays, no Reapers. Mee was nothing like what she had seen before and certainly devoid of any sign of indoctrination.

Athame felt a pang of guilt for even considering Mee could be any sort of Reaper technology, so ugly, crude and barbaric they were. She caught herself staring in awe and snapped out of her trail of thought.

"But where are my manners, welcome to Huerta Memorial hospital, the citadel, and I suppose this galaxy, Mi'T'Da." She said, struggling to pronounce her name. "My name is Athame and this is my good friend and former assistant Daniel."

She noticed Mee staring intently at the datapad floating around in the biotic field.

"Sorry, a habit of mine, keeps my hands free whilst working. I'll just hold it." Athame said plucking it out of the air ready to take notes.

"This has all got to be very overwhelming for you, all the different races and cultures, you must have questions. I'm sure there's a lot to learn from each other."

Kenneth continued to glare at the man named "Murphy" as he walked away. From his tone of voice, he was definitely a soldier... One that liked war. Originally, Kenneth did like war, always calling his moves on the battlefield after old 20-21st century songs. Amy, on the other hand, named her moves after gambling games.

He chuckled at the thought; they really were an odd couple during those times.

Sighing and paying his bill, Kenneth stood up and started walking out of the bar, thinking about a his old rented out apartment in Shin Akiba.

After a few hours to let the alcohol flush out, I need to brush up on some training...

Always the soldier first...

"Guess there is something to learn." Mee said taking off her helmet. "But i'm not as overwhelmed as you may think. I got the same looks i'm getting now from my own kind and the humans when i entered service. First and only female Sangheili to serve in the military." she said.

"Now what would you like to know?"


"Everything, how did you get here? Where is your home planet? How is it possible to achieve FTL without mass effect relays? Why is it that you seem so much in advance of us in some fields, yet so far behind in others? Why do females of your species not enlist in the military? How did you, yourself come to enlist?"

Athame stopped herself in the middle of her excitement. The last thing Mee needed was to spend the next 5 hours talking about the inner workings of her universe when she had no frame of reference knowing so little about this one.

"Apologies, I'm sure your ship's VI can answer all of those questions. All we really need is to log your medical details, also to make sure that you're acclimatising to the citadel of course. It shouldn't take long, shall we begin?"

"How about i tell you about my life, it should be enough to satisfy allot of your questions." Mee said. "Would you like me to take off my armor? or can most of this be done with it on, its indifferent to me if i need to take it off." she asked.

Atleast she isn't judging me like most of my species, maybe this new pace isn't so bad... she though.


Jastis looked at Turian who had walked up to him and introduced himself as Lt. Quintus Arctus. "I assume like the Quarian's here that you wish to know more about me?"

Crown had split her squad into two teams when Captain Nassa and Jastius had split up. She sent Sgt. Meeks and Rookie Gaffer with the Spartan. The kid needed to get over his excitement over seeing the Spartan and the rest of this "Citadel", and Meeks was experienced enough to keep an eye on both the kid and the populace if they tried anything.

She kept Chagerben mostly to keep her from gallivanting off with one of these aliens, Leppy wanted to get his hands on one of their computers, and she wanted to make sure he didn't get himself in too much trouble. Soon enough, Leppy had gotten himself into their systems, and began browsing their unsecured files, their tech,recent history, what species lived here, the major political powers, and the major planets.

"Good news, Lt. Earth still exists here, beyond that, I don't recognize anything here."


Gaffer stood in front of the Spartan when the Turian came calling,"Stop ri-right there, if you want to talk to Jastius, tell me what you want first."

Meeks quickly put a hand on his shoulder, with a chuckle to get his attention,"Kid, if these guys wanted the Spartan dead, they'd have killed him alot earlier than this.What'd you want...whatever the hell you are."

Quintus helt up his empty hands to the young soldier. "Don't worry, I'm friendly. I was just wondering about the Spartan." Turning to the Jastis he added "I've never seen any human like you before, between that and you ship,you've got me hoping that you could enlighten me."


"It may help if you take it off." Athame said tapping on her omnitool. "Our scanners haven't encountered anything like your armour before and it may contribute to anomalies in the medical results. Would you mind setting up the scanner Daniel?"

Daniel had been standing there dumbfounded throughout the entire conversation staring wide eyed at Mee's mouth. "Of course, Athame." he replied meekly, burying himself in setting up a nearby machine. Athame sighed, he was supposed to be in charge of this operation and she was supposed to be an adviser and observer, not the other way around. She couldn't really blame him, he was only human.

She never really understood that human saying. She originally thought it was a racial slur thought up by the turians, but apparently it's a way of showing forgiveness.

"The scan may take a while Mee, plenty of time for you to tell us more about your life, and as long as you're comfortable with it could you please remove your armour and leave it on the bench." Athame gestured.

Mee nodded. it took a bit of effort to remove the armor, accounting for the female shape. But when she was done, she was in the bodysuit under the armor. She placed it on the bench, careful not to scratch it. "You are much more accepting of me than much of my own race, most of everyone here is. Thank you."

Alan had spent most of the last few hours wandering around the Citadel's more ordinary wards, trying to find a decent up of tea. He had been unsuccessful so far. As he trundled around, he watched all the strange aliens walking passed. They had weirded him out at first, but by now he had started to get used to them.

After discovering that the more mainstream citadel shops didn't stock English Breakfast tea, he had decided to venture into the less reputable sections of the Citadel.

It can't be too bad.... right?

As he walked down a dark and dirty back-street, Batarians started to appear out of the woodwork, or metalwork, he began to think this was a very bad idea.

Noticing that the Engineer that had gotten on board the "Citadel" with the rest of her squad, Sierra called him over her radio she had in her belt.

"Alan, where are you, and why the hell did you go off by yourself?"

Luna had helped out all she could with the captain of the unsc vessel. She had heard abut the marine that had gone off on his own and began tailing him around. She saw him get into the worse sections of the citadel. She wanted to see how he would respond to the Batarians. Of-course, the commando wouldn't let anything happen to the human, but it would be nice to see his social skills.

The Small comm's unit strapped to Alan's chest by his Utility belt buzzed happily, and the voice of Sierra chirped through. She listened to her question, as he slowly eyed the Batarians who were grouping around him. Slowly encircling him and leaving him nowhere to run.

"Err, yeah. I wanted a good cup of tea. None of those fancy bars had a proper cup of English Breakfast. So i went looking for some. Might have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle," Alan said, as the Batarians closed in on him. There eyes glinting at all the valuable military gear that Alan was wearing.

Shame he didn't have a gun.

The lead Batarian had a enormous pistol in his fist, and Alan had a distinct feeling that he was over-compensating for something. The four thugs that accompanied him were all wielding heavy pipes.

The Batarian cocked the pistol and pointed it at Alan's chest. "We'll be taking your stuff now. Everything, 'cept your underwear."

SSG Murphy

Murphy had just started on some liquor that was somehow blue. After a few drinks, he decided that it tasted most like strawberries that had been watered with vodka - and he loved it. His comm pack buzzed, and Murphy heard an exchange between another Marine and a very worried-sounding engineer. He took some money out of his wallet and handed it to the bartender.

"Where's the bad part of town?" He asked the bartender. The bartender replied with mumbled grunts that the seedier side of the Citadel was only half a dozen block away. Murphy stood up from the stool and wobbled a bit as he did so.

The good news is, you're only a little drunk. He told himself as he scanned the room for a member of his squad who wasn't hammed beyond critical thinking. There were none, as they all had close to an hour's headstart on him. Murphy snatched the bottle of liquor from the bar and keyed his comm pack as he headed for the exit,

"Alan, Murphy. Hit your emergency beacon, I am on route to your location, over."

As Murphy ran the alcohol in his system seemed to balance out. He keyed his comm pack again as he ran,

"Mee, this is Sergeant Murphy. I don't know if you're on comms, but if you are, start heading towards the beacon that's about to go up. Over."

He really hoped she heard him, he had a bad feeling about this. Murphy drew a folding knife from his pocket and flipped it open, running with a blade in one hand and a drink in the other, praying he got there in time.

Sierra tapped Chagerben's shoulder,"come on, girl, we've got an engineer to find. You come along too, Leppy. I don't want you gettin' in trouble too."

They wandered around before getting a lock on Murphy's location.

This damn station's got our systems on the fritz. Why the hell couldn't we pop into a universe with fuzzy bunnies and eating snowcones all the time? Because it'd be boring as hell is why.

After getting her tracker adjusted to the other signals going back and forth, she saw a human with an omni-tool going through some kind of music recordings.

Gotta get me one of those, this damn thing's too bulky.

They began running and arrived behind the Tentacle Head that had greeted them when they arrived on the station, right in the middle of Alan throwing punches.

SSG Murphy

Murphy arrived on the scene from behind and saw a human trying to fight tentacle-headed creatures. He saw two other humans on the other side of the fray.

That must be our engineer Murphy thought to himself.

He took a swig of liquor and set the bottle down - this was good stuff, he didn't want to lose it in a fight. Murphy walked to the center of the street and let out a primal scream.

As the Batarians turned to face him, Murphy smiled.

"Good evening, gentlemen. I'm here to wreck your day."

The Batarians started for him, bloodlust in their eyes.

Murphy made sure his grip on his knife was steady.

Here goes nothing. He thought to himself as they approached.

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