Survival is Key Round Two (Closed-But Other rounds, look inside for details)

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This will remain open for quite some time until the last round and even then it may start again.

If your wondering why I made a new thread because the last one got slammed a bit due to my fault at hand.

*Note! Electronics do not have signal to internet or towers, with all time keeping reset to factory settings.

Round 2 Notes
Powers have increased!
Piper-Can now heal in 2/3rds the time, and can now shape and grow bones (direct contact and flesh touch is needed, you in theory can use this as a weapon for your own bones, or peoples but it is slow and dangerous)
Louis-you now have clearer visions, and spider senses/treasure
James-No light can blind you, but yours can to others, and darkness is as clear as day, shadows flee and stay away.
Tristan-you can now pick up things heavy as 4 textbooks, but beware, focus is needed.
you know all these as you had your whole life upon waking.

Leon Tar(?)-The Host(?) of this Cruel Game(?), he likes to rhyme a lot and apparently uses both word puzzles, metaphors, and other contraptions for people in the Game(?). Not much is known about him(?) or Her(?), and possibly it(?).

Character Sheets-Approved

@Malyc "Sticky"

@Trillbywill "Light"

@Floris2123 "Mind'Matters"

Healing Touch"

@RaNDM_G "Premonition"

Reserved for things

Team Omega Location-Let us go to Prison.
You wake up in a cell with you respective team member (Piper/Louis), cement walls and a common metal toilet along with metal sink, everything is how'd you imagine the American criminal system would work.

Outside you see rows of cells and multiple floors in a massive rectangle, a map on the metal railing gives guidance to where you are.
Cell Block A-(where you all are) Has 4 floors with stair cases on either end, facing the exit and to your right are blocks B-D, while in front of you is the court yard and cafeteria, from the left to the right. Above the Cafeteria is the library, followed by laundry, and finally guards office and armory. forward from that is processing and main offices along with some faded words, along with loading area.

From the room (bunk bed) there is a small shelf in the wall with all goods and such from the previous round found, including the plastic skeleton. Along with it is a change of white undergarmets, orange pants and shirt (comfy and well fitting, no pockets though), the beds themselves are little more then padded steel racks and blankets/pillows, comfy, but not cozy.

The window from the toilet displays an ocean and a cliff, with rolling hills off to the side, a thick forest, and a log cabin you think on the edge of sight, the suns just rising on to a new day, and the wind/weather is cold as hell will take thee.

Good Luck.

Team Zeta-James and Tristan-Back to School
(Applies to James, but not Tristan...)

James wakes up in a high school! Sitting in the nurses office you appear to be in administration section of things, the bed is comfy if a bit stiff. Nothing is in the nurses room asides from. desk and wheely chair, curtains on a metal rail, and a window looking outside, it is clearly night and quite dark with no moon, tall ever greens surround the place in an endless canopy with mountains in the background.

a door leads outside, but asides from numerous regulations on a wall, a map pinned is the biggest help.

Imagine the school in a 3x3 large box, with around 6 class rooms for two floors per. In the bottom most is the administration and front entrance on the first floor, with doors and stairs in each corner of the box.
Admin-hear is the nurses, principle, desks/computer files and etc.
To the left is the Science wing, to the right is the math.
Above Admin is a central courtyard with trees and etc. and a fountain with stone benches.
Left is Art and English, Right is Wood Shop, and Auto.
Above the court yard is the Cafeteria, left of that is misc. classes, and right of that is the gym.
Many windows and doors are locked or bariccaded, and outside the wind has a haunting moan to it. You have all equipment from previous round under your bed and at hand. Alone with new undergarmets, and a pair of black and red laced sweats/hoodies, withthe name Dead End High in briht blood red.
Tristan-Penalty Game.
You wake up in a bathroom stall, next to your right are three other stalls, in front is a large mirror and a sink, the lights are turned off and bulbs are dead, onlycandles provide a soft light in the sinks.
your wounds are gone and bandaes show traces of what happened, your gear is in front of you. Laying on top of the very clean floor is a card and a zip gun (one use shot), and a card.

"You took not one but two, so let us see how it ends for you. The clock is ticking and when the candles burn low, one of you will have to go. 2 ARE real one is fake, whose life will you take?"
Next to you comes faint crying, in the middle stall flairs of light, and the stall at the end comes the feeling someone is there. The doormis barricaded and locked, unlikley for you to exit in any real way.

As Piper tends to Louis's ankle, he relaxes. Everything fades away and he drifts into a deep sleep...

He jolts up with a start and smacks his head against the top bunk.


He clutches his head and gets a look around.


He gets up. The cold draft debilitates him. He wraps his arms around his chest to keep warm.

Piper is asleep on the top bunk. Best not to wake her yet.

Louis looks through the iron bars. Looks like they're in an old prison.

I fucking hate prison.

"a last though enters Tristan mind before he is swarmed by rat's"
goodbye everyone this is the end.
Tristan smiles before losing consiosnus.

Tristan wakes up.
"what happend ? where am i. I feel stronger"
Tristan looks confused.
I am still alive. i dont now to be gratefull or not. Wait Jack are you there....hello geuss he will be gone for a while. Wait all my wounds are healed does Leon have powers too. Damn if that is the case i have a problem but i geuss i should be thankefull
Tristan stands up grab's the stuff( his gear the zip gunn the card and the other card)
"wait what is writen here"
Tristan reads it.
"geuss i should have expected somthing like that. I hope the others are okay."
so i have a gun now nice but i would like to keep this bullet for Tom i hate him he wonder is he still alive? i hope not but if he is i will have to kill him.
wait this isn't some kind of a sick mind game light=james crying=pipper the other stall=Louis o god i hope not
He goes to the stall door with the sobbing person.
i could warn the person but on the other hand i have the element of suprise now.
He tries to opens it and aims the zip gun to whatever is there ( with enough distance to fire before that person reaches the gun).

(Tristan initially trusted the first people he met out of fear and desperation but know with Jack (for a while ?) gone he has become less trusting to new poeple and he is determend to do everything it takes to survive)

*HEY GUYS THIS Round hasn't started yet!* cOrrection it has

Kinda wish I had a harmonica right now.

Louis plays the harmonica in his head, and imagines the tune echoing down the hall and through the prison complex.

Mothee loving nip

The zip gun is very simple, metal tube, cheap wooden handle, and a crude firing mechanism.

In the first stall sits a women in a rather scantily clad fashion of leather boots and etc. She has dirty blond short hair, and some tar like substance covering her eyes. Her figure is attractive and could almost play a role as an amazon warrior in a movie. Her legs are shackled to the ground and small dents are around her in the stall, while the wall behind her head is cracked revealing a steel frame.

"Ohdeargod whose there? OH PLEASE don'tkillme oh godidon't want to die!" She talks fast and her voice is practically quite plain, as she bashes her head at the wall behind her she causes the steel to ring and more plaster to fall. Very faintly a dent can be seen.
"Oh my shit, I wish I could see, whywhyme?!" And numerous muttering and sobs come from her, as she is clearly scared without her sight.

*Piper jolts awake*

"Wait, wu~... What happened, where am I?"

*She tries getting up but is groggy and ends up falling off what appears to be the top bunk of a bed, landing hard on her stomach. She gets the wind knocked outta her but is otherwise unharmed*

"Damnit, what the hell happened???"

*looking around she notices Louis*

"Oh thank God, it's you! How did we get here? Have you seen Tristan? Where is here anyways?"

Piper falls out of bed.

"Good, you're awake. Didn't want to start without you."

Louis helps Piper up. He rubs the back of his neck.

"As far as I can tell, it's cold as fuck and we're as far from a desert as we can get. Our stuff's on that counter over there and there's a spare set of clothes if it gets too cold for you. You wanna help me look around?"

Yonder door to the cell is clearly locked, but a certain gold key should unlock it on the spot. Outside your cell comes noises of an odd nature, like a gentle unsteady rhythm, walks a guard past your cell, in a dark blue uniform with cuffs, taser, and night stick, any visible body part or skin is wrapped in white bandages, and no hair is evident. It trudges onward past, ignoring the both of you.






i am so happy that it isn't piper
"shhh i am not here to kill you i am only here to talk just take it easy"
"My name is Jack what is your name?"
(his name isnn't Jack but he doesn't trust them)
"did you also lose the round?"
i am not falling for the i am so scared act one of them is lying and i am gonna find out which one.

i am so happy that it isn't piper
"shhh i am not here to kill you i am only here to talk just take it easy"
"My name is Jack what is your name?"
(his name isnn't Jack but he doesn't trust them)
"did you also lose the round?"

"Ashley, though I strip under Jasmine, ohshit did I saystrip? I meant exoticdanc-, no I mean!" She cries a bit and rubs in vain ay her covered eyes, "I don't know what is going on! I can't remember what I was doing earlier, and somehow I can bend metal and break walls and stuff, I mean I could hang upside down with just my feet before but now this." She still talks rushed and nervous and babbles a bit over her words.

"Okay just take it easy Ashley"
"it doesn't matter what you did before this the only thing that matters is what you do now.
And would you please stop hitting you're head against that thing you aren't helping anybody by doing that."
at least i now here work now so mabey she is honest i mean who would lie that she is a stripper. On the other hand that would make a nice cover up and probaly get some symphaty. And she is probaly trying to use her power to escape
"i am just gonna stand here and talk i an not walking closer and i am not gonna touch you.
so take it easy just take a deep breath"
"now about your super power how long doe it take to destroy a normal wall"
mabey she is telling the truth so i just have to be carefull what i am gonna say
Tristan put's away the gun and grab's his knife instead.
if i am startled i might shoot now that would be ugly. A knife is safe and less risk of killing sombodey and wasting the one bullet that i have.
after getting an answer
"now please be quite because i am going to open the next stall. We are in a bothroom just in case you hadn't notice"
please don't let James be stuck in this penalty game
Tristan walks over to the door with the light and opens it.

*Piper watches the guard slowly trudge by. She gets a chill from looking at him. When he walks out of site she goes over and grabs all her stuff, including her knife and file. Looking outside she sees the map of the area.*

Armory eh? That sounds promising...

"Louis, why don't we head to the armory... Who knows! Maybe there is something useful there! Try your key in the door, it really seems like our only way out..."

*Piper notices that it is actually quite cold. She spots the orange jumpsuit and goes over to it, looking it over...*

No pockets eh?
...we can fix that...

*She takes her knife out of her pockets and places it nearby. Putting the jumpsuit on over her clothes she then takes the knife and cuts slits in the pants of it where the pockets of her actual pants are. With a bit more messing around she has now acquired an orange jumpsuit with easy access to her pants pockets...*

"If we're in a prison we might as well look the part, right?"

In The Loo-The candles look like they'll last a decent amount of time.
Ashley babbles a bit and is confused about how she is supposed to know how long it takes to break a wall, but her strength seems notable judging by the dent in the steel wall.
In the second stall. shaved headed girl of black hair and caucasian looks up at Tristan, she is in a patient gown and is trying her best to not reveal what it barely covers. Her brown eyes stare at you in confusion, and her mouth is covered with the dark tar substance as well, what is more surprising is that she has a ring of fire going on in her hands, and looks both wary as she spins it to make the words




@Ray: I hate continuity.

"Hello there my name is Jack what is your name?"
coverd her mouth by the next one he probably coverd here ears
"can you tell me some thing about yourself?"
i don't think i need to ask here what here power is. Normally i over here my jacket but on the other hand she might be the fake one. Wait a minute
Tristan glances down at his jacket.
i wonder if there are any rat and or mouse bites in it. O and this is probably a refrence to dont see anything dont hear anything dont say anything or somthing like that this guy and his riddles.

OOC: (After talking with here for a bit he goes to the last stall and opens it.
I am telling you like this because i am gonna go to sleep now.)

*With her new duds Piper examines the prison map a little closer...*

"Well, all we need to do in make our way to the staircases and up to the top floor... the armory should be above the cafeteria!"
Should I tell him how bad I am at reading maps?
...he'll probably know by the end of it...

"I'll let you lead us! You know... Your umm~... Better prepared to defend us if we are attacked then i am! Yeah, and I'll watch your back!

If you don't wanna head to the armory then say something... Cuz I want a gun or a sword or something better then this damn pocket knife..."

*She waits for his response...*

Wait, did he just say jailbait???

Louis snickers.

"Look, I'm all ready to leave Louis... Why don't you suit up, grab your stuff, and we can get out of here! I... I can't leave by myself, I need you to come with me...

Just tell me when your ready..."

*She goes and pulls herself onto the top bunk... She plugs her headphones in and turns some music on, waiting for Louis's decision...*

"Yeah, yeah. I hear you."

Louis grabs his stuff and looks around the room for anything they may have missed. He looks out the window.

"Nice view. You wanna take a look?"

*Getting off the bunk she walks over to him and looks out the window*

"Wow... That is actually quite nice...
Where the hell are we??? We definitely aren't in the desert anymore... or anywhere's near!
...I wonder who lives in that cabin?"

*Making sure she has all her gear, she walks over to the door...*

"Would you do me the honors please"

Louis feels around the other side of the window.

Gotta cover all the angles.

After loading his gun and checking over everything one last time, he opens the cell door.


She merely rolled her eyes and was obviously quite young, swirling the flames briefly.
"nice to meet you, and nothing much to say, woke up here after leaving hospital, just finished chemo. Names is Reina." She waves him off as he moves to leave.

In the next stall is an old lady around her 50's, she looks fit and gives off a Russian vibe, tar covers her ears and she is wearing a business suit.

"I am not to be hearing you, take hand I make clear" Her english is broken and accented, and she holds out a hand palm up to Tristan as he enters, barely adding tone as she raises a brow at his knife.

Louis feels around the other side of the window.

Gotta cover all the angles.

After loading his gun and checking over everything one last time, he opens the cell door.

A canopy of noises breaks out in a fractured rhythm, lion roars, hyena barks, wolf howls, all in cells around and near you. Most seem quite and rather weak, but a heavy snorting is coming from the stairs...

*Louis opens the door and roars, howls, and all manners of unpleasant noises. Although weak-sounding, they are still not very pleasant...*

...maybe we should have stayed in the cell?
"Too late now" *she whispers to herself*

"Well then... if we're heading to the armory we need to get up the stairs..."
*She starts to head towards where (she thinks) the stairs should be. It is also where some heavy snorting seems to be coming from... Yay...

Turning back around she puts on a confident face*

"You coming Louis?"

"A few dogs aren't gonna scare me."

He leans forward and looks both ways down the hallway.

"You stay behind me. Got it?"

give my hand mabey here power is entering somebody's mind or somthing like that.
Tristan moves his and toward her and grab's her hand.
"is this what you wanted me to do?"

"Sure thing Louis! You lead the way, I'll guard the back!"
Man am I glad I don't have to go first...
*She starts to follow closely behind Louis, knife at the ready (and feet ever ready if they need to run)*

give my hand mabey here power is entering somebody's mind or somthing like that.
Tristan moves his and toward her and grab's her hand.
"is this what you wanted me to do?"

"ah thank you so much easier to talk now." She says in perfect English, or at least what you hear as such, you get the odd feeling like water is trickling through your ears as she goes on.

"As far as I'm concerned sir I have no idea who's this Tar fellow is nor of my arrival in to this disgusting abode. Last I remember I was on a flight and here I am. Don't worry I'm just reading you head a bit if your wondering how I know so far. It seems like quite a pickle we are according to that white card, I'd help you by reading the other two ladies minds but I'm rather empty k. reaching them" she indicates her chains and shackles.

"I'm Evelyn by the way, a pleasure to meet you Tristan, and sorry if this is a bit invasive." The words flow fast and free between her to you.

"Sure thing Louis! You lead the way, I'll guard the back!"
Man am I glad I don't have to go first...
*She starts to follow closely behind Louis, knife at the ready (and feet ever ready if they need to run)*

"A few dogs aren't gonna scare me."

He leans forward and looks both ways down the hallway.

"You stay behind me. Got it?"

A boar comes up the stairs, tusked and with cuts in its flanks, it looks almost comical as someone took the time to stick a guards cap on it somehow. It stairs at Louis and Piper with red veined eyes, and lets a heavy snort out.

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