Lost in Spaaace! (RP Thread)

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Cast of Characters!
The wonderful Hiei82 is Iskierka Capek

The hardcore Diablo1099 is David West

The whimsical Nouw is Ace Jefferson

The electric terribleyetfun is Marcus Law

The booming Shotgun Guy is Jake Gallows

The combustible Athol is Eli Stroud

The sensual Sigma Castell is Johann Isaacson

The mysterious 0z0wen is Philip Day


The carnage was over.

Just moments ago, everybody was a fighter. Everybody manned the guns; all engineers were manning welding torches. Science teams were managing the damage reports with the AI, and the higher ups in the bridge were actually panicking. You know you're fucked when.

When the AI told everyone to brace for impact, the Shield System was down. Only the bridge knew this. Were we getting boarded? Rammed? No, a Torpedo would crack the entire ship in half. Before the torpedo hit, the FTL engines were engaged, but it was too late. It was still a direct hit.

Now people were starting to wake. A ship this big, hit by a torpedo of that magnitude, with only a skeleton crew is 150; it would be no surprise when there were so few left. The explosion rocked the entire ship. The whole system would be in shambles for the survivors. The bright lights that illuminated the hallways were replaced with dark, red emergency lighting. Screens that normally showed the Aurora or the AI now reported that the AI was offline, and that the ship was in backup power. The AI needed to be reactivated.


Dr. Iskierka Capek. When told to brace for impact, you did just that. You quickly found emergency seating and strapped yourself in, unlike others. Now when you open your eyes, you would be greeted by emergency pressure doors locked and secured not too far ahead of you. Thankfully, there was another way out, and thankfully, that seat belt was buckled. Otherwise you would have been sucked out in space. Science lab H1-4 was near the center of the ship though. If that emergency blast door was closed, it would be worrisome to think of the rest of the damage that occurred to the ship.

David West. You are in an awful position. Quiet beeping indicated that your Personal Shield system needed to be recharged, thanks to your HUD-Gear Glasses. Before the explosion, you manned Flak Cannon C2-8 on the starboard side. The Flak Cannon that almost crushed you when it got smashed inward. It will be difficult to get yourself out of this, with steel bars almost holding you in position, along with the buckles around your seat. You'll have to find a way to turn this chair around, but even that will prove impossible by the large pole that impaled the chair next to your head. There's a way out. It'll just take a lot of strength.

Ace Jefferson. Your luck will never run out. During the explosion that launched you and your band forward, you were the only one to clear Emergency Blast doors. The vacuum of space would draw you back, actually lifting you up a little. It would finally be deemed over when you hit your head on a piece of debris, knocking you out. Well, you lived, but you're not injury free this time. The blood dripping down your forehead would remind you that you are not invincible, but you are still in a much better condition than the rest of your friends, who are no longer present. Now you just have a hall, straight ahead of you. It sounds like the fighting has stopped too. Where will you go?

Marcus Law. You, are very lucky. As a standard feature of all Engineering suits, your magnetic boots were engaged on full lock. With your feet firmly rooted to the floor, your helmet did what it could to protect you from a fatal injury. Now you had a bigger emergency to worry about. Your custom HUD-Gear would warn you that you had 48% oxygen remaining in your suit, a number that was dwindling down alarmingly fast. The only thing that would save you is your intricate knowledge of the Aurora's emergency systems. Not far from here would be an emergency hatch. You could get into an atmospheric environment again, but entering the ship would require a little trickery. This door would lead you into Hydroponics, but it requires you to first get to the exterior of the ship. You remember this room you are in having two walls more and a ceiling just a few minutes ago. Tick Tock, time is running out, you have 42% oxygen remaining.

Eli Stroud. Your location would take a toll on your leg. You were in the engine room. Not even supposed to be on the ship yet. You were keeping her afloat, running systems, checks, and diagnostics while the condescending AI advised you on the numerous emergencies. When you heard the words "FTL Systems engaging" The first thing that ran through your mind was "Those systems aren't even working anymore!!" This is fucked, just plain fucked. The blast from the torpedo would knock you over into the locker room with amazing speed. When you awoke, would wake to a dull pain in your thigh. Upon investigation, you would find your leg almost crushed under the weight of the locker, and your cybernetic prosthetic irreparably damaged. You really couldn't feel your leg now!!

Dr. Jake Gallows. You were only meant to pack your stuff on the ship for the trip. You were about to jump off the ship when the Aurora was attacked. You couldn't land on Mars!! You had a family back home! This was a 5 year campaign!! These people are out of their fucking mind!! You didn't know where to go. You were an okay solder at best, but you had no official post on this ship yet. As you ran down the hallways, you met Ellie Hefford, a woman who quickly introduced herself as an engineer and requested your help in securing and rerouting power to the shield systems. In your time with her, you were excellent in following her exact instructions, and even took a moment to celebrate when you were successful, but it was too late. The FTL engines were started and she looked to you. Her happy expression turned to fear as she knew there was something wrong, but before you could ask, everything blacked out. With her nowhere in sight, you awake in the very same maintenance hallway you blacked out in. Panels still removed and tools still everywhere. Where could she have gone? Why was everything so silent now?

Finally, Johann Isaacson. You were to be assigned a post on this ship. Being a man of some prestige, a Security officer, Connor, was assigned to you. He would escort from one end of the ship to the other. From the Mooring Airlock to the bridge, you were able to see some of the commands, some of the tough calls, and then back to your quarters to the underside of the ship. You moved quickly as the man toted a light semi-auto carbine and rushed you alone. "Quick, Sir. We're under attack and we need to ensure your safe." He ordered you. Ordered you!! You followed him down the stairs, down the hall. "Here," Connor said, ushering you into a small room. And just as the door closed, there was a bang. You were thrown around your small quarters a little bit, but you were otherwise unscathed. After fifteen minutes of silence and emergency power, systems shut down all around you with one exception. A heavy lock and a bright red light above your door meant that you were locked in your quarters. That door would not open no matter what you did; time to find an alternative exit.

Everybody starts with the following items:
ID Badge
"Culler" Light handgun and 1 magazine. (10 rounds)
**IF you are an engineer or Security, you have HUD-Gear**
PSS (Red, needs to be recharged, but cannot until primary power is restored.)
Let me know of an additional 3 items of your choice.

If you have any questions, check out the Sign-up thread, which will sort of be like our OOC get-together. Though, if you don't want anyone snooping your inquiries, PM's are a great alternetive!

David soon awoke, his head pounding from the Impact, his forehead was cut and the blood from it flowed down along his face and armour but it looked worse then it was.
He slowly opened his eye's and saw nothing but darkness...
His Vision shown focused but again, only darkness.
Thoughts began to race though his mind, Am I dead? I don't Feel Dead... If this being dead is like then being dead sucks!
No matter how hard he blinked, he could only see darkness.
A beep came from his HUD Gear which had fallen to the floor.
Then he calmed down as it turned out he was just looking though the viewing window into Space.
He began to check himself and found out that he was still in the gunner Cockpit.
He tried to move but the Protective Steel cage around the Chair was jammed in place by a metal pole that barely missed his head.
He counted his blessings and undid the Seatbelt.
He then began to try and pry the pole out.
After at least 5 minutes of non-stop pulling and pushing and even trying to nut it with his knife, he decided it wasn't going to bugde.
"HELLO! ANYONE THERE! I NEED HELP OVER HERE! HELLO!" He shouted to anyone in the area.

David Inventory: M500 Magnum, Revival Injection, Combat Knife/Cutter/Etc.

This was messed up, Just messed up in so many ways, Marcus turned around to the vast emptiness of space; the walls both behind him and to his right were torn completely off along with the ceiling creating what could be considered a balcony, a chill completely separate from anything the elements could have produced ran down his spine. Every constellation looked alien to him, thanks to an alert on his HUD-gear he knew the FTL engines were engaged but to what co-ordinates?, where in space were they?. Such questions would have to wait however as he had to move fast, with little time left he started on his way to the emergency hatch.

Marcus' mind was already formulating a plan for when he got back inside, his job was to take care of the Aurora's Mechanical systems and that's what he was going to do. "fuck, this is the melody all over again, well except this time I have a better view and there's less smoke and we don't have any Martians on our tails...I think, but right now all that's irrelevant. Alright first things first, once I get back inside, full diagnostic of all systems, primarily life-support and the A.I, the latter probably shut down or is at least going through a hard reboot given all the damage around here.".

He had managed to reach the emergency hatch without much hassle just the occasional swatting away of some smaller bits of debris; mostly pieces of the hull that had managed to drift with him. With only 10% oxygen left he didn't have much time to waste; he disengaged the emergency locks and jumped back inside the ship activating the airlock as quickly as he could with only 5% of his oxygen tank to spare. The air whooshed around him like a hurricane, ending with a resounding beep, the lack of the soothing sounds of the A.I's voice chiming in that the process was complete confirmed his earlier fears that the A.I was nonfunctional. However he could worry about that later right now he was safe...for the time being.

He began to get his bearings, the lush greenery and bio-domes giving away the fact he was in hydroponics, disengaging the magnetic locks on his boots he rushed to the A.I server room, hoping there would be some information as to what state the ship was in.

Marcus' inventory: Welding torch, Sonic Wrench/screwdriver, Coolant spray gun

The dark red emergency lighting let Jake know he was in trouble. His mind raced a million miles a minute,

how bad was the damage? What was the nature of the attack? Where does "FTL systems engaging" mean we've moved to? If it was a blind jump...no, no. Can't panic right now.

Jake had clearly made a mistake, the assignment had been simple, observe the workers on this ship, read their files, make sure no conflicts cropped up, have a few sessions with "red flagged" crew members, straighten out their medications and get off the ship before the actual campaign even began. It was a short assignment but he was being paid well for it, he'd been picked for his expertise but the doctor making the actual trip was much less qualified and was supposed to receive a dossier on the crew that Jake would write up over the next few weeks. The mission itself was ridiculous, five years long and Jake had never been a supporter of what Earth had done to the Martians, it just seemed wrong, human-beings were exceedingly good at creating conflict. Jake stood and brushed off his suit.

He looked down the maintenance hallway, it was a mess, panels laying on the wall, tools scattered everywhere and Ellie Hefford nowhere in sight. Jake suspected Ellie was a no bullshit type of person and very good at her job, the fact that she would ask a man in a suit to help her with engineering duties kinda proved that, it also proved the severity of the situation. Jake felt a little uneasy in the dark and he checked the Culler pistol he had been given on entry to the ship, it was a little crazy that these were standard issue to everyone.

Jake started down the hallway bathed in red light. "Ellie! Are you out there!? What happened?!" He looked and listened for an answer in the dark.

David kept out his cries for help.
He kicked the Steel cage in anger at his situation while at the same time refusing to belive that he was the only one on board who was still alive.

"Motherfucker..." Eli groaned. This was turning out to be a really shitty day. First the attack and blind FTL jump, and now this! His beautifully crafted leg, that had cost him a significant amount of money to make, crushed beyond even his ability to repair. "No time to worry 'bout that Eli." He muttered to himself. "Got to get free."

Unclipping his comi-torch from his tool harness, he cut the locker apart freeing his good leg, a rush of sensations flooded his leg as the blood began to flow again. Activating the release through his HUDGear, Eli disconnected from his ruined prosthetic, and pulled himself to his foot. "Computer; Status Report." He called out as he hopped, and lurched to the main Damage Control board confirming what the silence had made him fear, the AI was offline.

Bracing with both hands, he balanced in front of damage control and looked at the situation...it looked pretty bad. Several areas glowed crimson showing their complete loss, while others flashed indicating major fires in progress. Hand flying out he began to work the interface first seeing if he could get fire suppression back online, and when that proved to be unfeasible, venting the affected areas into space. That done he scanned the board to see what he could do about the AI, but that was a lost cause. There was significant damage to the ship between Engineering and the AI Core, which had severed his connection and he was in no shape to make the journey.

After a few more minutes of frantic work at the console, he figured he'd done about as much as he could from here. He'd sealed off two more hull breaches, as well as rerouting several key systems to keep things at least stable for now. The Aurora was out of immediate danger, but if the Martian's found her they'd probably be able to destroy the ship by throwing a frag grenade out an airlock at her.

That done he sagged against the console in relief, only to nearly fall due to his missing leg, he really had to do something about that. I've got to get my back up leg, too bad it's in my locker...in...Engineering...Eli you're a moron. Minutes later he found himself standing on his 'own' two feet. Back at the console he hit the button for the ship-wide intercom. "This is Lead Egin...sorry...Engineer Eli Stroud, can anyone hear me?"

An Engineer!?
At the very least he knew he wasn't alone on what ever the hell was left of this ship.
He began to look for a camera to flag down this Eli with, which he did and began to wave at it though the Cage.

Johann glanced up from where he was lying on his front, assessing the state of his room. The few belongings he had brought with him were strewn all over the floor. The only light came from the blood-red glow of the emergency strip above the door and the light strips above his bed. The small picture he had of his mother was shattered, the ancient wooden frame cracked and splintered. He got to his feet, and carefully picked his way through the debris. Bending down, he teased the picture out from underneath the broken glass, folding it and tucking it into a pocket. He straightened up. Turning swiftly towards the exit, he quickly noticed the interlocking security bars that had slid from their alcoves in the door frame. He frowned. He distinctly remembered the AI informing everyone that the FTL drives had been engaged. If their escape had been successful, which he assumed it had been as Martain troops were not currently bording this ship, the security locks would have been deactivated. He fished around in his pocket for his ID card. Finding it, he swiped it against the reader. The small red light above it flickered green for a few secounds, then back to red. He tried again. Nothing.
Suddenly, with a dull whine, the lights in the room flickered and died. Now the entire room was lit with a dull red glow.
"Door malfunctioning, and the power has died. Probably re-routed from non-critical sytems to life-support and engines,," he thought. He stood still for a moment. Then, without an ounce of hesitation, he strode over to the Emergency Equipment locker. Typing in his code in the absence of a working Identification system, he removed the Culler, sliding the magazine in with a soft 'click' Then he turned, carefully aiming.
The first three times he missed the reader entirely, but two bullets smashed into it, tearing apart plastic and shatterin the inside components.
Still the door did not open.
"I suppose another malfunction would have been too much to hope for," he thought, holstering his pistol. He turned, and removed the three other itmes he had stashed in the locker. A hip flask full of Bourbon, a small headtorch, and finally, his 8in collapsible Kukri were all stowed away in the various pockets of his suit, and the in the Kukris case, the sheath he kept underneth his left armpit. Then he surveyed his quarters. There had to be another way out. Idly, he wondered what had become of Officer Connor.
He stopped looking when he noticed the ventilation shaft in the right hand corner of his room. The ghost of a smile passed across his face. "Typical," he thought.

Iskierka awoke with a start, her mind rushing back to consciousness, quickly recalling the events that had led her to her current situation. she groaned in pain as she undid the belting apparatus. It took a few grueling minutes before she was free, but when she was, and she tried to stand, she found herself slightly dizzy.

"Uh... Damnable vacuum exposure..." she thought as she regained her footing. Iskierka gave herself a once over, confirming she had no major injuries, then proceeded to look about the room. All the materials the science lab had that were not bolted to the floor had been tossed about when the room had depressurized. The bulk heads had sealed the breach shortly thereafter, but not before sucking a few of her less fortunate compatriots into the void - she muttered a quick prayer for them.

Looking around the room, she cringed looking at the mess. It would take a long time to get the lab back in working order, and some of the tools had been damaged - some beyond her ability to repair. Scavenging the room gave her a few useful items. Afterward, she checked the last logs she had on her HUD - a report indicating a torpedo of some sort on intercept, an order to jump to FTL, and the damage reports she had been working on before the jump. "Not much to work with"

"This *static* Engin *static* Eli Stroud, can *static* hear me?" came over the intercom in her HUD, seeking aid. In her muddled state, she didn't even recognize the name and it's implications. Another Voice followed shortly, this one much clearer. "DAVID WEST, *static* CANNON C2-8, I'M TRAPPED IN *static* STEEL CAGE, REQUEST *static* ASSISTANCE!"With the push of a button, she responded. "Dr. Iskierka Capek, Science Team, Science lab H1-4. I'm getting some static on my end, please confirm receipt." she responded, already calling up her map to see where "Cannon C2-8" was and how best to get there.


Eli couldn't help but smile. The damage had taken internal sensors offline so he'd had no way of knowing if anyone else had survived but now, now he knew he was not alone and that gave him hope there would be others. "I copy that Mr. West, I will be there shortly don't worry." Tying the damage control board into his own equipment he started off. Unfortunately the most direct route was blocked by several decompressed compartments, meaning he"d have to crawl though the smaller maintenance shafts, a slow process with a fake leg. Fanfuckingtastic...

"Dr. Iskierka Capek, Science Team, Science lab H1-4. I'm getting some static on my end, please confirm receipt."

"I copy you Dr. Capek, the interference must be local I read you loud and clear." He replied. Why does that name seem familiar? Eli was already on his hand and knee in a shaft when the new call came in. Bringing up the ship schematics he went on. "There should be a maintenance hatch to your left underneath console C-45 Baker, enter there and go to your left. Go to the fourth vertical shaft and climb up until you see a door marked C2-8 and your there. If the door is jammed, enter the code 4458 into the key pad and get clear, as that will trigger the explosive bolts on the hatch...and yes that is the most direct route, several of the compartments around you are open to space. I will meet you there in about 10 minutes."

David was relived to here the Eli's voice.
As he waited for him to arrive he attempted to remove the Pole.
"Go into space they said...It'll be fun they said..." He grumbled as he gave up.
"God...what the hell happened anyways?..." He asked himself as he checked for his Magnum.
As he checked the weapon and loaded a fresh clip, he felt better about this FUBAR situation.

Marcus let out a loud cheer and started jumping for joy as he heard Eli and Iskierka voices over the intercom, The mere thought of other people having to share this experience with him made him all the more happier and all the more hopeful that they might live through it he pressed the intercom button on his helmet and reported in.

"Attention, This is Ensign Markus Law, I repeat this is ensign Markus Law, I am alive and currently uninjured outside Hydroponics D1-3, I am currently on my way to life systems to see what can be done about life support and the A.I core, if anyone has any objections please advise, over"

Markus always hated talking in military terms it always felt unnatural to him, maybe he could get away with talking informally next time given the circumstances. Markus cracked his neck and started towards life systems his PDA's inbuilt map giving him a direct route which was now impossible to take thanks to several pieces of debris and 'open air' rooms in his path.

"alright I've got a cutting torch a wrench and a crap ton of ingenuity, a little bit of metal and lack of oxygen won't stop me, I'll get this puppy up and running if it kills me...well preferably if it kills someone else and an added bonus if that someone turns out to be a martian but whatever" Markus said to himself as he started towards life systems his first detour taking him through a maintenance shaft.

"...I will meet you there in about 10 minutes." the voice said through the link, before cutting itself off. Before the link had even been severed, Iskierka was clearing the debris from the area around the C-45 Baker to get to the vent. For a moment, another voice tried to connect, a "Markus Law", but the static was too great for her to make out any of the details. Most of the debris was easy to move, a few broken test tubes and a dozen or so instruments of highly specialized purpose. A large piece of high-precision measuring equipment was also smashed on the ground over the vent hatch, but with some effort, and the aid of a large metal pipe that had been dislodged from a wall, she was able to shift it enough to squeeze by.

It was during this menial labor, that her mind began to wander. "Eli Stroud... could he be... no, the earth forces would never let someone related to a Martian sympathizer anywhere near the Aurora Project." she thought, trying to convince herself of the "truth". She took a moment to stare at her ring, hoping to find some solace. She found none.

Her paranoia unabated, she continued forward in the maintenance network, first left, then up a vertical shaft until she reached door C2-8. She swiped her ID at the door, in hopes of opening it. The door stood firm. She tried it a second time, and then a third but the results were the same. "System must be shot. Guess I will need to blow the door."

She knocked at the door and called out. "IF THERE IS ANYONE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS DOOR, YOU HAD BETTER GET BACK! I'M GOING TO BLOW IT!" She waited a moment for anyone on the other side to react, then entered the code: 4458. The door began to beep, each beep closer in time to the last. She let go of the ladder she was on and fell about 10 feet and waited for the boom.

The Door was blown open as David took over behind the chair.
Dust and Scraped metal was flung around the room.
The Blast left a ringing in his ears but all and all, he was unaffected.
"*Cough Cough* Ah...YOU OKAY!?" He asked whomever blew the door.

As Jake ran down the maintenance shaft his PDA began to play the voices of others talking on intercoms throughout the ship, hearing other survivors calmed him.
Then he heard "Attention, This is Ensign Markus Law, I repeat this is ensign Markus Law, I am alive and currently uninjured outside Hydroponics D1-3, I am currently on my way to life systems to see what can be done about life support and the A.I core, if anyone has any objections please advise, over"

It looked like Markus may very well have to come through this maintenance shaft to get to life systems. I should try to intercept him, maybe I can help. Jake switched his PDA to send his voice out over intercoms.

"Hey, Ensign Law, this is Dr. Gallows, I think you're gonna be needing to come through this shaft I'm in, if we can link up I may be of some help, also there are various tools near where I currently am if you need some of those."

As he waited for a reply, Jake pulled out his reading glasses, they had a built in HUD and while it wasn't nearly as useful as the ones engineers were bound to have, it could still give him some relevant information.

The only others things Jake had were his culler with spare clip, PSS, watch, ID badge and ring. Hopefully I can get to my room, I'd really like to have my satchel, I've got medicine and documents in there that could really be helpful.

"Ah...YOU OKAY!?" A voice called out from above, the same one Iskierka had heard over the link a few minutes ago.

She looked herself over. She was covered in dust from the small blast, but was otherwise fine. "I'm good!" she replied, patting herself down to remove some of the dusty residue. When she felt the air had sufficiently cleared, she climbed up the ladder and into the gunnery.

The gunnery was a decrepit little space, devoid of any unnecessary appliances. Within, was a single man pinned in his gun seat by a number of bent metal beams. As she entered the room, she began looking the gunman over. He SEEMED fine save the "steel cage" he found himself in.

"Mr. West right? I heard you over the radio. Are you injured? I have a first-aid kit from one of the science labs if you need anything?" she said, worried about his health.

"Nah...I'm fine, just a cut, there's bleeding but it looks worse then it is..." David answered as he pointed to the blood running down the side of his head.
"Hey, you're a Tech Head, right? see if there is anything on the computer, think it controls this Cage, It's for protecting Gunners but that Pipe stuck in the chair there is stopping it from moving, so that the problem." He said as he pointed to a computer to the left of the Cockpit.
"If you do find a control, let me know in advance before you use it, Not really of fan of crushing to death..."

A breeze constantly wafted through the ventilation shaft. A good sign. Life-support was still active. Johann pulled himself foward, coming to a stop above a grill. Looking through it, he saw Officer Connor lying there, his neck twisted at an odd angle. Slivers of bone poked through. He was quite obviously dead. Drawing his pistol, he covered his eyes, and put two rounds into the grill locks. The grill fell to the floor with a crash, narrowly missing Connar's body. Johann dropped through after it, stumbling as he hit the ground. He hit the ground hard, his suit providing little potection from the steel floor. He ignored the pain, and pulled himself into a crouch next to the corpse. He noticed the the HUD-gear over the body's eyes. The display system was broken, but the comm-link seemed intact. He delicatly removed the headset, and placed it over his own. He activated the link, waiting for it to find a signal as he searched the Security officers uniform. Connor had another magazine for the Culler, and the Carbine from earlier, although Johann had no idea how to use that particular weapon. Just as he got to his feet, the Comm burst into life.

"*static* Markus Law *Static* Alive and currently uninjured *static* Hydroponics D1-3, I am currently on my way to *static* to see what can be done about life support and the A.I core, *static* objections please advise, over"

"Hey, Ensign Law, this is Dr. Gallows, I think you're gonna be needing to come through this shaft I'm in, if we can link up I may be of some help, also there are various tools near where I currently am if you need some of those."

Johann broke into a run down the corridor, heading for the stairwell. He doubted the Elevator would be working.
"Gallows, this is Isaacson. Where are you?" he asked through the link.

Iskierka went to the console as instructed, only slightly resenting the "Tech Head" comment. The computer seemed to be in remarkably good condition compared to the rest of the room save one minor flaw - a piece of piping had passed through the touchscreen, demolishing the interface. "Well... that's just no good"

"The screen is damaged. Give me a few minutes to see what I can do." she said, explaining the situation. The next few minutes passed in relative silence, with Iskierka trying to interface her HUD with the computer system. Her success was mixed. She was able to connect the screen aspect, but unable to give the computer any commands.

"Why won't you work" she muttered out in frustration before finally giving up. "It looks like at least the electrical system is working, so I might be able to get you out, but I can't seem to get the computer to accept any commands." she finally said to David. "We'll probably need to wait for Eli to arrive. maybe he can figure the system out."

"I'm in a maintenance hall on C deck, looking for the engineer that brought me in here, so far no luck...still waiting on a reply from Markus. Where are you...Isaacson was it?" Gallows talked through his PDA, he activated the vibration speaker on the side of his glasses and silenced the PDA's speaker, he'd still have to use the PDA to reply but at least everyone's talk on the radio wouldn't consistently reveal his position.

"C deck?, well we most certainly will meet then I'll be there shortly to pick up whatever may be useful and judging by the fact everyone is breathing without helmets that has changed my plans to now getting the A.I back online first and foremost" Markus said through his PDA adding a short laugh at the end of his sentence. The situation seemed to be growing brighter by the minute, admittedly it was still as dim as a spark in a cave but at least there was hope. He continued his climb through the maintenance shaft avoiding any and all loose bits of wiring, broken pipes and the like, making a note of them on his PDA for later.

"Christ, what have those martian suns of bitches done to you Aurora, I swear if I ever get my hands on those fucks I'm gonna use the skin off their faces to patch these holes" he thought to himself, the plasma burn marks on the broken sections of hull outside and the sudden FTL jump making it apparent this was a last ditch effort to protect the ship from a further martian attack.

"protect your investments, by launching them into the middle of nowhere!, that's the military for you...I wonder who authorized that jump anyway, do we even have a captain anymore?, or maybe it was the A.I, either one" Marcus thought aloud his voice echoing upwards through the shaft.

"Can't be too exact beyond it being C deck...wait, okay here we go, some writing on the wall here...I'm between C4 Robotics and C3 Life Systems, I'm a bit hesitant about moving through any doors without an engineer to check them, don't want to get sucked into space or something." Jake hoped he would be in Markus' path but if not, Jake would try to find him or think of something.

"Ahhhh...Shit...I understand, so Any other survivors Mrs...." David asked while fishing for a name for the somewhat attractive Tech Head in front of him.

"Attention, This is Ensign Markus Law, I repeat this is ensign Markus Law, I am alive and currently uninjured outside Hydroponics D1-3, I am currently on my way to life systems to see what can be done about life support and the A.I core, if anyone has any objections please advise, over"

"No objections at all Mr. Law." Eli called out as he made his way. "The sooner you can get the AI back online the better. We're flying pretty blind with most of the ship down." Crawling through the smaller maintenance shafts was slow going dragging his prosthetic leg, climbing down a ladder even more so. Finally making it to his objective, he popped a hatch crawling into Defence Fire Control, and nearly threw up.

"Oh God..." He muttered, surveying the room. Like the rest of the ship there where broken bits of machinery everywhere, anything that had been loose been thrown about like paper in a tornado, but what got Eli was that there had been people here. The stern wall of Fire Control looked like a cross between a slaughter house and a train wreck. The inertial compensators must have failed or been offline...wh-when...those poor bastards. The only solace he could find was that at least whoever they'd been, they'd died quick.

Stagger out into the hall, he took a few deep breaths and tried to shake the horror from his mind. There's nothing you can do for the dead, help the living. He thought as he limped to C2-8. Half way there, he heard the bang as Dr. Capek blew the hatch. Getting to the door he tapped the door panel, and nothing happened. "What the...? The door is still online, why can't I...fuck." Eli said, remembering his reduced security status. Punching his Engineering override code into the keypad, the door opened with a hiss.

Steeping into the room, he called out. "Glad to see someone else made it." Limping towards the gun he made a quick assessment of the situation. A piece of piping was locking the gunner's seat in place, and from interfacing with the gun computer he'd found that something had wiped its OS. "Of course it couldn't be easy..." He muttered. Taking a deep breath, Eli retrieved his combi-torch, making his way to the gun proper. "Don't worry Mr. West I'll have you out in a moment, oh Doctor you might want to step back."

Once Dr. Capek was clear he set to work first cutting the pipe that was jamming the cage, and then removing an access panel, using his mutli-wrench he opened a hydraulic bleeder valve. As foul smelling hydraulic fluid pooled on the floor Eli was able to manhandle the cage around, freeing David. Leaning against the console while he recovered from the exertion he smiled. "See? No problem. Now does anybody know what the fuck happened?"

"good depending on the damage it's either a matter of reconfiguring the network to exclude the inoperable materials and then putting the system through a hard reset and also on the 'find me a doctor front' excellent we should be close-by"

After about another minute of climbing the until just recently, completely vertical shaft had now divided into two paths; one leading further away from his destination and one heading to the second leading straight towards the main server room. What did catch his eye about the new path was the body further along, unsure if it was alive or not Marcus called out to it.

"HEY DOC, IS THAT YOU?" Marcus shouted, his voice echoing down the narrow shaft.

"Hey DOC, is that you?" the voice was booming in the cramped shaft, Jake was slumped against a wall, he stood and looked in the direction the sound came from, when he caught a glimpse of what had yelled, he was visibly shocked. The dull glow from the eye ports on the helmet and just the general aesthetic of it were menacing.

"That you Marcus? The tools Ellie was using are right over here. That helmet is badass." Jake said with a bit of a grin.

Marcus let out a laugh, he'd never heard anyone describe his work outfit as badass before, he quickly changed his direction into other shaft and started walking towards Jake "yeah it's me, The main server room should be on the floor above us, from there I should be able to get the A.I up and running again and then we can get a full diagnostic of the ship and go from there" he said before extending his hand for a handshake before turning his attention to the tools Jake motioned to, rifling through them with the same kind of glee a child would have when unwrapping Christmas presents.

"hmm maybe, maybe, maybe, ohhh a soldering iron definitely" he slipped the item into his jump suit before continuing finding a few more items of use before getting back up to his feet.

"So what of this Ellie person?, you managed to find her or her corpse?" Marcus inquired.

"No sign of her, the FTL jump threw me and knocked me out, nothing serious, feels like a minor hangover...but she was gone when I came to, I'm hoping she just went off to repair something and she isn't laying somewhere with a broken neck, seems weird that I didn't find her in sight though if she is dead." Jake rubbed the back of his head, the severity of the situation was setting in, the thought that he may never see his family again was causing a cold, empty feeling to form inside of him.

"Do you have any idea how much shit we are in? I mean not only ship-wise, if the Martians attacked us and forced the crown jewel of the fleet to retreat, what does that mean for Earth and its defenses?...this is fucked." Jake was more thinking out loud than anything.

"Jesus christ not again." Ace muttered. He was conscious but dizzy, vision blurred a little. He noticed blood on his hands and looked for its source. Please not my head, not my head, not my head. He touched the back of his head to feel a blunt pain and quickly took his hand off. Fuck it's my head. He managed to lift himself up and locate his belongings. "PDA, ID, Peashooter, Clarinet case, lucky Ace and comb," he said and began to pick them up. After shoving them into his case, he combed up his hair and placed it in his pocket. "If I'm going to die, which I doubt, I'm going to die in style."

His head hurt but his balance was more or less there so he began his journey down the hall. The explosion had forced Ace into a hall that was familiar, yet unfamiliar. And as someone who thought he knew the entire ship, this surprised him. "I don't think I've been here, huh, that's new," he said, peering into each nightmare of a room. He wasn't bothered by the gruesome sights...at least, that's what he liked to think.

By the time he reached the end of the hall, he had forgotten all about his pain. He had more important things to think about. "F2...F2-Hallway...Hallway 5 down..." he said, trying to make out what the cracked glass read. He had been pushed down into a level, as his previous thoughts suggested, he hadn't been to. But as his previous thoughts also suggested, it was part of the relaxation area which he knew best. It had been bad luck that he was on the one hallway he had never done a proper gig. "Heh bad luck," he said, trying to force open the already broken door. After a few more kicks, it came down.

I suppose I'll have to take the emergency stairs, or ladders was it? He checked the condition of the elevator just in case it was somehow miracously working. But with no A.I. it would take more than Ace's good luck to get it starting. He eyed the slot on the wall that read in bold, red text USE ONLY IN EMERGENCIES. Regardless of its usefulness, he forced it open to be greeted by some sort hammer-like object. Primitive, but I'll take it. He wrestled it from its case and used it to smash open the door to the emergency exit. He looked down to see only darkness and the faint glow of a ladder.

Am I really lucky? He spat out his reed, replacing it with another one from his clarinet case and proceeded to empty it. He was only taking what he would need. He decided to leave the hammer and keep everything else, including the relatively useless clarinet. Ace strapped the case to his back and started climbing up.

"Capek. Dr. Iskierka Capek. As for survivors, the only ones I know of are Eli and a man named Markus Law" she answered, moving away from the make-shift computer console such that she could get a better look at him. After answering the question, she grabbed her HUD - temporarily disconnecting it from the computer - and began to reactivate the device's comm-link.
Before she could however, the door to the room slid open with a hiss, and a man entered. "Glad to see someone else made it." he said, taking a step into the room. Realizing the problem quickly, he moved straight to the computer console. "Of course it couldn't be easy..." he muttered after a few moments, pulling out a cutting-torch. "Don't worry Mr. West I'll have you out in a moment, oh Doctor you might want to step back."

Iskierka complied, still in shock. Not at his sudden entrance, but by his features. The eyes, the nose and mouth, the hair, and even the way her carried himself. He looked and moved like only one other person she had ever met. The name was the final stoke. "Stroud" He was as a daemon reborn into her life. Her real hand shook in fear and hate. Iskierka was frozen; paralyzed by the impossibility of it all.

"See? No problem. Now does anybody know what the fuck happened?" he said as he finished freeing David. Again she could do nothing; nothing but stare down at the damaged ring she kept on her finger. "How.... Under her breath a single word escaped. The name of the villain who had stolen her life; "William... Stroud..."

Marcus let out a long sigh before grabbing the tools he needed and walking back to the ladder. "eh I'm not too concerned about what our CO's our going to do to us if we get back, you know cause we have more important things to do, like living for instance and take it from me if we manage to come back from this we're more likely to get a medal than a dishonorable discharge" Marcus said with a laugh wrapping his hand around the first rung of the ladder. "what does strike me as weird is that the ship was behind the moon when it was attacked, there are no instruments that could have detected it from the direction the Martians were attacking and I'm not sure about this part but it was only one torpedo that hit us, the shields should have absorbed some of the damage, but where were they?. It's all too fishy if you ask me, but anyway these questions are for when I have a computer to argue with, let's go" Marcus said as he started climbing disappearing out of view before stopping to wait for Jake.

"Gallows, Markus, I'll meet you in Life-support," Johann said, reaching the door through to the stairwell. It had been open when the power failed, so he could just about squeeze through. He looked up into stariwell, counting how many he'd have to climb.
"C Deck", he thought, "Five levels up".

David hopped out of the chair and said "Phew, glad you guts showed up, Was bored out of my skull, as for what happened, I was blasting the hell out of enemy ships when what I think was a missile hit the side of the ship but then I think Management decided to use FTL and here we are..."
He pulled out his Magnum and spinned it on his finger before holding it pointed to the roof.
"Now, lets find the rest of the survivors and get the fuck out of here..." He said before he swooped down to pick up his HUD and beret.

"William... Stroud..."

Eli winced when he heard that name, nothing good ever came from associating with it. Then it hit him, he'd wondered why the name Capek seemed familiar, now he remembered; the brutal attack by a terrorist sympathizer, the death of a brilliant scientist, and his own personal shit storm when the police finally caught his brother.

He gave Iskierka a look of sorrow. "Yes, unfortunately he is by brother. I know this probably means fuck all, but I am sorry. I'd known my family as a whole were against the war, but I if I'd known..." Eli let out a sigh, looking up at the ceiling muttering. "You've got a real sick sense of humour you know that?"

"Now, let's find the rest of the survivors and get the fuck out of here..."

"Agreed" He said, standing. "Everyone else seems to be heading for Life Support and the AI Core, so I think that's our best bet." Looking back at the doctor Eli gave her sad smile. "Look Iski... Dr. Capek, hate me if you like but your help would be invaluable." With that he limped out of the room, his left foot clicking against the decking as he went.

David was first out of room, Checking it for hostiles, sure, the ship was a wreck but after his last near death experience, He wasn't taking any chances.
"So to get to Life Support, we need to..." He left that question hanging in the air for someone to answer it.

"...but your help would be invaluable"

David heard a clicking noise and turned and saw Eli Limping.
"Yo, Engie, do something to your leg? need a lift?" He offered as he made sure the Exit was clear.

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